Free historical fiction Kindle books for 28 Oct 18

Sweet Bitter Freedom: the enthralling sequel to the Throwback

by David Canford

Though the Civil War has now ended, Mosa is confronted by new challenges and old adversaries who are determined to try and take what she has. While some hope to build a new South, the old South refuses to die.
Her husband becoming a politician seems to offer a new dawn. However, his election to office has unexpected consequences.
Will Mosa lose everything or find a way through?
With lives in danger, she makes a life-changing decision, but will she and her family ever find real safety and true freedom? The gripping sequel to The Throwback.

Praise for the Throwback:
“This is a well-written tale full of sadness, anger, joy, and triumph. I enjoyed every minute reading it. The characters were believable and relatable and the story is timeless. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about history, love, tragedy, compassion, and the triumph of good over evil.”
“This was a great read that was hard to put down. There were new, interesting circumstances, twists and turns. A suspenseful historical novel to the very end.”
“An excellent book before and after the Civil War. I enjoyed the plot, the characters, and the settings. Mosa made the story come alive.”
“A wonderful endearing book, even though it was about slavery. The characters were real & memorable. I couldn’t wait to read the next page. Would recommend to anyone. I read it in one sitting.”
“Historical fiction at its best. The characters came to life and readers could empathize with each role.”

Salem Shadows

by Kiera-Lynn Hart

Nina Truman is a teenaged girl living in Salem, Massachusetts in 1697. Although she and her family possess magic, there is no way to escape the gossip that has already lined up six supposed witches to hang. Before she knows it, her mother is arrested as the seventh. With the help of an unexpected new friend, she must venture into the unknown to save her family and her beloved town, both from the influence of witchcraft, and from itself.


by Nicholas E Watkins

Based on a true story. It’s the 1890s and Victoria is on the throne. Industrialisation is sweeping the Country and Britain is building its Empire. Life is harsh and poverty rampant. Sufferance follows the lives of two young girls Mary and Mabel and two brothers, Arthur and Edward through these turbulent times. Living in the West Country in the village of Chipping Sodbury life seems unchanging but the work house, war and destitution are only a step away. The book opens with excitement, in the small English village of Chipping Sodbury village at the imminent arrival of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show but life is about to change for ever. The dreaded Spike, the poor house, run by a ruthless couple, beckons as does the Boer War. The saga continues as we follow the family to Flanders Field and the Great War, through to the Second World War. From the Nazi occupation of Europe and the horror of the concentration camps to D Day they struggle for survival. A tense emotionally draining drama unfolds that will keep the reader turning the pages.

Die Frau Bürgermeisterin – historischer Roman (German Edition)

by Georg Ebers

1574 in den Niederlanden: Die Spanier belagern die ehemals reiche Stadt Leyden, Hunger und Pest halten Einzug. Die Stadt bleibt unbeugsam. Unterdessen taucht ein alter Freund der Bürgermeisterfamilie auf – das wird manches in dem Haus verändern …

In quest of the coach and six

by Lizzie Church

â??Aye. She’ll be out tonight, says Iâ?¦ The spectre of the night…’
Joanna’s curiosity is piqued at once, and, in this spooky twist on a â??traditional’ Regency romance, with a ruinous pile, a dim-witted bloodhound and romantic young people who are looking for love – what could possibly go wrong?

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