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The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: The Complete Guide to the Keto Diet Offering Clarity to Reset and Heal your Body

by Amanda Davis

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Discover how You can heal your body and Lose 10lbs or more in the next 30 days!

I’m guessing by now you’ve heard of the Keto diet, but do you actually understand how it can transform your life? The Ketogenic Diet literally has the potential to not only see you literally melt the fat off of your body but more importantly, it can completely heal your body through the emphasis on a complete lifestyle change and learning exactly what you are putting in your body. Once you learn the truths that Keto teach, your relationship with food will change forever.

That’s exactly what happened with me. I was lucky enough to discover the Keto diet several years ago, and thank God I did. From that point, I have not only revolutionized my body and watched as I healed myself from the inside out, but more importantly, I have revolutionized my eating habits FOREVER! And, I know I will never go back to how I was, Keto has changed my life not simply as a ‘fad diet’ but as a way that made me more mindful of everything I put in my body, and by mastering the process, the results simply took care of themselves.

But, don’t just believe me or take my word for it, The Keto Diet has plenty of scientific studies backing it up if scientific vakidation is what you are after. One study found obese patients lost 13.6 kg (30 pounds) after 2 months in the keto diet and over 88% of patients lost more than 10% of their initial weight by the end of the study, while lean mass was practically unaffected. That’s 3.5 pounds per week. If you needed anymore convincing that Keto is worth trying then there you go!

Furthermore, In this book you will discover….

The EXACT macronutrient breakdown to spearhead your weight loss on the Keto diet!

Think you can’t be a Vegan and on the Keto Diet? Wrong! Learn exactly how to do ‘Vegan Keto!’

How to avoid The Simple mistakes 99% of people make with the ‘Modern Diet’ that is causing the Obesity Epidemic

the EASY way to reach optimum Ketosis to help you lose Even more weight!

The 6 Effortless ways to make sure you are in Ketosis

3 Simple actions to Optimise exercise while doing the Keto diet

The 10 Proven steps to NOT ruin Keto during the holidays!

10 Keto supplements to take workouts to The Next Level

The Truth to FAQ about the Keto Diet!

Revolutionary answers to the 14 BIGGEST KETO MYTHS!

And much, much more!

Before I go its important to mention if you think you can’t partake in the Keto diet because you’re either on a budget or an avid traveler or whatever excuse you have, This book dispels them myths easily! This book shows exact Money saving tips to make Keto on a budget effortless, as well as tips when Travelling making that easier than ever before! You have no excuses left!

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Healing Organically: A Guide To Eating Clean With Real Whole Foods

by Cherry McFadden

Do we really need to eat organic food to be healthy? Some people may answer no to that question, but the fact is that there are more chemicals in food today than ever before. Food manufacturers not only add chemicals to food such as MSG to enhance the taste but use them in the processing of food.

The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process foods, such as grains, vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products. Farmers who grow organically do not use toxic chemical methods to control weeds, fertilize and prevent livestock disease. In addition to the emotional and mental benefits, the physical benefits are huge. A big one is as mentioned, avoiding the toxic chemicals. Over here in this book, we’ll teach you how you can choose your foods wisely and become what you put inside your body, quite literally.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Do We Really Need To Eat Organic Food To Be Healthy?

Chapter 2 – Organic Food Versus Non-Organic Food – How to Identify?

Chapter 3 – Importance of Testing the Authenticity of Organic Foods

Chapter 4 – Organic Food – Myths Realities And Nonsense To Know About

Chapter 5 – What Makes “Organic Food” Organic and Clean?

Chapter 6 – Answers to Some Important Questions Asked About Organic Foods

Chapter 7 – Top Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better

Chapter 8 – The Great Benefits of Organic Food


by R.V.S RAO

Have you ever felt going into an ocean of positivity? It makes you energetic whenever you are filled with Positivity. Positivity has such a strong influence on your happiness and successThis book is all about some AFFIRMATIONS that can change your life in many areas and bring abundance

Ten Golden Exercises: (As chosen by a 20 year Physical Therapist)

by Daniel Philpot

Ever wonder if you could just get away with 10 exercises and call it a day? Or even better, what are the most important simple exercises for each body part to prevent injury? (Yes, there is more than 10 exercises herein) Want to be able to keep yourself mobile and active by exercising at home? Look into the mind of an experienced Physical Therapist, as he shares what has worked best for him and his patients over the last 20 years. Learn not just what to do, but why it matters- and in simple terms. Presented here is the exercise foundation to preventing the most common biomechanical dysfunctions that we all may face. Whether young or old or somewhere in between- the information in this book will help you physically function better now and throughout your life.

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