Free fantasy Kindle books for 29 Oct 18

Cloak of Snow (Totem Book 3)

by Christine Rains

No one messes with Saskia Dorn’s family and gets away with it.

The same murderous shifters who had hunted her sister have attempted to steal a magical totem pole. Since the pieces are scattered across Alaska, Saskia, a polar bear shifter, takes her search to the tundra for any signs of the lost totems.

Instead she finds Sedge, the latest reincarnation of the old Inuit Bear god, who just happens to be the man who broke her heart.

They come across a small native village tormented by the Jinxioc, evil gnomes with an appetite for human flesh. Sedge declares he will rid the people of the menace, believing a totem token is nearby affecting the devils’ behavior. At his side, Saskia battles to save the tribesmen, but it could mean sacrificing herself.

Quest For The Dark Planet

by Duncan Momanyi

The Quest For The Dark Planet is a Biblical inspired allegory of the origin of evil and the fall of man. This story gives an account of how man (The Fleshed ones) lost dominion on earth but later received it back through Jesus Christ. It is a well crafted story of man, his origin and final destination.

Darkness: City of Shadows

by R.G. Barnett

The Mortisi called him the human.

When Defcrae learned that the human found
strength through pain, she wanted to learn all
she could. In a land of powerful assassins, it
was perhaps the greatest strength.

Fate conspired against them, a darkness that
seemed impervious to the light.

How does one defeat the darkness that comes
from within?

The Superhero’s Husband (Superhero Wives World)

by Joynell Schultz

It doesn’t take superpowers to do super things.

Rhett is strong. He’s heroic. He’s what every woman wantsâ?¦if only his wife would notice.

During their eight years of marriage, Rhett has fought side-by-side with Rayne, his superhero wife, despite Rhett having no superpowers of his own. Together, they’ve kept Summercoast safe by defeating all sorts of dark forces.

But now, there’s a new supervillain in town: a mad scientist with abilities Rhett and Rayne have never seen before.

Dark Lightning is the first supervillain that has come to Summercoast with powers stronger than Rayne’s and the first villain that has given her so much trouble. It’s like he knows everything about herâ??and it’s not just paranoia speaking. Rhett finds himself cast aside when Rayne seeks help from another manâ??a true superhero with superpowers.

When Rayne and her new superhero companion go to capture Dark Lightning, Rhett sneaks along to help, but he inadvertently gives their enemy the upper hand.

Will his wife ever forgive him? To find out, Rhett must save her first.

* * *

Grab your copy of this novella (filled with action, mystery, and romance) to discover what it’s like having a superhero wife today.

This book stands alone. You don’t need to read The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives to enjoy this one!

Justine: Into The Blood (Blood and Passion Book 1)

by Carole Gill

A vampire prince and a beautiful Parisienne meet in the 18th century City of Light.

Born in pre-Revolutionary France and orphaned as a child, Justine Bodeau is taken in by a family friend who employs her as a seamstress. Eventually, she winds up to work in the court of Queen Marie Antoinette. A strong-willed survivor, defeat does not occur to her. When she fights off an attack by an aristocrat and kills him, she is given refuge but is soon betrayed and winds up on the streets of Paris, where she is attacked and killed by rogue vampires. But for whatever reason, love will not let her die.

Justine goes from wishing to be destroyed to wanting to survive, when she feels passion for the one who brought her back, Gascoyne â?? the one they call the Vampire Prince of Paris.

Justine – Into The Blood is a powerful story of betrayal, passion and revenge in 18th century France and England.

Generation Transcending: The Ascendant

by Kali Pryor

Leigh Brennon’s never been normal. She was born with abilities other humans don’t have, and when she finds a letter from an estranged relative, she might finally learn why. On her journey for answers, she meets a mysterious boy, Kane Kelly, and he’s only the first complication. When a stranger reveals the tragic truth about her father’s death, she’ll find herself in a world where nothing is what it seems. Rumors swirl about faceless men, human experiments, and super-soldier programs, and Leigh isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

Kane Kelly knew exactly who he was. He made peace with knowing what he could never have, but Leigh Brennon’s sudden presence in his life threatens the careful control he worked so hard for. When he finds out Leigh carries the Ascendant gene, too, his loyalties shift, and he finds himself lying to everyone he cares about to protect her.

In a town full of mysteries, where every dark corner hides monsters, and every night brings a new challenge, Kane and Leigh team up with other Ascendants, including a girl who can manipulate electricity, and a boy with a rare form of Progeria. Leigh must figure out who’s hunting them, before history repeats itself, while Kane tries to prevent his worst nightmare from becoming reality. There’s no limit to how far he’ll go to protect the ones he loves, even if it means sacrificing himself.

Grotesquery: a short story

by A.L. Blacklyn

Where life ends, it begins in a different form. As the magical order of the King’s Capitol is threatened, Head Royal Wizard Iel must face his life’s regrets to restore the peace.

The Kingdom’s Destruction (Hypnotic Destiny Book 1)

by Charlie Reale

How much would you endure to reach those you love?

Cristina strolls through the streets of Ostarin on her day off, preparing for the birthdays of her husband and daughter. Out of nowhere, a storm strikes the kingdom, drenching everyone in a strange green rain.

Then it gets worse.

Anyone caught in the storm develops plague-like symptoms, spreading the infection to nearly everyone except Cristina. The final manifestation of the illness? They lose their minds and attack anyone nearby without reason.

Cristina now must journey across the kingdom through thousands of sick people with one goal in mind: she needs to reach her family. Can she survive through hordes of diseased people without the will to kill any of them? Will she get to her family in time? And why has she not been affected by the plague?

The Essence of Time: Shaffer Family Adventures

by Ron Harmon

The Essence of Time is a Christian SYFY novel about four teenagers finding an ancient per-Noah complex buried in Colorado. Once they find their way inside in facility, they find ancient technology that far exceeds anything in today’s world. They also find they are not the only ones trying to gain entrance to the complex, but the others are trying for a more sinister reason. The book is full of twist and turn and a lot of thought provoking ideas.

Chosen By Darkness: Ravana Clan Vampires (The Ravana Clan Saga Book 1)

by E. M. Moore

“Hooked from the beginning!”

“Holy cow, I’m in love!”

One forgotten girl. Four determined vampire princes.

~The Ravanas~

We watched.

We waited.

Now, she’s ours.



Brought to The Fort and forced to train so I can protect the four impossibly handsome vampire royalty who say they want only me.

You might think I’d be furious. Expected to sacrifice my life for theirsâ?¦

I’m not.

I belong in this world, and I’ll give up everything to protect it from our enemies.

Watch me.

The Web Rulers Weave: Ruins of Unity

by J Glen Percy

When Ryecard Starling’s son kills two capital-born drunkards, word spreads throughout the kingdom that the lad must be executed. Complicating matters is Ryecard’s brother-like relationship with King Erick Romerian; the man specifically responsible for ordering his son’s death.

If the lad is pardoned, the capital-born will revolt.

If the lad is executed, the king will lose his most powerful friend and ally.

Either direction, the young kingdom grows brittle as enemies both old and new stand poised to invade. White and black are not without overlap. Neither are friend and foe.

After all, Ryecard and Erick are not the only rulers weaving webs in the realm.

Forging of the Opposites (The Tales of Dante Quintrell Book 1)

by Aleks Canard

(The Tales of Dante Quintrell, Chapter 1)
Dante Quintrell is an Alchemer, the last of an ancient order that strove to protect Gaia, a wondrous land full of towering forests, titanic mountains, and stifling deserts. There’s nothing Dante wants more than a pint of mead. Save for overthrowing the tyrannical Queen Medea Eldrid.

The Queen will stop at nothing to control Gaia, all for some great, militaristic purpose which involves a mythical place known only as the Sanctuary.

The Alchemer thinks his task will be as simple as assassinating Medea’s military leaders before slitting her throat and calling it a day. However, the resurgence of an ancient poem will make Dante’s quest more complicated than he first thinks.

Join Dante Quintrell and his best friend, Zara Kailani, as they hunt Medea’s Admiral Chief, attempt a daring prison break, and strike deals with pirates while drawing closer to discovering the Sanctuary’s true nature.

And, perhaps, the Sanctuary itself.

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