Free literary fiction Kindle books for 27 Oct 18

Love Me: How Do You Choose Between Two Good Men?

by Stephanie Marie Roberts

A Book Excellence Award Finalist/Honoree 2017
LOVE ME is a love story that speaks with eloquence to the transformational and healing powers of human beings and animals. With insight and sensitivity, it identifies the bond that exists between them on their journey together as kindred spirits, through this maze called Life.
The unusual backdrop of a Beauty College and its characters is deftly played against a storyline that has meaningful things to say about the inherent vulnerability of the human condition.
Visually compelling, heartfelt, and spiritually uplifting as well as delightfully humorous, LOVE ME will make you laugh and cry and will be etched in your hearts. Forever.
When her beloved Cocker Spaniel, Truman becomes critically ill, Georgia returns to her homeland of India seeking help for her dog from a world-famous Shaman.
There she becomes embroiled in a unique love triangle when she has an unexpected re-union with Tiku, once the “love of her life” and now the healing force for her dog.
Dormant emotions arise as Georgia must grapple with her aroused passion for the man with incredible animal magnetism she once loved and lost, and her conflicted love for her ailing husband as well as her deep and abiding love for Truman, who is dying of liver cancer.

Uma Noite (Portuguese Edition)

by Daya Engler

Gostosuras ou Travessuras?
Lana Bianchi escolheu travessuras.
Uma Noite. Um cara quente. Sexo gostoso. Orgasmos.
Afinal, o que podia dar errado?
Nada. Exceto um teste de gravidez marcando duas barrinhas.

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