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Alexander Graham Bell: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Alexander Graham Bell

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Educator. Innovator. Inventor. These three words sum up Alexander Graham Bell, one of the greatest scientific men of his era. He is most famous for the invention of the telephone, a device which he predicted would transform human society. And it did. But the telephone is just one of the many innovations and inventions that Bell brought into being.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Childhood
â?? Emigration to North America
â?? The Bell Telephone Company
â?? The Race to Save the President
â?? A Rival to the Wright Brothers
â?? Later Years and Death
And much more!

A man who epitomizes the word visionary, Alexander Graham Bell predicted the use of light as a medium for transmitting information and how humanity would be transformed by flight. This is his story.


by J. C. AUER

J. C. Auer is an author who has never read a book. He is so severely ADHD, his condition prevents him from reading widely; therefore, he has not been influenced by the words and works of other authors. This gives him a unique writing style best described as, “delightfully different and kinda funny.” *

Written in a first person narrative, this is one man’s journey from puberty to adulthood told with irony and pathos. A collection of humorous, self-deprecating stories spanning from the coalfields of West Virginia to the California coast in a superficial search for his soul.

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