Free politics and current events Kindle books for 29 Oct 18

STRESS-FREE LIFE: Practical steps for getting rid of stress for each and everyone

by Violetta Polovinko

This book “without excess water” provides practical advice on getting rid of stress. Following these simple rules, it is possible not only to get out of a difficult situation, but also to learn to lead emotionally correct life.

Modern Protest Tactics: Methods of Political Mayhem

by JP Zenger

A guide for the guileless, this pamphlet lays out several useful tactics for protesting, including banner dropping, black bloc, book burning, boycotting, die-ins, flag desecration, human chains, hunger strikes, padded bloc, and self-immolation.

Human Behaviour: 2 Books – Understanding Human Behaviour and Manipulation Skills

by Joe Miller

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Human Behaviour : 2 Books – Understanding Human Behaviour and Manipulation Skills

This book is packed with two individual books on

  • Human Behaviour: A Basic Guide To Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Manipulation: Techniques To Influence People NLP, Mind Control & Persuasion
  • The entire human evolution is greatly influenced by the behavioural changes that have taken place over the ages and still now the process is on the run. This book gives a basic insight to the human behaviour and the reasonings.

    Manipulation has now become an integral part of our life nowadays. It has become necessary skill to influence and convince people to achieve commercial success. This book guides you through this distinct art to help you achieve desired positive results. Although, it leads you into the world of manipulation, it also shows you a way out.

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    The Purpose of Life

    by Freddy Mendoza

    Attraction and cohabitation between men and women are adjusted to what is dictated by a genetic natural program inside all humans. This program’s mission is to give continuity to the species, so that it accumulates science and technology from generation to generation until immortality is reached; that is the purpose of life.
    I must clarify that such purpose is applicable to the human species as a whole. The personal purpose is a secondary topic, also explained in this work.

    Provérbios de Goethe (Portuguese Edition)

    by Willian Castro

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 Р1832) Рautor e estadista aleṃo. Como escritor, foi uma das mais importantes figuras da literatura aleṃ e do Romantismo europeu.
    Você já deve ter ouvido em “poço de sabedoria”.
    Pois bem, Goethe é um desses “poço de sabedoria”, e um poço bem profundo, ressalte-se.
    E essa compilação de pensamentos e máximas das obras de Goethe é um aperitivo desse poço.

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