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by Michael J. Vaughn

A dollar bill inside a chicken egg. An Orca who drags her across the Puget Sound for a chat with her dead husband. A lover who conjures a 4th of July fireworks show in October and then disappears. Channy Adams is having a strange month, and she’s determined to find out why – beginning with an anonymous novel that seems to be describing bits of her life. A mind-bending lark from the author of The Popcorn Girl

All the Wild Ways: A Friends to Lovers Romance

by Caroline Tate

She’s a down-to-earth sweetheart who tries to see the good in people. He’s her emotionally distant friend who should be off limits. With a shared pain from the past resurfacing, will the two be able to help one another cope?
Rachel Easton is on a mission to convince her best friend’s brother, Garrett Anderson, to take over the brewery her dad owns. He’s perfect for the job… forward-minded, irreverent, and stubborn as the wild fox that inhabits his backyard.
But when the two see each other for the first time in months, unintentional sparks fly. They’ve shared a few casual nights together, but Rachel swears she’s done with him, no matter how much she craves him.
With the ten-year anniversary of a lakeside tragedy looming, Rachel and Garrett are both on edge. That day ten summers ago flipped both their worlds upside down.  Rachel recovered the best she knew how, but that afternoon changed Garrett. Now he’s insufferable and wants nothing to do with anyone.
Will Rachel be able to help Garrett open up and deal with the past? Will Garrett let down his guard long enough to invite Rachel into his heart? Or will that dreadful afternoon at Lake Carson have sealed both their fates for life?

Relatos con banda sonora (Spanish Edition)

by Valencia Escribe

La evolución de la música a través de los siglos ha estado intrínsecamente relacionada con la de la palabra. Los cuentos, las leyendas, la propia historia, comenzaron transmitiéndose de forma oral, pasando de una generación a otra; en incontables ocasiones acompañadas de música, pues de esa forma era y continúa siendo más sencillo mantener la atención de aquellos a los que la información va dirigida.
En esta nueva aventura, convertida en el cuarto libro del grupo literario Valencia Escribe, hemos querido realizar un homenaje a la música a través de sesenta relatos, que cada uno con su propia banda sonora, son obra de cuarenta y dos autores diferentes.
Entra, lee y escucha.

NOTA: En el libro se incluyen enlaces a las playlists de Spotify, donde figuran los temas que han inspirado cada uno de los cuentos incluidos.

IMAGINADO AMOR: Cuando el Amor Echa Raices (Spanish Edition)

by Gilbert Arturo Rojas Rigaud

Imaginado Amor es una recopilación de versos románticos que pudieron sobrevivir a la laguna del tiempo. Escritos hace mas de dos décadas y media, son una de las primeras propuestas de Gilbert Arturo Rojas Rigaud, cuando de manera inocente rompía con los estereotipos y formas de versificación de la juventud de entonces.

A Different Familiar

by Rhian J. Martin

Something tragic happened in Galway. Something no one will talk about.

Cynical loner Ronan Twomey might seem like a normal university student, but he doesn’t allow anyone to get close enough to know what he’s buried deep inside. That is, until his life collides with those of Stephen McSwiggan and Ellen Grahamâ?¦

Dopey, awkward Stephen McSwiggan welcomes the arrival of his new American housemate, Ellen, but that doesn’t mean his life is remotely enviable. His demanding mother thinks he’s best suited to the priesthood, and the rest of his family assumes he will remain a bachelor. However, in a strange turn of events, Stephen surprises everyoneâ?¦ including himself.

Anxious but spirited Ellen Graham arrives in Galway for her semester abroad, but the prospect of adjusting to an unfamiliar place is daunting. All she wants to do is fit in, make friends, and feel like she belongs somewhereâ?¦ but will this bustling Irish city welcome her with open arms?

Just when things seem totally hopeless, an unassuming acquaintance arrives to help the three students take control of their young adult lives. It may be that she, with the help of Stephen and Ellen, can urge Ronan to confront the nagging truth of his past, but will that be enough?

In a novel that transports readers to contemporary Galway, Ireland, Rhian J. Martin explores the ambiguous nature of young adult life, the misery of lost hope, and the human capacity for connection, compassion, and camaraderie across generations.

A Cidade dos Bárbaros ou Nunca mais Outra Vez (Portuguese Edition)

by Luis Vendramel

Dizem das redondezas daquele lugar, que um dia foi chamada de Bellovale sobre coisas não normais e aos fantasmas que lá em suas pastagens habitam. Urros ensandecidos e gemidos de dor durante a noite. Um mistério adormecido.

Após uma prolongada estiagem a cidade ressurgi das águas após submersa por mais de meio século. Uma equipe semi amadora a investigar e muito mais atrás de um mítico diamante.

A volta do tempo e um homem que encontra e perde o seu grande amor, Yasmin. Da verdade e sobretudo a convicção, os bárbaros estão entre nós e principalmente, que do amor consolidado jamais se perde.

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