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The Gift of God: Reign in life, walk intimately with God and be assured of eternity through powerful revelations of God’s gift of salvation.

by Anthony Acquah Asamoah

-    Are you living in fear?
-    Are you struggling to please God?
-    Are you searching for a life-changing encounter with God?

Then this book is for you!
In the Gift of God, Pastor Anthony invites you on a Scripture-filled journey to encounter the fullness of God’s Gospel of Grace. This powerful book offers you an eye-opening look into the glorious revelation of God’s gift to humanity. This book declares unapologetically that salvation is in itself a miracle and the most valuable priceless gift from God to us in Christ Jesus.
This book is not specifically about relationships, power, healing, gifts of the Spirit, and so on. But as you read, you will notice how God’s love and power will touch everyone of these areas, bring change, remove fear, and make you whole, because he has made provision for all these in His gift of salvation.

Awaken Your Psychic Abilities: Receiving Intuitive Messages & Signs From Your Inner Being

by Elisaveta Grimm

Every person has some form of innate psychic power ability. Some people have a higher level of psychic abilities than others. Before one can tap and awaken your psychic power, you will have believed that there exists something not seen by the naked eye.
How do you know there is such a thing as psychic powers ability? Modern television and movies would lead you to expect a person with psychic powers to be able to do amazing feats at a moment’s notice. Are you one of those that doubt the existence of psychic power? If you are, it would do you a lot good to give it a benefit a try. Your ability to unlock your own psychic power can give you a fulfilled life. This easy to digest summary book will reveal the secrets to unlock your potential psychic power.

Book Content Includes:

Chapter 1 – Psychic Power Ability – How Do You Know?

Chapter 2 – Top 5 Myths About Them

Chapter 3 – Secrets to Unlock Your Psychic Power

Chapter 4 – Develop Your Psychic Powers

Chapter 5 – What Are the Different Types of Psychic Powers

Chapter 6 – Psychic Training Obstacles

Chapter 7 – How to Use Psychic Power Tests to Verify Your Abilities

Chapter 8 – Embrace Your Gifted Talent

Screwtape VS. The Church: Letters on Exposing and Expelling Your Church’s Demons

by Mark R. Barnard

– Most Christians believe a true Christ follower cannot be demon possessed, but can demons occupy a church?
– If unconfessed sin opens the door for Satan to meddle in the life of a believer, does unconfessed congregational sin allow Satan to interfere with a congregation?
– Since a Christian can struggle with a particular stronghold in his or her life, might the enemy gain a stronghold in a ministry?

Screwtape VS. The Church jolts readers with paradigm shifting perspectives that put church troubles in a whole new light. It exposes the root causes that allow Satan to afflict ministries in the first place. Most importantly, it reveals how the forces arrayed against your ministry can be overcome.

Screwtape VS. The Church exposes secret correspondence between two demons set on frustrating churches like yours. The included study guide allows you to explore the biblical underpinnings behind each letter.

For over ten years Rev. Mark Barnard (BA. Bible, MA Pastoral Studies), has specialized in helping churches overcome unresolved spiritual/relational issues which undermine congregational health.

Mark serves as President of Blessing Point Ministries. Blessing Point helps churches discover breakthroughs in ministry that can transform their impact for the Kingdom of God.

Mark previously authored Joseph Unrobed – Holding on to Your Dreams When Life Seems Like a Nightmare, The Path of Revival, Diagnosing the Heart of Your Church and coauthored The Eighth Letter – What is Jesus Saying to Your Church?

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A Gentle Hug for the Soul: Providing comfort and reassurance in times of need

by Lindsay Coldrick

Are you going through a major transition in your life? Does it make you feel stressed out? Does it fill you with worry and fear?

Are you looking for some really simple ways to manage stressful situations that occur in your life?

Divorce, bereavement, house move, job loss, marriage,pregnancy,new business

These are all major life events that happen to most of us. Some of us may go through them alone, which is really hard. Some of us may have loved ones around us, but they might not truly understand the stress it causes you. Whilst there are lots of practical solutions for these events, finding something to help us through these emotionally are rarer. This is why I wrote this book.

I went through a bereavement, followed by a divorce and then a house-move in the space of 12 months. It was challenging and I struggled. I was lucky that I had my spiritual toolbox that I had spent 15 years building. I want to share these tools with you TODAY. Most of them are free, simple to use and accessible to EVERYONE.

A Gentle Hug for the Soul not only provides you with comfort and reassurance but also with a set of simple and easy to use tools. These include

  • How practising gratitude in as little as 3 minutes a day can create a more positive mindset
  • How using affirmations and mindfulness encourages you to live in the present helping to eliminate worries and fears
  • How to manifest the life you deserve

A Gentle Hug for the Soul provides practical tips, which means you can start using them today! All you need is you.

What’s stopping you from investing in you and living a calmer, more relaxed life?

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Foundation Strong

by Carri Oller

In life, where to begin a path of purpose poses many questions. Questions such as, what do you build on? What is your foundation built on? Is your foundation built on the one WHO lasts forever? And last, are you able to hold your ground?

These are questions that we all must answer in our lives. In this book
Foundation Strong Author Carri Oller talks about what it truly means to have a rock solid faith in the one true God. She also discusses real-life situations and application where she had to figure out what foundation she was building on.

First Light: A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

by Bethanee Rajchman

Jemma Glick, a young Amish woman, leaves the community after the death of both her parents to reconnect with her past in the English world. She finds herself once more embroiled in the love of one Kingsley Turner, her college sweetheart and present NBA star for the Miami Heat. However in the decade, they’ve been separated, the life of a NBA star has taken its toll on the man Jemma used to know. Will she stick around when his demons come out to play?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Miles Apart: Clean Amish and Military Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Justine Burkholder is a typical Amish girl, eighteen years old and looking to get married and have a family of her own. There were several young men who had her in their sights, but she didn’t want to commit until she felt God had chosen the right man for her. In the Spring of her eighteenth year, she began to have fainting spells which became more frequent. The local clinic found a heart condition and sent her to New York for further testing. While there, she was robbed, but saved from a worse fate by a strapping Navy Seal. His charm and courage worked its way into her heart.

Could she love a man who was her complete opposite? And what of her faith? See how Justine finds a way to love a man whose work constantly sends him miles apart from her.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Under A Prairie Sky: Clean Amish and Cowboy Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Sadie Hershberger never thought she would leave the quiet Amish community of Quarryville, Pennsylvania to cross unknown territory with five other families to seek a godly life. She never expected to care for the injured, quiet man who fell on the street of her village. Little did she know that she would begin the challenge of her life far from the security of her faith. Luke Ramsey was a hardened young man who left the East and chose the life of the cowboy, herding cattle and writing his own rules. When he travels back home to the wedding of his younger sister, Luke finds himself running from outlaws who have trailed him to Ohio.

Wounded and alone in the backwater village of Sugar Creek, Luke is tended by the gentle Amish family whose daughter shows him kindness. Their adventure unfolds under a prairie sky.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Enriching Abandon: Clean Amish and Billionaire Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

A packet of letters filled with secrets and lies, lead Billionaire Levi Hendricks to an Amish Community in Pennsylvania. Where he not only finds family, but also love. For a minute he seems ready to put aside the tragedies of the past. But crimes of the past cast long shadows, and the secrets Levi carries threatens to eclipse the happiness he has found.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Power To Fulfil Divine Mandates

by Emmanuel Voryee

Power can be classified under different types and levels, with the highest being the supernatural power of God.
By this power, God created the earth and everything in it, Moses led Israel out of Egypt amidst great wonders, and Joshua led them into the Promised Land with mighty victories being won along the way.
Elijah and Elisha exhibited this power to their generation and were held in high esteem by all, including the kings of their time. Jesus Christ and his disciples after him demonstrated this power, resulting in the dead coming back to life and miracles, signs, and wonders being manifested on a daily basis.
This same power is available to you and I today, but to see the same feats as them we need understanding. This understanding is what this book will give you so that your mandate can be achieved with ease.

Beginners Guide to Yoga : An Ultimate Yoga Guide To Heal Your Body,Relieve Stress, Lose Weight, (Yoga, Yoga for beginners, Yoga guide, Asana, Peace and Meditation): The Ultimate Yoga Guide:

by Dr Kathy Panoutsos M.D



Book has taken up the credit in elucidating the basic essential that’s required for new comers in Yoga and by illuminating the benefits from all sorts of angle.The book doesn’t contain any intention to endorse, promote any religious view, this books is created with a perspective accepting the view that is held by world’s prime authorities on yoga; “Yoga it is not a religion”. It does not have a dogma. One such thing to prove yoga is not religions is – Yoga doesn’t force people to replace the faith or offer you a competing or contradictory view of what you already believe. Consequently, before entering into the book, you can open up your mind that yoga doesn’t pertains to any particular religions or does it appeals you to do so
Leading causes on “Why Yoga is not experienced by all” – Is not getting right information through right source, and conclude it in wrong way. Lot of people gives different opinion of their own experiences and their owned once. It curbs the people not to realize the appreciated health benefits relating to Physical, emotional and psychological out of Yoga.

Predominantly people get fascinate to “Don’ts” rather than “Do’s”. As a human being we are drawn by things that should not be done. Uncertainly, it’s worthwhile in yoga to understand things that they aren’t; thus we are not misguided or misunderstood on the topics. Along with physical natural laws, one has to additionally pursue the psychological disciplines of emotion, feel free to listen the inner guidance of own soul; identify our soul consciousness, requisite thought required for our reason; seeks a healthy life. Consciousness is utmost central attitude that human being needs to know. All these physical benefit are realizable only through regular routine yoga practices. Merely, consistent practice alone results in muscular strength mass and tone. It specially focuses on improving flexibility of all soft tissue, and increases the range of motion for each joint.

Yoga is referred as a science in many places in the world. As mentioned in this book, it is not a religious in the sense that it focuses on belief or faith. Yoga proves to be science that leads to consciously connect us with life through different techniques. Yoga is the light that shows you how messy things in the basement really are; and once that light is on, it becomes much more straightforward – not to mention efficient and time effective – to clean things up! Yogic scholars Feuerstein and Bodian note seven major types of yoga. Mind influences body and body influences the mind, there is no separation between mind and body. If something affects us emotionally or mentally, it automatically reflects in our body.

The purpose of yoga remains to boosts up both the mind and body through different Yoga Exercise. Practicing yoga provides holistic impact of relaxing both our mind and body. While performing yoga breathing techniques not only stimulate to calm our brain but simultaneously stimulate vital organs by supplying fresh blood to brain, making the brain alert and other body parts to be relaxed. Psychological benefits remains as one equally important as of physical benefits. Even though, psychological benefits remains overlooked after people started to focus on to avail the physical benefits of exercises. People normally advices to practice yoga to avail the psychological benefits and ask you to practice yoga to improve ability to manage stress.

Yoga was initially designed to integrate mind, body and soul with the divine. Yoga was produced with great spiritual and philosophical prodigies to answer our much known questions. Benefit is numerous, one among is Pain management. Pain and chronic pain are conditions that affect all of us at some point, understanding the positive link between yoga and pain management could be invaluable.

What God Specifically Says About Oral Sex & Anal Sex: Is Anal and Oral Sex Acceptable? Learn Specifically What God Says About Oral Sex and Anal Sex

by What God Says Ministries

Many Christians have wondered, and asked, if oral sex and anal sex are ok.  Some (e.g., pastors, etc.) have attempted to answer this question by stating that the marriage bed is undefiled (Hebrews 13:8) – therefore leading people to think that what a couple does (e.g., oral and anal sex) within the confines of marriage, is acceptable before God.  Some (e.g., pastors, etc.) have also attempted to answer this popular question, by stating that it all comes down to what people are comfortable doing sexually, in the confines of marriage.  At the end of the day, it is important for people to understand that God has a lot to say about the subject of oral and anal sex.  That being said, who is God?  Keep in mind that God is the Word of God, and the Word of God is God (John 1:1).  Therefore, when you wish to find out what God says about oral and anal sex, it is critically important for you to go to the Word of God (God), to find out what God says about oral and anal sex.  Why?  Because God and the Word of God are the same (John 1:1).  And as you find out what the Word of God (God) says about oral and anal sex, keep in mind that God’s Word is truth (John 17:17), above all else (e.g., what you think, what you feel, what you see, what you believe, what he said, what she said, what society says, etc.).  What the Word of God (God) says about oral and anal sex, is the true truth, that you can have full confidence in, regardless of what people say, think, believe, and have been told. 

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Two Weeks: A Haunted House Ghost Story: A True Haunting (True Hauntings Book 3)

by Rebecca Patrick-Howard

Do YOU believe in ghosts? Neither did Laura’s family…until they moved into the old farm house in the country.

The old house on the outskirts of town was the perfect fit for Laura and her large family. With plenty of bedrooms for everyone, a big yard, and the best climbing tree they’d ever seen, she and her sisters couldn’t wait to get moved in.

It didn’t take long for the house to reveal its secrets.

In this spooky tale of a real life haunting, an entire family was targeted as something evil lurked between the walls and threatened to tear them apart. In the two weeks the family lived in the haunted house they battled physical attacks from unseen assailants, spiritual attacks on their articles of devotion throughout the house, and even demonic possession.

And then, of course, there was the thing in the basement-the thing that nobody wanted to talk about.

Was the house reliving its torrid past or are some houses just born evil? Laura’s family was about to find out in the worst way!

In this incredible true ghost story of a family living a horrible nightmare in central Kentucky, if you weren’t a believer in the paranormal before, you might just change your mind.

(TWO WEEKS is, indeed, a true account of a haunting that took place in the late 1980s.)

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