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The Soldier’s Little Death Purges the Passion of One Fearsome Frenchman: An MM Historical Erom Novelette (20th Century Men Span the Decades of Splendidry Festooned With Garlands of Love Book 3)

by Gaylord Fancypants

No war can rage as sweetly as the battle in their hearts…

Pierre is a waiter in a disputed section of France. Michael is a driver for an American general with a secret of his own. They never thought this war would drive them into each other’s waiting arms… Michael has needs that he can’t satisfy with his life on his own, and Pierre is all too happy to help him out, with excitement, heroism and bone-shaking love!

Lady Theodora’s Christmas Wish: Regency Historical Romance (The Derbyshire Set Book 8)

by Arietta Richmond

An eligible Duke, a beautiful young Lady, a Christmas Wish, a Ball to remember.

Lady Theodora Rockingham is having a wonderful year. She is finally officially the Earl’s daughter, she has turned seventeen, she has a dressing room full of new clothes, and now there is to be a Christmas Ball. All she needs now is to meet a handsome man at the Ball, and fall in love. So she makes a Christmas Wish.

Chase Harrington, newly the Duke of Montford, is still adjusting to the need to give up the rakish ways that he pursued as the Marquess of Travers. But a Duke needs an heir, and that requires a suitable Lady. He just hasn’t seen one that he’s the slightest bit interested in. Until the Christmas Ball.

Will Lady TheodoraĆ¢??s Christmas Wish come true? Will the Duke finally find a woman he can love?
Find out in this delightful Christmas story.

A Million Tears (The Tears Series Book 1)

by Paul Henke

America at the turn of the century. For the enterprising immigrant – a land of optimism and hope. From the hardship and poverty of Wales in 1890 this is the story of the Griffiths family and their journey to succeed in the new country. Henke describes the excitement of the pioneers in the early twentieth century. A tale of intrigue and adventure – the characters come to life against the backdrop of the time. You will not want to put this book down.

A Million Tears is a mighty epic, a tale of love and hate, murder and suicide, poverty and wealth – this is a story of a family whose devotion for each other helps them to succeed where others fail.

The Mercian Brexit

by M J Porter

England – 957

Two brothers. One kingdom.

Unease runs deep within the newly formed England, the young figurehead of the Wessex kingdom, King Eadwig, doing all he can to disadvantage the ancient kingdoms of Mercia, East Anglia and Northumbria, (the kingdoms north of the Thames) so that Wessex and Kent can flourish, at the expense of the newer additions to the core kingdoms of ancient England.

But the nobility of Mercia, East Anglia and Northumbria, only recently united with Wessex, have no qualms about separating their kingdom once more, and placing another on the throne, who has their best interests at heart.

Edgar, Eadwig’s brother, has been raised in the heartlands of the Northern Territories, by a man so powerful he’s earned the nickname of Ć¢??Half-King’, and Edgar has that special talent that his own brother has failed to grasp; he’s beloved of the people.

As the popular movement, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Oda and Athelstan Half-King proclaims Edgar, King of Mercia and King North of the River Thames, there’s nothing that King Eadwig, can do, except decry the grabbing hands of the nobility of Wessex, the men and women who’ve counseled him so badly, and accept the division.

But the divided kingdom of England stands open to attack once more, the Scots to the North, led by King Ildulb, the diverse Welsh kingdoms to the West, where the sons of Hywel Dda vie for power, and of course, the Viking raiders to the east, never quiet and now raiding the Scots kingdom under the command of King Hakon of Norway.

Can a fragmented England survive?

(This can also be read as a prequel to The First Queen of England)

Where the Rivers Meet

by Nicola Thorne

The Scottish border town of Branswick is where the rivers meet. Here since the middle of the Nineteenth Century the Dunbar Mill and the family running it have dominated the community. But when the family’s heir loses his life in France in 1918, confusion and failure loom for the proud Dunbar family and its celebrated knitwear firm. But though it has lost an heir it gained an heiress: only young Margaret Dunbar proves herself brave in the face of despair, and passionate in the face of coldness and betrayal.

The novel traces her fight to drag the conservative business struggling into the twentieth century from modest beginnings to the seemingly glamorous world of haute couture, mainly through the development and exploitation of the luxurious fabric cashmere, with offices and showrooms throughout Europe.

It is also a panorama of one of the most turbulent periods in European history, 1918 to 1951, covering the recklessness and failed hopes of the twenties, the recession of the thirties, the emergence of Hitler and Fascism and the Second World War in which further members of the Dunbar family are called upon to make great sacrifices.

The central character, however, is Margaret who never forgot she was a Dunbar or that she came from the Scottish border town which nestled in the heather-covered hills. Despite every setback in love, in war, and in peace, this is a story of an incorrigible woman, and her battle against the odds, her pride and courage in the face of adversity, and the strength to survive when all seems lost.

Lady Grace: Ladies of Disgrace

by Vicki Hopkins

5 Star Review – Readers’ Favorite“It’s easy to fall into this story, to feel as though you are there, experiencing everything that happens, every emotion…”
As a young woman of twenty-one, Grace did not think it unusual to marry a man of forty. Although she wed a kind and respectful individual, something remained absent from their relationship. Before she could fully understand her growing despondency and restless emotions, England declared war on Germany. Like a jigsaw puzzle turned upside down, the pieces of Grace’s life scatter in different directions. When her husband leaves for France to fight for king and country, Grace is left behind to face years of loneliness, temptation, and loss. After the declaration of peace, the picture puzzle of her life is reassembled but paints a vastly different scene than it did before.

Second in a series of “Ladies of Disgrace” – Every Era Has Its Fallen Women

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