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Side-Gig Nation: Starting an Online Business on the Side via Affiliate Marketing and Beginner Blogging Business

by Ron Weldenburg

Here are 2 Business Ideas That You Can Use to Help You Start an Internet Business.

Making money online isn’t as easy as most gurus would tell you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard either.
As long as you’re willing to do the work, then you can make money online.

Inside this bundle, you’ll discover some simple ways of making money while working at home.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Why you don’t need a website to make money as an affiliate
– Why I love for new affiliates to start with information products… it’s all about saving money!
– How to find a product that will most likely sell on YouTube’s platform
– The most important criteria to get when you’re looking for a product to sell
– The 5 criteria to have to make sure that you’ll only pick the best product
– The only tools you need to create a review
– How to research the product so you’ll know what to say in your review
– 5 simple steps to review your product and get a sales conversion
– The top 6 optimization tactics that will you rank your video for any keywords you want
– How to boost your YouTube SEO power through 5 minutes of work

– How to properly set your goals so you’ll have a guide for your online blogging journey
– How to choose a niche that will be profitable from the start
– How to set up your new blog from start to finish
– The exact formula to create video, audio, blogpost and e-book contents.
– How to get free and cheap online traffic for your blog
– 4 Ways to monetize your blog and finally make your income goal
– How to never run out of blog ideas and how to properly set up your blogposts structure
– The exact tools that you need to grow your blog…all laid out!


Today, you’ll decide whether you want to take the shortcut and learn from my own experience, or if you want to do it on your own. Either way, I wish you all the best in making money online.

If you choose to learn from this bundle, then scroll up and download your copy now.

C# Programming in Byte-Sized Lessons

by Paul Richards

C# PROGRAMMING IN BYTE-SIZED LESSONS is a self-paced training course which will teach you to write software in Microsoft’s popular C# language from scratch. It is also suitable for existing students of the language and experienced programmers as a work of reference. The content is up-to-date with version 7.2 of C# (released November 2017).

The book contains 180 individual lessons, each with a learning objective, content explained in plain and simple language, and a question or exercise for you to try yourself. All questions/exercises have a model answer provided at the end of the book. No previous knowledge of programming is required.

The book will guide you through the process of installing Microsoft’s free Visual Studio 2017 programming software. You will learn to write and run your first C# program. As you progress through the book you will be able to write programs which input and output data, perform arithmetic, have conditional behaviour (if then else statements), perform actions repeatedly (iteration), and store data in properties and variables. You will be able to structure your code using methods and manipulate data in arrays and collections. Troubleshooting your programs via exceptions and debugging is also explained.

When you have more experience of programming, the book will show you how to organise your software using object-oriented programming (classes, inheritance and composition), implement sophisticated logic elegantly with LINQ, manipulate data in files, and perform mathematical calculations. Many other advanced topics are covered in detail with worked examples that you can try out for yourself, as well as the exercises.

PAUL RICHARDS has been a professional C# programmer for several years and is currently working as a software developer for a growing telecoms company. He is also an Associate Lecturer in computing for the Open University, teaching Java to undergraduates. Paul has a BSc in computing and a PhD in artificial intelligence.

GET SET BLOGGING: Make passive income (blogging) using your computer 24/7

by A.R Pandey

Learn blogging strategies to create your own profitable and popular blog with Get Set Blogging, From start to advanced level!

Does any of these sounds like you?

  • You want to make money online
  • Tired of make easy money scams.
  • You want a realistic strategy to succeed in this business
  • Want detailed step by step procedure.
  • You NEVER know what to write
  • You find yourself sucked to a job you dislike.
  • Learn ways to start making money.
  • You want your own flexible job.
  • You want to leave your hectic 9-9 schedule.
  • Wants to learn something new
  • You are looking for ways to add some extra cash in your pocket.
  • You are ready to do the hard work.

If you find “Yes” for most of the above, GET SET BLOGGING (Make passive income (blogging) using your computer 24/7) will help you generate $100 per day within 60 days or less. This book will show you the tips and tricks to rank higher in Google search rank (SEO) using the strategies of Top bloggers in the market.

Here is the preview of what you will learn in your journey of success from anybody to somebody in the blogging community:

  1. Passive income
  2. How to start a blog!
  3. Blogging platform’s to start a blog?
  4. How to choose perfect domain name for your blog?
  5. Seven Tips for choosing a domain name
  6. How to set up word press hosting on your blog?
  7. Best word press hosting in 2017
  8. Designing your wordpress blog?
  9. Installing WordPress on your hosting platform
  10. Understanding wordpress
  11. How to write an awesome content?
  12. Income streams (Blogging)
  13. How to generate traffic on your blog
  14. And other hidden inline Tips and Tricks.

Bottom Line?
If you want calm, simple and financially stable life the book will lead you from a newbie to a pro-beginner and then professional in this business. But the hard truth is, the book won’t make you a millionaire but will help get decent money ($3000-15000) along with the most precious commodity “time”.

Download your copy Today!
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Black Futurists in the Information Age: Vision of a 21st Century Technological Renaissance

by Timothy L. Jenkins

Authors Timothy Jenkins and Khafra K Om-Ra-Zeti are suggesting that many of our problems and our solutions can be found in the current Information Age Technological Revolution. As Black Futurists, they are seeking to raise our consciousness to the accelerating historic transformations that are taking place during the 1990s, in an effort to spotlight the significance of technological change as a fundamental cause for many expressions of our social pathology. In chapter and verse, the authors explain how we are confronted with the forces of technological change on an astounding level and pace, such that all previous expectations of an inclusive society may be at an end. As barrier breaking visionaries, the authors are issuing a call for a “scientific and technological revolution” in the Black world. They label that call , a simultaneous revolution of the spirit and creative mind-set of African Americans to find and redefine themselves in the midst of the broad-sweeping changes reshaping our world for the 21st Century. From their point of view, the digital revolution will not only displace millions of workers, but will ultimately render many of our organizational systems obsolete in the next century. What is radiantly clear in the thoughts of these two authors, is the message of hope and the ability of African Americans to master the science and technology of this current digital revolution. As we stand at the crossroads of time, our choice must be for greater progress and development on a level we have not previously contemplated. As such, this volume represents a first. Their message is a wake-up call and something each of us should ponder very carefully as we approach the new millennium.

Making Short Films on Your Smartphone

by Michael K

Do you want to make your own short film?

Maybe you don’t have a video camera. After all, they can be awfully expensive.

With the advancements in smartphone technology, just about anyone can become a short film maker. All you need is a relatively cheap phone, and maybe you could become the next big thing in the film industry.

Inside this book, you will find the following:

– Why you should create a short film with your smartphone.
– Is your phone good enough to make a film with (most likely, the answer is yes).
– Choosing the best accessories to go with your device.
– How to find free-or-cheap alternatives to professional film making equipment.
– An app guide, to help you find the best software for shooting and editing your film.
– How to share your finished film with others, if you want to.
– The basics of film making, from thinking of an idea, to finding cast and crew members, to shooting your footage, and finally editing everything together.

Making Short Films on Your Smartphone isn’t just another tech-book about buying smartphones, or learning how to use apps. This book is aimed at people who have a passion for creating their own films, and would like to take advantage of the devices that they already own – a smartphone.

Why wait until you save thousands of dollars for a “real” video camera? You could be creating award-winning short films right now, as other people have already done – using a smartphone, and your own creativity.

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