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A group of women in relationships with married men have their lives turned upside down when one becomes pregnant, another produces a homemade sex tape, and the last is shamed in a tell all book. The reader is taken on an emotional thrill ride as the shamed men fight to recover their lives, the exes become angry and bitter, and the mistresses rebuild themselves from the ground up.

Along the way a series of dramatic events start happening including the pro black activist with a revolutionary wife and a white girlfriend on the side, the family friendly mega church minister with a fetish for young flesh, and the state senator who likes to walk on the wild side. When the truth of who these men are come to the forefront, the media is thrown into a frenzy, and people are forced to confront horrifying pasts and become better versions of themselves. A must read.

Therapy of Love: African American Cowboy Romance

by Harriet Hart

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

For Wendy, the dream she always had was in helping kids who suffered from mental illnesses such as PTSD. When she finally had enough money to her name, she bought an old ranch which she turned into a rehabilitation program using equine therapy. She was so close to having her dream come true, but desperately needed a ranch hand to take care of the horses they would be using in therapy. When she turned to the reclusive cowboy, Shane Powell, her ranch manager told her that she was making a big mistake. Shane didn’t want to accept her offer but his bills are piling up.

Would Wendy’s dream come through and would the attraction she feels toward Shane help him to heal and move on from past guilts?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA and the book contains language, situations, or images appropriate for readers over 18 years of age only!

Mine Forever #1 (The Billionaire Biker Series)

by Weston Parker

I never gave a f*ck about my family’s billions.

I’m a military man, honorable and true.

But my damn brother felt differently. He had me tossed in prison for a crime I didn’t commit, and now, all I think about is revenge.

It slowly becomes an obsession until something finally breaks through the dark cloud.

My high school sweetheart.

It’s been ten years since graduation, and she isn’t a little smart-assed girl anymore.

She’s a woman. My woman.

I thought prison would undo me, but nothing could prepare me for the secret my girl held back from me.

A baby. A family. One I didn’t know I had.

And now my brother knows, too. He’ll use anything to destroy me, including my kid.

Money creates opportunity, but there’s a cost it requires.

The payment for wealth is high, and my brother is willing to go all in.

I might have started out honorable, but now?

There’s nothing this ex-con won’t do to keep his family safe.

Even kill.

This is book 1 in a three book series. You will need to read the other two books to finish the story.

Every good girl deserves a bad boy ~ Weston

Smoke (Dragon Heartbeats Book 2)

by Ava Benton

Alina may have saved the mate of a dragon, but that didn’t make her the friend of any dragons.

And the feeling is mutual. The dragon’s have no used for her either.

Except for Smoke.

This hunky powerful dragon has decided he has to have the fae healer as his mate. Come hell, high water, dragons, or fae.

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