Free fantasy Kindle books for 27 Oct 18

The Iron Devils

by Ari Marmell

In the ruins of the world, the last remnants of humanity find themselves caught in an impossible war between the mechanical and the mysticalâ??between the unliving and the undead.

Code Black

by Sheri Velarde

Sara lives on Key Largo, a place she knows she should have left after the last hurricane but a place she can’t quite walk away from. When warning sirens go off she fears for the safety of her home more than anything else, that is until she realizes that something much more than severe weather is heading her way. When her own government blows up the only escape to the mainland and her neighbors begin to attack one another, Sara learns she can only depend on herself. With the help of her uncle and Cameron, a National Guard Soldier helping her along the way she is now on the run for her life. Harsh realities that she never thought she would have to face are now part of her life. Will she always be on the run and wondering what might have been?

First to Reign

by Heather Marie Adkins

From the authors of RITE TO REIGN comes this new, limited edition anthology of short stories from some of today’s hottest paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors.

Stories included:

Fae Touched by Heather Marie Adkins
Time of the Dragons by Mirren Hogan
Masks by Stephanie Barr
Vaikus: A Tale of the Gargouille by Kat Parrish
Feels by P. Mattern
The Oracle by Helen Scott
Missed Signals by Colleen S. Myers
Stranger at the Hellgate by Ash Krafton

The Impossible Creation (The Clan-Vampire Clash: A Stand-Alone Prequel)

by Betsy Flak

A nightmarish Halloween threat. A vampire hunter on red alert. Will a high school starlet end up the death of the party?

Lucy has never recovered from her grandfather’s grisly death. The vampire hunter has vowed to keep her powers under wraps and stop all nighttime patrolling. But when a death on her college campus arouses her suspicions, she’s forced to return to the hunt.

Grace’s heart is torn in two. She loves both her best friend and the boy her BFF can’t stop thinking about. When she’s forced to come clean on Halloween night, risking a friendship pales in comparison to real vampires crashing the partyâ?¦

With the innocent Grace the primary target, Lucy has one chance to neutralize the threat before a powerful new vampire emerges. Can the hunter save the girl without meeting a bloodcurdling end?

The Impossible Creation is a stand-alone prequel to The Clan-Vampire Clash YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like feisty heroines, fierce vampire action, and supernatural suspense, then you’ll love Betsy Flak’s thrilling novel.

Buy The Impossible Creation to sink your teeth into a juicy Halloween vampire story today!

Trusting the Dragon (Dragon Shores Book 1)

by Rinelle Grey

When Prince Calrian wakes from a three hundred year sleep, he doesn’t expect to be alone. He certainly doesn’t expect to be woken by a human. In order to regain his energy and shift into his dragon form, he needs to bond with someone, but a human could never understand what he requires.

Single mother Rylee has enough on her plate. When her eleven-year-old son, Rowan brings home a strange man he found asleep in a canyon, she’s determined to keep her distance. She’s just escaped one controlling relationship, she certainly doesn’t need another.

But the pull she feels for him is not only unmistakable, it could be deadly. For both of them.

Trusting the Dragon is Part 1 in the Dragon Shores serial.

Cuento de Hadas (Spanish Edition)

by Jon Ridan

Cristian McCorsen es un cazador de seres de la Oscuridad que busca venganza por la muerte de sus padres a manos de un Hada. Junto a su amigo Matías se encarga de mantener el pueblo en el que viven, a salvo… Hasta que conocen a Ariel LeVándir, un Hada que pondrá sus creencias de cabeza. Ã?l ya no podrá negar la oscuridad que hay dentro sí mismo y deberá usar toda su astucia para detener a una Bruja que opera desde las sombras. “En la oscuridad, la luz siempre brilla más fuerte”.

The Thorn Witch

by L.F. Oake

Pythia Loom’s sole desire is to be accepted by her village, but her black hair has her pegged as a witch. After accidentally releasing a host of tormenting spirits onto her village, a minotaur from the dark forest gives Pythia two choicesâ??be a monster, or be a hero. Pythia wonders, though, if she must be both.

Fire and Fury: An Epic Dragon Fantasy (Empire of Dragons Book 3)

by K.N. Lee

The dragons have been summoned……but their return awakens a dark evil.A vengeful darkness that threatens their quest to return home. Amalia and Kylan have survived The Brotherhood, but the adventure is just beginning. While Aros follows the guidance of the gods, he and the wolf-shifters find themselves used as pawns in the inevitable war.
The lost Erani Empire awaits, but for the Mage and her dragon, they’ll have to make a great sacrifice to reclaim it. They just have to destroy the mysterious Shadow Master before he rises to power. 
Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee in this epic, coming-of-age fantasy with dragons, wolf-shifters, mages, mermaids, and an adventure of a lifetime. Fire and Fury is perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dragon Riders of Pern, and The Kingkiller Chronicles. 
Scroll up and get your copy today! Reading Order:
Fallen Empire

Reign of Magic

Fire and Fury 
Realms of Ruin (Coming Soon) 
Praise for the Empire of Dragons Chronicles

“It was so original and full of surprises!”

“LOVE-this book! Another winner K.N. Lee!”

“Great ending!”
Oneclick the sword and sorcery epic fantasy that is sure to sweep you away!

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