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The Sinister Secrets of the Snake Mirror (The Sinister Case Series Book 1)

by Constance Barker

An Ancient Mirror Threatens Death and Madness

***This is a Paranormal Mystery***

The mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch…
A cameo that pulses when danger is present…
An antique shop only open in the dead of night…
A funky sidekick…

Grace Longstreet just wants to go to the beach, but when the matriarch of a wealthy family dies mysteriously in her home, the ocean breezes will have to wait. When the family of the deceased wants Grace to declare the death suspicious, her intuition flares.

Grace is an insurance appraiser/adjuster for fine antiquities and a part time archeologist. She also wears a magical cameo that warns her of impending danger. Her mother’s death, ruled a suicide, has always haunted her and she believes the death wasn’t what it seemed as well.

Grace longs for peace, but her heritage, job and the people in her life give her just the opposite. Now as she sifts through the fine antiquities left by the deceased, she comes upon a pair of ancient mirrors with ornate snake frames. Her cameo goes spastic. Are the mirrors cursed? Did they have something to do with woman’s death? Can they be to blame for the next two deaths?

Find out as Grace, and her wacky sidekick Paisley, search for clues in this newest series.

Spark of Imagination: part 1 in the ‘SOURCE of Power’ series

by Tony Lindblom

Two tales of love and power somehow bound together by one powerful SOURCE.
SOURCE of Power is a book series which blurs the lines between fantasy and science fiction.
Spark of Imagination is the first in the series, which introduces us to the main characters, their world and the people they travel with.

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– Vincent:
Vincent’s story starts when he suddenly gets thrown into a strange world where powerful technology and magic all stem from the same SOURCE.
The planet; Entori was once home to a powerful race; the Hizena. No one knows what happened to them, but they left behind weapons and artefacts all over the planet from their time there. These artefacts are all powered by crystals of immense power.
Vincent ends up in the Free Kingdoms, who are under constant threat from the more powerful Taran Empire to the north. Here he meets Eria, a young SOURCE mechanic and together they set out to search for the ancient city of the Hizena; Anzoria, in the hopes of finding a weapon powerful enough to protect themselves against the Taran aggression.

– Malkreth:
Malkreth sets out together with the captain and the crew on a delivery spaceship to secretly transport Queen Anexia of Daruna to Earth for a meeting to save her planet from Aterion Industries who wishes to experiment on her people and steal their powers. While on the way to Earth, he starts to develop amazing powers and tries to understand them, all while he also develops feelings for the queen.

– Revica Aterion:
Daughter of Kerian Aterion; CEO of Aterion Industries, which is the largest and most powerful company in the known universe.

– Niana:
Priestess in the order of the balance. An order which has sworn to guard the world from an Ancient god, while using his powers to stop anyone from releasing him.

– Themos Lighthammer:
A general in the Free Kingdoms army, forced to set out on a mission he does not believe in.

The Knight of Inner Light: The Phoenix Empire – Book 1

by Josh Hilp

When Wes’s village is destroyed by bandits, he awakens to a new, powerful magic that he doesn’t understand, and doesn’t even truly control. This power leaves him with newfound responsibilities, and problems, as he struggles to keep important promises to those around him and those long gone as the world around him begins a slow, painful descent into chaos and darkness as demons begin roaming the lands for the first time in an Age.

Wes’s power might just be able to make the difference and save everyone, but he’s just one boy.

Beyond demons and darkness, Wes has to come to terms with the fear that magic, especially his own immense new power invokes in the people of the Kingdom of Strata, as well as the class system that leaves the nobility towering over those they deem beneath themselves.

Even if he manages to save the Kingdom, and those around him, will he still be a good person when all is said and done?

Chasing Freedom Home (Malinding)

by Tom Ireland

When the Land of the Free becomes the Land of the Slave what then happens to the old Land of the Slave?
West Africa emerges as the world centre of peace, tolerance and equality. The old world has lapsed into anarchy, ignorance and poverty.
If Ed-Lamin and Jane manage to escape from the tyrannical reign of the PPP in England will they be welcomed back into his country of origin?
How will the immigrant Europeans cope with a new language and a new, liberal, culture?

Classic Christmas Stories: A Collection of Timeless Holiday Tales

by Annie Roe Carr

01. Annie Roe Carr – Nan Sherwood’s Winter Holidays
02. Alice Duer Miller – The Burglar And The Wizard
03. Berthold Auerbach – Christian Gellert’s Last Christmas
04. Bret Harte – How Santa Claus Came to Simpson’s Bar
05. Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol
06. L. Frank Baum – A Kidnapped Santa Claus
07. Charles Dickens – A Christmas Tree
08. Charles Dickens – Nobody’s Story
09. Charles Dickens – The Child’s Story
10. Charles Dickens – The Chimes
11. Charles Dickens – The Cricket on the Hearth
12. Charles Dickens – The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain
13. Charles Dickens – The Poor Relation’s Story
14. Charles Dickens – The Schoolboy’s Story
15. Charles Dickens – What Christmas Is As We Grow Older
16. Evaleen Stein – The Christmas Porringer
17. Florence L. Barclay – The Upas Tree
18. Henry van Dyke – The Christmas Angel
19. Henry van Dyke – Christmas-Giving And Christmas-Living
20. Henry van Dyke – A Short Christmas Sermon
21. Henry van Dyke – Christmas Prayers
22. Jacob August Riis – Nibsy’s Christmas
23. Jacob August Riis – What The Christmas Sun Saw In The Tenements
24. Jacob August Riis – Skippy Of Scrabble Alley
25. Jacob Grimm – The Elves And The Shoemaker
26. Laura Lee Hope – The Story of a Nodding Donkey
27. Laura Lee Hope – The Story of a Stuffed Elephant
28. Louisa May Alcott – The Abbot’s Ghost, or Maurice Treherne’s Temptation
29. L. Frank Baum – Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus
30. Martha Finley – Christmas with Grandma Elsie
31. Meredith Nicholson – A Reversible Santa Claus
32. Nathaniel Hawthorne – Christmas Banquet
33. Nathaniel Hawthorne – Snowflakes
34. Newton Booth Tarkington – Beasley’s Christmas Party
35. O.Henry – A Chaparral Christmas Gift
36. O.Henry – Christmas By Injunction
37. O.Henry – The Gift of the Magi
38. O.Henry – Whistling Dick’s Christmas Stocking
39. R.L. Stevenson – A Christmas Sermon
40. Theodore Parker – The Two Christmas Celebrations, A.D. I. and MDCCCLV
41. Thomas Hill – Christmas
42. Washington Irving – Christmas Eve
43. Amy Ella Blanchard – Little Maid Marian
44. Laura Lee Hope – Six Little Bunkers At Grandpa Ford’s
45. Washington Irving – Christmas Day
46. Washington Irving – Christmas
47. Washington Irving – The Christmas Dinner
48. Washington Irving – The Stage-coach
49. William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night
50. Zona Gale – Christmas

The Darker Ages

by Aron Lewes

No one craves an escape more than Alice Carradine. Six years ago, her future was stolen by an unexpected accident. Now a quadriplegic, Alice is confined to bed and mired in depression.

Her saving grace is the “The Darker Ages,” a complex virtual world that offers its players a chance at a new life. In this virtual reality, Alice escapes into the body of Princess Arienne, whose life is infinitely more thrilling. As Princess Arienne, Alice gets to experience the fantastical medieval adventure of her dreams.

But her virtual life is far from perfect.

Her fiance is a pain in the ass. Her secret crush is murdered in front of her. Then she’s abducted by pirates, led by the wickedly charming Alfred Du Bois. Arienne’s roguish abductors dedicate their time to plundering, brawling and flirting. Not necessarily in that order. The Darker Ages is a historical fantasy with a virtual reality twist.

Coven Codex: From the Federal Witch Series (Standard of Honor Series Book 2)

by Taki Drake

Zhanna has a vision, one of the return of honor to the Witches and Mercenaries of Russia.

Making that hope a reality is becoming more difficult as time goes on, with the young woman battling prejudice from her neighbors and attacks from other Magic users.

It is a good thing that Dascha always has her back, as her Witch sets out to show the disorganized and dishonored mercenary Witches of Russia exactly what it means to stand by your Word!

Lead by example, practice what you preach. Progress is being made, one step at a time as Zhanna acquires spells and allies.

It is too bad that progress is paid with pain.

A Most Peculiar Time (The Most Peculiar Tales – Steampunk Paranormal Mysteries Book 4)

by Charles A Cornell

Harandon Hall has been besieged by the most dreadful poltergeist phenomena, occurring at the most peculiar time. Professor Atticus Carr of the Institute for the Investigation of Peculiarities, and his assistant Jeremiah Boone, must use all of their wits and all the paranormal technology at their disposal to purge the castle of its trio of dueling spectres.

A classic ghost story brimming with horror, fantasy, and weird science, set in a steampunk world.

Does your heart beat faster in the dark than in the daylight? Do your hands tingle under the touch of copper and brass? Then The Most Peculiar Tales are sure to satisfy. Six paranormal tales set in a steampunk world.

Steampunk Britannia, 1872

Come with me my friends, back to a time that never was, to places familiar in many ways but so peculiar in others. To a land of hope and despair, whisked by the beat of the Great Mechanization. To the cobbles of a city pumped with steam and brazen with intrigue. To a nation lost in time, imperiled by spectres from another dimension.

From the pomp of The Imperial Quarter to the slums of Pritchard’s Green. From the furnaces and ironworks of The Barrens to The Theatre Macabre. Join Professor Carr and Jeremiah Boone on six amazing adventures as they unravel metaphysical mysteries, battle deranged scientists and diabolical daemons, and travel through the aether.

Danger lurks, in both the known and the unknown. Bring your fear, for overcoming it will strengthen you. Bring your heart, for its passion will comfort you. But most of all, bring your wits.

Your journey will be well guided, by those whose curiosity probes the foundation of our psyche and whose skills are the craft of the bizarre. Join Professor Atticus Carr, and his assistant Jeremiah Boone, as they travel the darkest alleys, and the even darker aether, to bring you The Most Peculiar Tales.

The Reversible Man …A mad scientist creates a trail of murder and larceny. Professor Carr must capture The Reversible Man before the professor is sent to the gallows for a crime he didn’t commit.

Suddenville…A sleepy coastal hamlet is terrorized by daemons. Why are they abducting the villagers and can Professor Carr reach beyond our dimension to get them back?

A Most Peculiar Time…The haunting of a castle requires Professor Carr to open portals to Heaven and Hell to save a family from three dueling spectres.

The Darwin Room…A creature is unleashed by a twisted experiment that attempts to advance the theory of evolution.

Soul Ripper…A young girl has been taken hostage and her soul ripped from her body. Professor Carr enlists the help of a most unusual psychic medium to bring the culprit to justice.

Theatre Macabre…An assassin stalks the theater in a plot to kill a member of the Imperial Family. With help from a magic hummingbird, Jeremiah must intercept the anarchist before he prevails.

Herbs and Homicide (The Faerie Apothecary Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Astoria Wright

Looking for a unique paranormal cozy mystery series that’s lighthearted and fun?

Settle into the cozy countryside of Moss Hill, where house-elves rent rooms, sprites live in gardens, a leprechaun is the best tailor in town, and a half-elf/half human named Carissa Shea owns a pharmacy known as The Seelie Tree Apothecary shop. Life couldn’t be more idyllic for Cari, but healing humans and fae folk proves challenging at times, especially when secrets unfold in The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries.

About Book 1: Herbs and Homicide
In the small town of Moss Hill, customers of all kinds visit Carissa Shea’s Seelie Tree Apothecary Shop. That includes tall and short, young and old, human and faerie. Being half-elf/half-human herself, Carissa personally knows and cares for them all. So, when a grumpy brownie, a type of house faerie, named Miss Morgan dies in her shop, Carissa is devastated. As she learns more about her customer’s death, she realizes Miss Morgan might have been the only thing standing between the Seelie, faeries of light and goodness, and the Unseelie, faeries of darkness and evil. On top of it all, the Sidhe guard, protector of all fae residents, rule it a murder and name Carissa as a suspect! Now she must prove her innocence and find the real culprit before it’s too late – not just for her but for all of Moss Hill.

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