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Our Accidental Baby: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Hellhounds MC Book 1)

by Paula Cox


It was a night in heaven with a man from hell.
If only it had ended there.

“Welcome to my playroom,” he said.
“Now shut the door and open your mouth.”

I’d never had a night like that before.
And I promised myself I’d never let it happen again.

No matter how good it was.
No matter how hard I shook.
No matter how loud I moaned.

I couldn’t be his animal, his toy.
I wouldn’t be.
I won’t be.

But Cain gave me something I never expected, something I never asked for:

His baby in my belly.

I never meant for this to happen, but now that I’m pregnant, I can’t let him find out.
I have to keep our baby safe from her father.
Even if that means giving up my own life to save her.

Because Cain’s coming back for us.
He wants what’s his.
And it’ll take everything I have not to let him get it.

Our Accidental Baby is book 1 of the Hellhounds MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Our Accidental Ride and Our Accidental Wedding are available everywhere now!

The Gift

by Kate Anslinger

Detective Grace McKenna’s mother has always told her that she has a gift. When she looks into a criminal’s eyes she can see haunting images of victims who have been wronged. One of those visions is the face of Jenny Silva, high school art teacher who has gone missing from the small town of Bridgeton, Massachusetts, where Grace works. When she makes eye contact with the possible suspect, Jenny’s tortured face flashes before Grace, leaving an unsettling imprint on her. Grace finds herself making tough decisions to solve a case on her own, where she stumbles across town secrets and gets mixed up in an unlikely love affair. Sometimes a wrong can find a way to be righted all on its own.

Our Surprise Baby: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (The Damned MC Book 1)

by Paula Cox

The biker’s thickness gave me morning sickness.

I thought I could rescue him from a life of crime.
But the bad boy biker didn’t want anything I had to offer.
Instead, he wanted to give me something of his own:
The baby I’m carrying in my belly.

It was my job to talk him out of his way of life.
But Rust was playing me all along.
He didn’t want my help.
He just wanted my body.

Now, he’s dragging me into an underworld that I’ll never survive.
But I can’t say no to him.
His touch, his scent, his powerâ?¦
It’s all too much to resist.

I’m a good girl librarian, not a rebel biker chick.
But when I’m on the back of Rust’s bike, I feel like the whole world is ours.

I’ll be whoever he wants me to be.
His ride or die.
His old lady.
And the mother of his children.

At least, until his enemies come for me and our baby.

Our Surprise Baby is book 1 of The Damned MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Our Surprise Wedding and Our Surprise Family are available everywhere now!

Our Unlikely Baby: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Blacksteel Bandits MC Book 1)

by Paula Cox


And now look what happenedâ?¦
There’s a baby to deal with.

I was never meant to be a father.
All I care about is drinking, f**king, and fighting – in that order.
But when my motorcycle club starts to fall apart, I head home for a little R&R.

My mini vacation was going wellâ?¦
Until I ran into my ex.

I was wrong for her back then, and I’m wrong for her now.
But that doesn’t stop me from claiming her body once more.
Her moans are just as sweet as I remember.
And her curves have only grown more delicious.

But there’s no denying this was a mistake.
Especially when Miranda finds out she’s got a bun in the oven.

Perfect timing, too, because the chaos enveloping the Blacksteel Bandits MC has caught up to me.

I never had anything to care about before.
But now that I’ve got a woman in my arms and a baby on the wayâ?¦
I’ve got everything to lose.

And I’ll kill anyone who tries to take them from me.

Our Unlikely Baby is book 1 of the Backsteel Bandits MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Our Unlikely Escape and Our Unlikely Fate are available everywhere now!

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