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7 Successul Jewels of a Single Mother

by Winona L. Thomas

To build single mom’s mentally, emotionally and spiritually through faith, support, prayer and by providing everyday resources that will build a healthy family. To empower single mom’s with the wisdom of God that “she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her” (Philippians 4:13) principle living and thinking. Through the encouragement of faith and support for the mom these practical living teachings and inspirations will bring about a positive mindset in raising her child(ren).

Technology Forest Cleansing as Teens Lead Secret Lives Online: Information Technology Addicted by Silicon Valley â??Secret Stateâ? Design

by Dave Masko

Technology Forest Cleansing As Teens Lead Secret Lives Online, by Dave Masko. Teenage information technology users should have a love of real-life and living in the world where they walk, run and play outdoors because nothing online is real. Sadly, teen tech addicts do not feel comfortable in nature because they are fiercely hooked into machines. At the same time, it’s no secret that Silicon Valley tech gurus have literally designed information technology to be “addictive” because that’s why tech is a trillion dollar industry with fat cats Facebook, Google, Apple and others richer than most countries. How did “IT” get so rich? On the backs of seriously addicted teens who spend most of their waking hours online starring at screens and never, ever going outside in nature to unwind from the machine. When CNN recently went inside the secret life of teens addicted to “digital crack” online it shocked parents to the bone because “they are the one’s enabling teens with access to computer screens 24/7. We’ve come to learn that parents and other adults will never, ever, give their teens quality real-life face time and conversations because they too are seriously addicted to machines and so we have this horror whereby teens and adults do not go outside to play or enjoy nature,” said Beth Ramirez, a retired nurse turned digital drug counselor at one of the growing list of nondescript information technology rehab treatment centers along Oregon’s peaceful and unplugged coast. Ramirez, 74, is a self-described “Baby Boomer” who got lucky and somehow avoided “being hooked into machine in a fierce way that we see so many seriously tech addicted teens and adults today. IT’s a real horror show,” adds the retired nurse with a deep sense of chagrin. At the same time, the recent CNN about teen tech addicts having secret lives is shocking because “there are millions of teens not going outside because they are literally spending all their free time pretending to be something they are not online because they feel so lost and lonely inside,” added Nurse Ramirez when sharing this recent CNN report about teens secret lives online. For instance, the CNN report exposed information technology “screen addiction” as less a subculture issue and “more about our entire culture now being seriously addicted to digital technology.” According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the more time teens and others spend staring at computer and smart phone screens, “The more likely a teen will not go outdoors and that results in the teen tech addict feeling anxious, depressed and suicidal wanting to hurt themselves because the all-powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) mind bug tells them to end their life!” What CNN reporter Lisa Ling said she found most scary about teens with secret lives online is “Kids these days lack basic face-to-face communication skills. It’s really scary,” said Ling on CNN after warning users of tech induced “signs of suicide.” For example, Ling reported about “a trained psychiatric nurse who had been trained on the warning signs of suicide,” said Ling. “Yet her 16-year-old daughter took her own life and her mom only discovered why after the cops studied her phone and laptop.”

Visit The Ill & Injured: How To Do It

by Reverend Mike Wanner

Visitations by family, friends, co-workers and everyday associates are very comforting to the ill and injured. Everybody who cares enough to show up will be making a statement of the value of the one visited and the importance of that person in their life.

When the person is healthy, everyday people do not seem so significant as we all take so much for granted. When you are flat on your back and dependent on caregivers, you get a chance to reflect on the significance of everybody in your life.

Everybody is different, so there are no hard fast rules about how to visit. Everything suggested here is to offer awareness so that you are not in stress and bring nothing to the one you are coming to see.

Divorce story:The story of a divorced woman in HongKong


People and things in Hong Kong:(A city that lacks love)
-1.I know a couple of middle-class couples.
-2My leftover friend.
-3Hong kong You’re so lonely.
-4You’llPut it on. Koala Bear
-5The little things in the fast food
-6Seven months to reserve 60,000 yuan How did the 18-year-old son do it?
-7″Men and Stocks I don’t even touch it.”
-8.Son, help me find a job.
1.I know a couple of middle-class couples.

LisaI have been friends for many years, and their couple are typical of Hong Kong middle class.LisaPrior to retirement, he was a psychiatrist at a public hospital in Hong Kong and was now retired with a government pension, and his husband, a PhD from Harvard University, retired. They now live in West Kowloon, the tallest building in Hong Kong.IccThe other side.
Once and Monsieur went to their residence to visit them in the sea-view mansion, and laterThey stay for supper.ã?? have two dishes and one soup: a dish of heart, a dishè?¸Sausage, a soup. There are four sausages, yes, four people, four sausages, one person.
And then once again on the phone to go to their house,LisaAsked on the phone whether or not to come over for supper, my husband immediately winked at me: “Don’t eat or eat.”
In my leisure, I oftenLisaClimbing together. Once climbed to the top of the mountain, suddenly up the wind, I said it was cold, she immediately handed me a windbreaker. When I took the windbreaker, I saw a word on the collar of the windbreaker:Edward 5A.
Edward Isn’t his son’s name? She said yes, this is the coat that his son wore when he was in grade five. Isn’t his son more than 30 years old? How many years have you been reading a trench coat for a little five o’clock? I didn’t figure it out for a long time.
As forLisaThe gentleman, and she really is set up the land of a pair, they are more than soul mate, I am afraid in a past life is the same person, simply by God I’ve done two of them.
He’s been dating him for 20 years, and he’s always wearing a pair ofClarksShoes The color is very old, but it is spotless. I do not know whether he wore the same brand of shoes for 20 years or 20 years wearing the same pair of shoes; As for the watch, it must have not changed for 20 years, one Color belt of the watch.
He was slightly fatter, silent, and every time he went to theirHome, he is always reading, never see their home open TV.
In the fall, he was sitting on the balcony of his home in a sweater and reading, and I saw a hole in his cardigan’s armpit.

10 Secrete of a happy marriage: these are secret to many marriage happiness now

by Adimekwe Boniface

Do you which to know as a couple the secret of marriage read this

Partnersuche: Erfolgreiche Partnersuche für Sie (German Edition)

by Igor Maltempi

Sie sind eine Frau? Sie sind ledig? Sie sehnen sich nach Ihrem Traummann? Sie haben jedoch keine Lust, immer von den falschen Männern angesprochen zu werden?

Am liebsten würden Sie selber aktiv werden und sich Ihren Traummann selber aussuchen? Doch sie haben Sorge, dass Sie abgewiesen werden? Oder dass Sie Ihren sozialen Status ruinieren, weil man Sie vielleicht mit â??leichten Mädchen” in eine Ecke stellt?

Wenn Sie diese Fragen überwiegend mit â??Ja” beantworten können, dann gratuliere ich Ihnen! Warum? Weil Sie die Lösung für Ihr Partners-Problems mit diesem Ratgeber-eBook endlich gefunden haben.

Das eBook â??Männersuche leichtgemacht – erfolgreiche Partnersuche für Sie” spricht Ihnen nicht nur aus der Seele, weil es Ihr Problem beschreibt. Mehr noch: Es wird Ihr verlässlicher Begleiter bei der Mission den Mann Ihrer Träume zu finden und auf diesen selber aktiv zuzugehen.

Nehmen Sie dieses Ratgeber-eBook jetzt in die Hand und anschlieÃ?end Ihr Leben, indem Sie damit endlichen aktiv Ihren Traumprinzen suchen – und finden!

Astitva: Ek Pechan (Hindi Edition)

by Richa Tiwari Narayani

Many people thinks that women are weak physically as well as emotionally but the reality is that if women are weak physically,how they can bear pain of giving birth to a child? and if they are emotionally weak,how they left their parents and live happily after marriage. No man can do what a woman can do .Astivav is all about this concept.

Extreme Balance Makeover: Better Solutions. Better Focus. Better Life

by Kim Jacobs

Extreme Balance Makeover is your personal guide to a better balanced life. It is a cheat sheet that shows you how to have the life you’ve always wanted but can’t seem to grasp. Are you torn between being every woman at home? At work? On the soccer field? Feel like you don’t have enough time to cater to your OWN needs? Allow The Balance Doctor, Kim Jacobs, to help you tilt the scales of your life back in your favor to achieve YOUR goals and dreams. Learn how this wife of 23 years and mother of 5 is able to wear many hats and still fulfill her dreams of being a Television Talk Show Host, Author, and Founder of 2 non-profit organizations. Live your best, balanced life, today with better focus and better solutions! If she can do it, so can you!

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