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Fishing: Clever Techniques, Tips, and Secrets

by Fred Manson

Learn about bass fishing and fly fishing in this elaborate guide.

You will be taken through the steps and be shown you the secrets of bass fishing. Catching an enormous bass is a good achievement, and a fun thing to do (something you want to take a picture of and post it on the internet). The pros have the experience. You have the desire to learn. It’s time to get educated before you waste your precious time waiting for fish that won’t want to be caught. Learn from the best. For example, you will learn:

The correct equipment to get started.

Targeting, luring, and figuring out the best site of the bass fish.

Everything about fly-rodding, worms, skipping, and drifting.

Taking the weather and the area into account before you set out on a fishing trip.

Unusual methods that will help you be more effective at catching bass.

The best places in California, Texas, or Florida to catch bass.

Mexican and Canadian reports of bass being caught.

Exact tips and tricks to catching bass.

Systems and lures for the ones who want to master catching bass.

Washing and storing your line.

Equipment tactics, interesting facts, and insider’s comments.

Three kinds of reeling and the most effectual ways to choose bait for the fish.

Casting techniques, arranging for storms, and information on choosing the right kind of rod.

Comments about wading, examining the prey, and avoiding snags.

Diverse kinds of salmon and ways to catch them.

Abilities to master and gear to use when catching trout.

Great tips on discovering trout and the best areas to go to.

Simple and progressive techniques to take your fly fishing to the next level.

And much more!

You cannot afford to miss this! Saving yourself the trouble of figuring all this stuff out on your own could be a killer annoyance. Just make it easier on yourself and take a look inside. I will see you in the first chapter!

Mental training a handbook for athletes and coaches

by Igor Cerensek


-Do you want to improve your mental preparation?
-You want athletes to function better under pressure?
-You don’t know how to achieve flow?
-You want to improve your athletes focus?

Mental training handbook is a relatively short but very applicable book made for those who want to learn mental training methods and want to apply them in their everyday training.

Primarily this book was made for coaches and psychologists as it gives them practical tools that can be used in their work with athletes, but at the same time athletes can use this book and techniques described inside to improve their own performance.

Tools described in this book are used by semi-professional and professional athletes, national team members, Olympians and medal winners from European and World championships. Also, all tools described in this book are scientifically based.

This is book unlike any other, as it uses very little theory and gives many concrete answers and practical guidelines on how to:

-improve motivation and develop self-motivation strategies
-improve focus and achieve flow
-manage emotions and reactions
-improve communication and relationships
-use mental training with children

After each section you will have tasks and practical application guide. That way through this book I will not teach you about mental training but instead you will be able to start using mental training.

I believe that the right of every individual is to learn, grow, create meaningful and productive relationships and achieve excellence in any area. That is why this book is here, to share my knowledge and provide support.

About the author:

Igor Cerensek was born on April 22, 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia. Very early, at the age of five, encouraged by his father, he took up sports and has remained active to this day. He has trained judo, water polo and, finally, swimming. He competed in the finals of European and World championships, won a medal at the Mediterranean Games in Tunisia in 2001 and fulfilled his lifelong dream of performing at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. As an athlete Igor was 13 times All American, ranked among top 5 students in University of Minnesota, and was 2 times Academic All American while studying in the US. He was also part of the team at the Olympics in Rio in 2016, but this time as a psychologist. Igor graduated with a bachelor degree in psychology from University of Minnesota and masters at University of Zagreb. He has been developing his concept of Mental Training for years, since 2008, gathering a team of people who apply the concept when working with athletes and general population.

Some of the athletes that Igor worked with: Borna Coric (tennis) top 50 ATP, Damir Martin (rowing) European Champion and Olympic Medalist in Rio 2016; Ivan Horvat (pole vault) World Championship finalist and Olympian; Bruno Blaskovic (swimming) national record holder, European championships finalist, Damir Dzumhur (tennis) top 100 ATP, Nikola Mektic (tennis) top 100 ATP doubles, Lovro Majer (soccer) Dinamo Zagreb, Stefan Simic (soccer) Milan, Jana Fett (tennis) junior Grand Slam Finalist, Kristijan Vincetic (pa- ra-swimming) world record holder, Ivan Raic (handball) national team captain; Ana Lenard (karate) European and World medalist; Croatian National Handball team (4th place in the World Championships 2017); Andela Muzinic (para- table tennis) medalist from Rio 2016, etc.

Today, he writes articles at and works with people who are trying to achieve personal excellence and, with his team, still continues to develop his concept of Mental training.

Conditioning Your Muscles To Grow: Basic Training For Building Muscles The Bulletproof Way

by Fortino Wade

With the plethora of muscle-building information online and in offline magazines, you’d think there’d be enough advice to have nobody experiencing muscle gaining problems. Yet, that’s hardly the case. People experiencing lackluster progress are ubiquitous, at gyms and in online chats, banging their heads against the wall in the frustration of muscle gains so minuscule that they’re hardly worth the time and effort of trekking to the gym and going through the motions.

It’s a mini-tragedy when one considers that it doesn’t need to be that way. Results can be commensurate with efforts and natural muscle gains can come steadily and without plateaus. This should be of interest to anyone who not only doesn’t like falling short of achieving what they’ve set out to accomplish. But wasting precious time in the process. Over here in this book, we’ll cut your learning curve short with an easy to digest blueprint that you can apply right away as soon as today.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Muscle Gaining Truths That Nobody is Telling You

Chapter 2 – Simple Steps to Gaining Muscle Fast

Chapter 3 – How to Get Big Muscles

Chapter 4 – Fundamental Muscle Gain Tips for Maximum Results

Chapter 5 – The Deadliest Muscle Building Mistake Explained

Chapter 6 – Best Supplements for Muscle Gain – 4 Heavy Hitters That Deliver

Chapter 7 – Tips for a Muscle Gain Diet

Chapter 8 – Nutrition Recipes For Lean Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Simple Guard Breaks

by Ken Primola

Simple Guard Breaks is a step by step guide for breaking the guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A lot of people talk about passing the guard. But if a person has a good closed guard, believe me, passing will be the last thing you will think about. You must first break the closed guard.

The Rules Abide: The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Baseball Rules (With History, Humor and a Few Big Words)

by Jim Tosches

Every baseball player, coach and fan should know the rules of their beloved game, but there’s just one problem, the rule book is an intolerable read that often raises as many questions as it answers. As a student of the game, and more recently an official, Jim set out to reconstruct the rules of baseball and explain the theory behind them in a logical and fun way, as the game unfolds, illustrated with history, game situations and personal observations. If that makes you think “I get it, baseball for dum-dums”, you couldn’t be more wrong. An ode to the national pastime that armchair enthusiasts will enjoy, it’s also written to educate and entertain the many players, coaches, parents and officials involved in the serious, and sometimes not-so-serious business of amateur baseball in America. From little league on up to the majors, the game remains the same. Baseball endures, and the rules abide!

Marathon Training & Distance Running Tips: The runners guide for endurance training and racing, beginner running programs and advice

by James Atkinson

-Updated (2017)
Amazon Verified Purchase, Chris Naish
“Any book that can capture your imagination and get you motivated with personal tales is (in my honest opinion) brilliant.. That’s rare in a Kindle book!”

Amazon Verified Purchase, Craig
“The author goes into so much detail from the shoes, to posture, to dieting, to your mental state. Not only that, but it is written in a supportive, uplifting way”

Amazon Verified Purchase, Lucy Croft
“This will no doubt save the budding long distance runner from a lot of potential setbacks. All in all a solid runners guide!”

Amazon Verified Purchase, ReBel
“What he delivers is much, much MORE than knowledge. He delivers Value. WELL Worth the price of admission and Then Some!”

Long distance running is much like any other fitness training. If you want to improve, you need a good plan that has a progressive nature.

If you are new to this game, you need a solid foundation to build on.

Having a running program is not the only thing that you need. Sound advice and running tips should be taken from someone who has “walked the walk” …… Or in this case; “Ran the run”

Hi, my name is James Atkinson from . I’m a qualified fitness coach / personal trainer and I have a fair bit of running advice that I would like to share with you.

When I was around 18 years old, I was a terrible runner! In fact, I failed the basic fitness test for army entrance on running alone, and I failed big time!

Several years later, I was clearing 1.5 mile running circuits in 8 minutes and 22 seconds and could easily run a marathon any day of the week!

I would like to share my knowledge and training experiences with you. If you are a beginner when it comes to running, this information will no doubt give you advice that will probably not have even crossed your mind before.

If you are already a runner and are looking to make more progression, you are also in the right place.

I know that it is easy to get stuck on a training plateau, so I have also added some information and training methods to this book that will help you leave the plateau behind.

Some of the chapters include:

Why should you take my advice? My storyâ?¦
Accountability, Commit To Your Goal!
Where to start
Running style
When to eat, what to eat
Your bread and butter training “Steady state”
Training on a track
Running for time
Running for distance
Running with weight
Dealing with blisters and chaffing
Staying injury free
Putting it all together and your training plan

All of the information that I provide is written from my own experience as a long distance runner.
I believe that by learning from my mistakes and my advice, you will hit your goals a lot quicker than making these mistakes yourself. Believe me; some of these mistakes can be very painful! As you will soon find out from some of the anecdotes that I am about to share with you.

So grab your running shoes and let’s get started!
All the best
James Atkinson.

Size, Symmetry, Strength: The secret formula to build muscle, get stronger, and lose fat naturally (Includes workout plans for men)

by Marcus Borg

The secret formula for bulging pecs, ripped biceps, and abs of steel (revealed).


If you’re frustrated with lacklustre results and want to build the ultimate male body without steroids, supplements, or gruelling training routines…then you need to read this book. 


Are you fed up of grinding out workouts you don’t enjoy?

And do you wish you could make faster muscle and strength gains (with less work)?

All of this is possible and more!

Here’s the deal:

  • You DON’T have to do squats or deadlifts to get results. There are hundreds of exercise variations you can do instead.
  • You DON’T need to lift 4-6 days per week to get stronger. The truth is, you can make insane progress training just twice per week.
  • You DON’T need to train like a bodybuilder to build muscle. In fact, strength training is the single best way to gain muscle.

Myths like these have cheated thousands of guys from getting the body they deserve.

But this stops TODAY.

In Size, Symmetry, Strength I show you step-by-step how to build muscle and strength (effortlessly)…

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  1. How to build muscle strategically to look more aesthetic.
  2. How to use intelligent exercise rotation to prevent weight training plateaus.
  3. How to implement powerbuilding principles to achieve amazing strength and size gains.
  4. How to lose stomach fat while building muscle using the recomposition method (a science-based bodybuilding diet).
  5. How to create your own training plan (includes sample workout plans for men).

And much more!

In just 6-12 weeks you can transform your mind, body, and life.

Picture the endless compliments from jealous friends and family asking you how you achieved such amazing results.

And imagine the benefits of having a stronger, leaner, and more agile body that grants you infinite energy.

In short, you can absolutely achieve the lean, muscular body you see in Hollywood blockbuster films. All it takes is the right system. 

Get your copy now and start your quest for the ultimate natural physique…Just remember size, symmetry, strength!

BOWING LOW BEFORE NATURE: Book 1ã??ã??Religious Headstreams of Japan


This book shows some of the religious foundation of the Japanese to foreign people who are interested in the culture of this country. The writer is one of the descendants of priests who did the practice and learning of the Japanese traditional religion “Shugendo,” which consists of Shinto-ism and Buddhism. Through his eyes, it is described why the people of Japan came to love â??nature’ so much and bow low before it as â??gods’ from ancient times.

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