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Reforged (Bolt Eaters Trilogy Book 2)

by Isaac Hooke

Betrayed by one of their own brothers.
Trapped on an alien world.
Struggling to survive.

The mission was supposed to be easy.

Travel to an alien world on the far side of the galaxy, do some recon, go home.

But the operation proved tougher than expected.

A whole lot tougher.

Eric and the Bolt Eaters have been taken prisoner by a former member of their platoon, a Mind Refurb who has sold out Earth to the aliens.

Normally, Eric and the platoon members wouldn’t stand for such a blatant act of betrayal. It’s just too bad they’re all restrained aboard an otherworldly transport and scheduled for immediate disassembly.

Some days it really sucks to be a human-machine hybrid.

Cradle of Life

by Brennan Harvey

Male children are no longer being naturally born. Genetically engineered food inadvertently created a virus called MAPIX that destroyed the male birth rate. Evelyn Jones learns that she is a two-in-a-million person who is not infected, even though eleven years ago she tested positive for the virus.

The Repopulation Project, a government-run program whose mission is to breed male children from MAPIX-negative subjects, drafts Evelyn into service. Evelyn endures medical procedures and the injections necessary for in vitro fertilization. After Evelyn’s embryo is implanted, she panics when she finds out that something nefarious may have been done to her baby when the Compound orders an unprecedented abortion for Evelyn.

Evelyn escapes, but will the Repopulation project find her before she gives birth?

Last November

by Bob Chapman

Miaplacidus–a once serene and philosophic world, devoted to the proliferation of academia and the arts, now finds itself in turmoil. The sphere is on the verge of extinction, brought about from scientific circumstance, and rumor of coup d’etat is in the cinder-choked air. Rasalhague, Al Na’ir of the foresaken Regime is left no alternative but to deploy his most trusted emissary across the galaxies to seek out a viable homeland for the doomed legion’s relocation.

Enter Canopus, successor to the sovereignty, only offspring to the reigning emperor.. He is sent to a prototypic world known as Earth to obtain a peaceful accord with its inhabitants.

The people of Earth are not yet ready to be introduced to an “off-worlder”, and quickly, Canopus–the Lavender Man, is hunted and captured as a psychotic lunatic and finds himself imprisoned in the Federal Phenomenon Research Facility, where he is tested and prodded, befriended by some, especially Professor Martin Sandusky, and loathed by everyone else, being considered an enormous security risk to the safety of the planet.

After a year of incarceration, Sandusky aids in his escape and the pursuit begins, spearheaded by a cantankerous Viking-like “Facility” employee, Ross “Rock” Vandermir, who teams up with a local cop, Dave Lomax. Together the hell-bent duo track the exploits of the Lavender Man across the rural eastern seaboard, seemingly always two steps behind, as he searches for a means to establish a venue of cohabitation, recruiting a vivid cast of characters along the way.

The Chiefs of Security for the Facility, Goldstein and Walsh, are dispatched to silence the troublemaking Vandermir and Lomax, which leads to a violent and dramatic ending.

On Miaplacidus, the coup succeeds courtesy of two vile menaces, Aldebaran and Hadar. They assassinate Rasalhague and launch their tele-cruisers to Earth as their planet explodes into gaseous ash, the intent, to take over Earth by force and destroy the last remaining Al Na’ir in the process.

Dissention brews among the “off-worlders” as Hadar leads a rebellion against Aldebaran and plans to enslave the people of Earth with the horrific psychic powers he possesses, but Canopus knows a secret.

With the help of Old Chelsea, he employs an international army of the insane to rise up against the Miaplacidine Reclamation Forces, their psychologically-unacceptable-to-normal-human-standard minds immune to the psychic tauntings of the alien invaders.

The hunt continues as the varied cast of supporting characters–human and non-human alike–cross paths in a twisting mesh of mere coincidences and sheer destiny, all in a gut-wrenching, explicit race to access Canpus, who desperately searches for the “General”, the mysterious dark horse government operative who may hold the key, in his ditch effort to attain a peaceful resolution and avoid total enslavement of humankind, courtesy of his kindred.

Throughout the tale we see how the characters interact, and, most importantly, deal with change, both internal and external, as each undergoes a transformation of their basic moral fabric, and we notice the subtle similarities, that regardless of our origin or heritage, when faced with profound revelations and adversities, we are all of the same virtual composition. We share corresponding time and space, and when the shit hits the proverbial fan we are all apt to get sprayed in the face and reek with the odor of our deeds.

It is a classic yarn of good versus evil, justice against injustice, where villains can become heroes and heroes confused. It is a world where nothing is certain and everything is not what it seems to be when viewed through the eyes of the beholder, and the reader.

Prepare to become entangled in the graphic web where trickery and deceit are commonplace, and discover that history can be a carefully planned experiment in which we are all glass-encased subjects of diabolic folly.

Day of the Virus

by Kerry Dillon

Jack Dean was only a teenager when he narrowly escaped death after the horrific killings of his mother and sister. Four years later his new identity and location are compromised, but this time weird changes in his body kick in with bewildering talents which assist him to escape again. Unfortunately, he is later surprised and captured, but after a near-death experience he manages to free a young woman captive, enabling the two of them to make a dash for freedom. Now he must rely on her assistance, as he experiences incomprehensible sensory changes and random physical mutations which he cannot fully understand.

See The Stars

by John davenport

This is a story of an ordinary person, who gets corrupted by greed, but then when called upon, did the most amazing things.

Finding Happiness within Unhappiness

by Aric Carter

A contemporary and concise guide to helping anyone increase their level of happiness and contentment.

I Was a Teenage Mad Scientist (The Promethean Society Book 1)

by Derek Goodman

Rhia has a gift, although some would call it a curse. Her IQ is off the charts, and she can create and build things that most people can’t imagine. It also makes her an outcast.

So when her family moves to the town of Clayton, Rhia resolves to keep her abilities to herself and have a fresh start. For the first time she has a chance to be popular. But they didn’t move here for Rhia to blend in: Clayton High is the secret headquarters of a reclusive genius who has taken it upon himself to find the brightest minds in the country and give them free reign. Among Rhia’s new classmates are a time traveler, a young girl with an army of killer squirrels, a cyborg monkey, and a handsome but angry robotics wiz. Rhia has a place to belong for the first time.

But Rhia’s not sure if she wants to belong. And she better make up her mind quick, because after years of torment from the other students someone within the group is planning to get revenge…

Hallows Eve: Time Patrol

by Bob Mayer

What does it take to change history and destroy our reality? The same date, 31 October, six different years: Hallows Eve. The Time Patrol must send an agent back to each 24 hour bubble in time to keep our timeline intact.

Scout: 31 Oct 1517: Luther nails 95 Theses to the door of the Cathedral in Wittenberg, forever changing the world. Or does he?

Neeley: 31 Oct 1984: Indira Gandhi is assassinated. But what if she isn’t?

Lara: 31 Oct 1692: The Salem Witch Trials are coming to an end, but what if there is one more, very important, victim?

Roland: 31 Oct 1941: Six weeks before Pearl Harbor, the first American warship is sunk by a German U-Boat. But what if the Reuben James is carrying a very special cargo?

Eagle: 31 Oct 1828: The last year of Shaka Zulu’s reign. But what if the mad king of the Zulus must fight one, last great battle to save all mankind?

Ivar: Zero Day, Zero Year: A wrinkle in the mission as a team member must prevent a Zero Day exploit that could destroy our modern world.

The Time Patrol must send an agent back to each day, with just 24 hours for each to defeat the Shadow’s plan to disrupt our time-line, creating a time tsunami and wiping our present out.

Kati of Terra Book Three: Showdown on the Planet of the Slavers

by Helena Puumala

Kati of Terra and Star Federation Agent Mikal R’ma Trodden join forces with the beautiful female reptilian, Xoraya, and the young Tarangayan mathematics and engineering genius, Lank, to chase down the Slaver Gorsh and bring him to justice. The evil Waywardian Gorsh was responsible for Kati’s abduction from Earth, along with numerous other victims from many other worlds; among these were many small children from Earth and other planets.

Their quest begins on an obscure Fringe Space Station which houses a reputable used space ship yard, the services of which they need if they are to journey along the Space Trade Lanes. Odd and dangerous events start to shadow them while they are on the Space Station, Qupar, and never really cease during the course of their mission. It begins to look like there is much more at stake than merely bringing to justice a slaver, and rescuing the people he has enslaved and sold – an unnatural and unspeakable evil of cosmic proportions may well be at the center of events.

The group gains new members, even while it loses Mikal and Xoraya into Gorsh’s hands – Kati and Mikal are once again separated, and have to struggle to perform their tasks apart from one another. However, neither of them is a quitter; they are resourceful and in love, so no force in the universe can keep them separated for long. The manner in which they and their allies overcome the obstacles that they face makes for an exciting, amusing, and romantic tale
This is the thrilling conclusion to the dramatic story which began in Escape from the Drowned Planet, and continued in On Assignment to the Planet of the Exalted. Kati and Mikal can now take a breather from adventure – or can they? Time will tell.
This is a full-length novel of about 260,000 words (equivalent to a paperback of about 550 pages). Please note that the Kati of Terra novels are written so that they can be read as stand-alone books, so Kati of Terra Book 3 can be enjoyed by readers who have not yet read Kati of Terra Book 1 or Book 2. Naturally, we encourage people to read the entire trilogy to experience all the adventure and romance of the Kati of Terra series.

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