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Comment j’ai voulu tuer Condie Raïs (nouvelle autobiographique ?) (French Edition)

by Anonyme

Nouvelle expérimentale ?

Effort autobiographique sincère ?

Suicide commercial définitif ?

Ã? vous de voir, mais ça sent la fin… Ouais, il est temps que ça se termine.

Aissur Attacks!: Traditional Aissurian Short Stories Vol. 1

by Theodore Moracht

Aissur is the country everyone loves to ignore! Now, in an attempt to develop tourism and for the first time, the President of Aissur has released some fables that had until now only been lived by the enduring peoples of this quiet quintessential country rife with politics.

The seven stories in this collection are as follows:

â??Party of 1′
Aissur, 1974
Len Gregorik owns land that borders with Russia. His evil twin owns the land in Russia next to his. When the evil twin dies doing an evil deed, his five acres of rocky wooded land is willed to Gregorik. The Russians claim that this is a blatant attempt at land grabbing by Aissur and that they are under attack.

â??Endings Are Lonely Affairs’
Aissur 1974
President Nanovik is arrested in public while at the grand opening of a new subway station, so a new election is held and Nanovik’s son wins as voters sympathize with a son in pain. Nanovik Jr. passes a law that if the President of Aissur is to be arrested, it must be behind closed doors without any cameras. But will this be enough to prevent the next assassination?

â??The Andropov Permission Slip’
Aissur, 1984
There is a new document circulating that offers Aissurians a stress-free life free from bureaucracy. The problem is you kind of need it to get it.

â??Vote for Me! I Consume the Products You Consume!’
Aissur, 1981
Politicians can sell anything.

â??Where Does Tomorrow Come From’
Aissur, 1976
A teacher, writer, scholar, and overall smart man is visited by Aissurian spies working for the ACIO to conduct an investigation as to whether this smart man is too smart for Aissurian society. If so, there is a price to pay.

â??The Day Everything Was Worth Nothing’
The Soviet paradise has arrived at lastâ??everything is free! There is no need for money, Comrades! Just walk into any shop and take what you need! Welcome to a workers’ paradise!

â??Foo-Foo the First of Aissur’
Aissur, 1922
Queen Glena Gegik dies without an heir and various factions vie for power in a country plagued by incompetence and stupidity. Three days later the queen’s will is read making her dog Whimsy king of the land and Whimsy’s keeper his chief advisor. But how will Aissurians feel about having a Dog King and will free dog food be enough to avoid another revolution in Aissur? Or will it turn out all right like it did in Sweden that time?

Stop Drinking Alcohol : Easy Way To Convince Your Craving Mind By Training New Belief system ( Habit, Addiction, smoking, marijuana, healthy life, Quit, … Recovery, Self Help, Mindfullness)

by Shivam Raj

Use These Powerful Technique to Eliminates Drinking habit today ! Learn in comic way

Some signs of drinking addiction

  • 1.If you experience a sense of well being or euphoria while Drinking
  • 2.Drink more than 4-5 Glass and yet crave for more.
  • 3.Feel Empty, Depressed or Irritated when not Drinking
  • 4.Want to stop Drinking but cannot
  • 5.Experience Low energy, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, backaches. Irregular appetite, sleep disturbances and moodiness, irritability or restlessness when not online.


Tips To beat Drinking addiction | This book help you to understand what is happening to your mind in fun & Easy way

  • 1.Tweak your routine to avoid Drinking frequently.
  • 2.Do Something else when you feel the urge
  • 3.Plan and regulate time you spend online with a timer
  • 4.Increase your social activities.
  • 5.Join a Support, therapy or Personal skills group to face people more confidently
  • 6.Consider Individual counselling or Therapy

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Pimping for Dummies: A Refrence for All Non Pimps (Pimping 101 Book 1)

by Super Fly

Pimp Stands For Positive Intellectual Motivated Person. It has nothing to with Selling Sex for Money!

This book is a compilation of the BEST IDEAS and best ADVICE from guys who are successful with women. It is filled with many different opinions and different views. This may confuse you. That?s perfectly fine. I made it that way! I wanted it that way! I want YOU to choose what YOU think is the right way. That?s how I figured things out. Most of your questions about women will be answered here. Different advice works on different people and on different women. So you will have to choose and pick out? What applies to you!

Last Job In the World By Joey Vimsante: The Last Job Ever.

by Joey Vimsante

Last Job In the World By Joey Vimsante.
Welcome to a world of unemployment.
In the future, robots, machines and computers, have taken the jobs.
Except for one man, the world is totally unemployed.
Is this the future?
Is this our goal?
A world that even Marx, Adam Smith, Keynes, Paine, and Friedman, did not predict.
The world is run by the computercracy. All the world is served, and run by computers and machines.
Humans get in the way of work, so are sent to freedom.
Is it a nightmare, or a dream, where you have no job, but are provided for?
The hero is called Mr Horse, and has the only job remaining. But he fights his frustration at being the only human with a job. Read his struggle, as he comes to terms with his position in society.
Story features issues and characters, such as super mass unemployment, computercracy, the need for education, 2324535345awc, Saint Aberrose, discrimination, freedom, NAZIs, capitalism, and communism.
There are around 4500 words in this story.

The Disturbance Timeline RPG: Scavenger Edition

by Jeremiah Donaldson

The Disturbance Timeline RPG system features:
Unlimited attribute, level, and skill advancement.
Skill and recipe system, no classes.
Weapon, armor, and vehicle modifications.
‘Pocket RPG’, requiring only this book, 2D10, character sheets, pencil, and maps to play.
Recommended for players 17+ for drug use, sexual innuendo, and crude language.
Scavenger Edition features:
All TDTR post-apocalyptic material in one volume.
Seven new recipes, one new table, minor clarifications, super condensed format.

Core Rules and Post-apocalyptic Time Period & expansion material
A century of change has transformed society. Airborne Ebola and panic killed 300 million from 2031-32, the Greenland ice sheet collapsed in 2080, and Erebus hit Antarctica in 2115, melting the ice cap. A nuclear war for resource control ended in 2126 with every country in the world devastated by environmental and man made horrors. Governments fell as the population plunged and survivors turned to a sustenance, scavenger, or cannibal lifestyle. Gold dust, gained through hard work or blood, becomes the only thing that will buy what a person needs. Unknown to those descending into it, this dark time will last 200 years and end in more war.

Diseases and Conditions
Do you need more options for when your players insist on searching rotting corpses? Do they single out those who are weak and need divine justice? Do they insist that polluted water is good for them? Well, good news! Here are 30 diseases and conditions to surprise them with, ranging from annoying colds to deadly Ebola. Give them a reason to to say WTF! Convince them they shouldn’t mess with sick people! Send them on an epic quest with the sole reward of getting to live longer!

Lunatic Larry and the Church of the Insane
A post-apocalyptic adventure for 3-5 characters of levels 4-6.
The arrival of a ragged out truck carrying a worried father sets the stage for the adventurers to look into the activities of a local cult known for their strange behavior. Led by a man called Lunatic Larry, the cult operates out of a makeshift fort looking to bring their own brand of peace to the world. Will the party rescue the girl? Join the cult? Or die trying?

Jumping Down the Stairs

by Gerrard Wilson

For children living nowadays, where every modern convenience, electronic game and gadget is readily available for their entertainment and enjoyment, jumping down the stairs must seem like a rather stupid, reckless and even foolhardy activity, but let me tell you, right here and now, I had some of the best times of my life while jumping down the stairs.
Although the winters were despairingly cold, they did nothing to dent our childhood happiness. We constantly invented new games and activities to keep ourselves warm during the cold days of winter. We played at Haunted Houses, Cowboys and Indians, and we also played Conkers Bonkers. Lastly, and perhaps the most entertaining of all our playful inventions, we played jumping down the stairsâ?¦

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