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Type A Christian: Transforming Personality Traits into Fruitful Growth

by Autumn Hoover

Have you ever credited your success to having a Type A personality? If so, then you join an overwhelming number of people in the world who consider themselves Type A. As with any personality type, some qualities are positive and some are negative. But do these qualities bless or undermine the purpose God has given to us as Christians?

In Type A Christian: Transforming Personality Traits into Fruitful Growth, Autumn Hoover sets out to answer these questions and to guide us in identifying positive and negative personality traits in order to fulfill our roles as followers of Christ.

Type A Christian is a unique self-examination that introduces us to various personality types and behaviors and then provides us with a one-of-a-kind personality quiz to help assess our own common behaviors and Christian conduct. Here, Autumn combines her 17 years of experience helping people as a healthcare provider with her passion for personality examination and knowledge of Scripture to help us identify which traits need to be improved and which ones need to be transformed altogether.

Using insightful examinations of Scripture, personality traits, and behaviors, Autumn walks us through an honest look at whether or not our behaviors coincide with the fruit of the Spirit. Each chapter in this book reveals valuable information that will impact our walk with Christ and the furthering of His Kingdom.

God made us all unique and granted us with varying personalities to fulfill His purpose. Learning which traits to grow and which to prune can benefit both the church and the world in utilizing our best attributes and spreading the Gospel.

Thanksgiving Bride – The Father’s Smile: Western Historical Holiday Romance (Brides For All Seasons Volume 4 Book 1)

by Terri Grace

Emily and Emma Dyke are lovely little girls who are always grateful even though life hasn’t been easy for them. But this Thanksgiving, they have just one prayer and desire and that is to see their father smile again.

Listening to the sermon of a visiting preacher at church in Camden, New Jersey makes Marjory Brett decide to give these two little girls what they need. So she decides to make the journey to Stoneville, Nebraska to fulfill their wishes, even though she has no idea how she’s going to make their father smile again. She prays that she will be able to help bring an answer to the little girls’ prayer.

Life has been tough for Gerald Dyke ever since his wife Mary died two years ago. His poultry business failed and his fish pond gets infested by wild ducks, denying him the chance of earning a living. Thanksgiving is coming and he doesn’t know what he’s going to feed his twin ten year olds, but he has no idea of the surprise that is coming to him.

His own prayer on Thanksgiving morning is that the Lord will send him help in the form of a wife and mother for his girls. Will all these prayers receive the expected answers?

‘Thanksgiving Bride – The Father’s Smile’ is part of the Brides For All Seasons series – a festive collection of historical holiday romance guaranteed to warm your heart and fill your season with romantic cheer. Buy it today and enjoy the timeless gift of love!

Mystery Bride and Mystery Babylon: The Last Two End Time Mysteries

by Debra Webster

Mysteries are being unveiled in these last days. Only a few are yet to come. One mystery everyone wants to know is who is Antichrist. This is sensational information to his people. How sad. There are two much more important mysteries. These mysteries decide our eternal destiny.

The Lord sorrows as he looks at his church seeking end time knowledge that is sensational rather than that which will ready the church for him. Few seek the Lord for what is on his heart.

The scriptures tell us, “His bride has made herself ready.” (Rev. 19:7) This passage is Last Day’s prophecy from the book of Revelation. So, history’s culmination will include a bride ready for her Holy Husband. What does it mean for the bride to be ready?

That is the theme of Mystery Bride and Mystery Babylon. We will see what the bride’s attributes and what are not attributes of the bride but a counterfeit for her, a double image with a few difficult to distinguish differences.
Enter the journey of discovery of the Bridegroom Lamb’s heart. Hear his voice and understand what he says to you concerning your heart and readiness.

Starting Fresh

by Jean L. Kuhnke

Meredith’s life couldn’t get worse could it? She knew she was odd, outspoken, and had orange hair and seaweed eyes. She heard it often enough while growing up.

Agreeing to become partners with her best friend, David while handsome, could not talk to girls without stumbling over himself. David was like a brother to Meredith, they loved each other, just not in a spousal way.

To get their hopes for a homestead started, Meredith applied for a job with David’s great aunt in Sioux Falls. When she returned from the interview, she found her father and only living relative had died during the night. Thankful for the job offer from Aunt Eunice, now that she no longer had a home or family, she buried her father and moved to South Dakota.

While she settled into her new job which included living with Aunt Eunice in her amazing manson, David found his tongue and started socializing with everyone he was unable to talk to when in school. Having to hear about it from her dear friend Jane, Meredith was happy for him until she found that he was spending all her money on his new found freedom.

At about the same time, she received a forwarded letter for her father from what turned out to be his secret life in Minnesota, which explained why they had to sell their big beautiful house when her mother died and move into something you could barely call a shack.

All the men in Meredith’s life had turned her against men in general. All except Kellan, her personal maids husband. He treated Bronwen with such respect and love that she had to start rethinking her views on men. That is, until he started getting too friendly. Learning that Bronwen was his sister, Meredith began to look at him differently.

Hoonsville: Outback horror town

by Dominick Reyntiens

Stanville, an outback Queensland town is plagued by ‘hoons’ and the residents have decided it’s time to clean up their social environment. They engage a private security firm, â??Rapid action’, who send the enigmatic Mrs. Dashwood to do the job. However, it is17 year old Kya Ashley who quickly realises that everyone’s problems are only just beginning. As the vile and deadly nature of Mrs. Dashwoods purpose starts to be revealed, Kya finds herself drawn into a terrifying journey to the very heart of darkness; one that will climax at the gates of hell itself.
A teenager in search of the truth may well be a more formidable force than adults trying to hide it; but never as savage as those who seek to protect their lies. Hoonsville moves at a relentless pace ripping into contemporary perceptions of facts, truth love death and darkness.

It’s a God Thing: One Woman Experiences Signs, Miracles, and Wonders, Trusting God

by Leisa Spann

When God speaks, Leisa Spann listens, but listening doesn’t mean things always turn out the way she expects them to. She has learned that in time, however, they always come together in the way God intends. And His ways are truly glorious.

In this beautiful collection of stories, original poems, and scripture, It’s a God Thing: One Woman Experiences His Signs, Miracles, and Wonders, Trusting God introduces us to Leisa Spann and the miracles and wonders that have occurred in her own life. From her near-misses with death to opening a Christian gift shop, Leisa’s determination to live in accordance with God’s will and by His Word resulted in signs, miracles, and wonders that blessed not only her life, but the lives of those around her.

In a world where faith and bearing testimony are not always appreciated, Leisa’s stories give us the courage to look for the signs and miracles that occur in our own lives, and to find the peace that comes when we turn our hearts to God and trust that He will never forsake us.

Leisa’s personal journey truly testifies to all that the days of miracles, signs, and wonders has not ceased.

Conociendo A Dios: Libro Devocional Cristiano (Siguiendo Los Pasos Del Rey nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by miguel angel guatibonza garcía

Por muchas generaciones el hombre ha tenido una idea de un Dios severo e inaccesible, esto es porque los prejuicios que generalmente usamos no nos permiten darnos a la tarea de conocerlo como es, sino que tenemos una concepción inducida por la sociedad o cultura en que nos hemos levantado. Pues por medio de convicciones de otras personas, de doctrinas erróneas, de sectas que tergiversan la verdadera esencia de Dios, nuestra imagen de él ha sido distorsionada.
Pero Dios sigue siendo el mismo, ayer, y hoy, y por los siglos. Ã?l no depende, ni está delimitado por ningún factor existencial, ni pensamiento humanista. Más bien, nosotros si dependemos de él, pues es la razón por la cual subsistimos y subsisten todas las cosas. Por esto, conocerlo no es una opción que podemos prescindir, sino que es la necesidad más vital de nuestra vida: “Y esta es la vida eterna: que te conozcan a ti, el único Dios verdadero, y a Jesucristo, a quien has enviado.” (Juan 17:3).

Este libro está compuesto por una serie de devocionales que buscan enseñar de manera práctica y sencilla la palabra de Dios, para que el lector sea edificado y afirmado en su corazón y así alcanzar la madurez en la cual se haga evidente su identidad como hijo de Dios.
Prepárate para vivir esta increíble experiencia en donde conoceremos a Dios por medio de su palabra.

Signed, Sealed, Delighted: Prequel Novella (Marriage & Mayhem Book 0)

by Crystal L Barnes

Her father’s dying wish changes everything…

After years of working in the Cater Springs’ clinic, Sarah Asher never planned on marriage. However, she neglected to mention that to her pa. Determined to fulfill his dying wish, despite her well-informed fears, Sarah marries Joseph Matthews but only after a few signed and sealed promises. One in particularâ??he can kiss any dreams of sharing a room with her goodbye.

Joe has never had any luck with women, and marriage doesn’t seem prone to change that. Sarah might be a handsome filly and his only ticket to inheriting the ranch promised him, but she’s pricklier than a barrel cactus and more temperamental than a Texas tornado. Keeping his distance from her should be easy. Only it isn’t. The beautiful woman attracts trouble and constantly requires saving, putting her well within arms’ reach.

Will signed promises seal their fate to a loveless marriage, or can Sarah move past her fears to find a love worth delighting in?

(Originally released as “Let’s Make a Deal”, Signed, Sealed, & Delighted is more than double the length and packed with more fun, faith, and friction than before.)

Intermittent fasting Ketogenic Vegetarian Diet and the Healthy Weight Loss Royal Path (Fasting, Detox drinks, Meditation, Self Knowledge, Keto Recipes, Ferments, Stretching and Massages…)

by Dr. Apollinaire

Use these ancient royal secrets to feel better and to upgrade your life now!!

I am honestly so glad and grateful to share with you all of this exclusive gold ive learned and synthesised since the last 3 decades that lead me to this life full of freedom and blistering health and wealth.. This book is the perfect read for fasting diet recipes tricks and insparation. Save your self and quantum leap up the echelons. I invest in my self like i would for anything i value. Intermitent fasting and ketovegie diet is your gate way to super you and success in all areas, take the word from some one who lives it and take action..

Practicing intermintent fasting and diets such as the ketogenic and the vegetarian diet are a great and easy fun way to develop discicpline and getting closer to ones own life mastery.
But the healthy weight loss royal path is much more complex, because health involves alot more then just good food habits… Mental and spiritual health is king next to good food routines and this is why intermitent FASTING comes in to play. Fasting as you most lickely know is the most ancient way of healing and the most proven to work best. When you fast remember that your scrutenizing not only your body but your mind and spirit also, wich is priceless, and free. After fasting, if done right and well supervised, you becaume more and more supreme in your own right and getting closer and closer to the marvel that you ARE! But fasting is not enougn for the healthy weight loss royal path. .

Table of content.

Chapter I: What IFKV diet and the HWLRP really about?
Chapter II: The Gut Flora Factor
Chapter III: What Is Critical, +WhatWater and SuperKetoDrinks *Bonus
Chapter IV: The allmighty life miracle of IFKVRP
Chapter V: Why keto
Chapter VI: Why vegetarian vegan do ?
Chapter VII: The metamorphosis effect of IFKV
Chapter VIII: Stay commited you cunts!!
Chapter IX: Healthy weight loss Royal Path for women and men
Chapter X: More about the Royal Path,
+10 Recipes *Bonus

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Fasting
  • Water
  • detox
  • pro biotic ferments
  • Keto and vegan recipes and super drinks
  • finding your life purpose
  • Much, much

Download your copy today!

Enjoy the Journey

by Carri Oller

Enjoy the Journey is a powerful book to inspire you to do exactly that. Carri talks about the importance of being intentional with your time and focus. You will be encouraged to live each day on purpose and you will be reminded to remember what really matters. Having a personal relationship with Jesus, loving your family and friends, and doing what God has called you to do.

John Jacob Worthington Jones

by Billie Houston

In 1935 John Jones is an unrepentant hobo and con-man whose past has caught up with him. He is being carted off to jail when a strange young woman with a two-year-old child on her hip stops the police chief, insisting there has been a mistake. The man the officer has in tow is her husband, Reverend John Jacob Worthington Jones.

Edith Harvey needs a man with nothing to lose. Who better than someone at odds with the law? She says a short prayer, and tells a little lie. The domino effect of her hasty falsehood sets in motion a chain of unexpected events that will change her life forever.

The Perfect Scientific Techniques for Brain Improvement: Memory Improvement, Brain Training and Memory Loss and Concentration (Improve memory,memory power,memory … repair,increase memory Book 1)

by Lisa Martin

Memory Improvement , Concentration, Focus and Retaintion

Our memories are an integral a part of who we are, however as we age our memory declines. for many older adults, the decline turns into so serious that they’re no longer capable of live independently, that is considered one of the most important fears adults have as they age.

the good information is that scientists were getting to know greater approximately our mind’s great capacity to alternate and develop new neural connections every day, even in vintage age. This idea is referred to as neuroplasticity. through research on neuroplasticity, scientists have discovered that our reminiscence capacity isn’t constant, but alternatively malleable like plastic.

Try this with other method of concentration.

A) Deep Breaths: earlier than beginning your observe near your eyes and take 5-10 DEEP BREATHS. put palms on your eyes. Use this each 1-2 hours. 

B) Examine your concept pattern: whilst your mind diverts, observe down wherein ‘direction’ it diverts. in case you have a look at this manner your Stray mind can be eliminated and additionally paintings on those factors you referred to down. 

C) Bear in mind: Make a consider of each forty-50 min of examine. Slowly slowly Your mind will be MAGNETIZE closer to have a look at. Your attention may be boom and you’ll be able to apprehend or consider in one pass.

D) Use weaknesses of your thoughts: join your examine with biggest intention or dream of your existence. (think subsequent day you need to make this topic understand to the maximum beautiful girl of the magnificence. i am sure you will be able to study with none single distraction. Even someone skip his meal additionally. because your all energies are directed in best one direction.  And anyone has SUCH WEAKNESSES THAT can be converted INTO big power, locate YOUR ‘closing power source’ and use it undoubtedly.

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When You Are Down to Nothing ? God?s Up To Something

by Isaiah Reed

I am not sure why you picked up this book, but it is probably a good educated guess that things are not going as expected in your life. I do not know who you are or what your story is, but I do know that you get to choose how it goes from this point forward. That is the beauty of our testimony. We write it as God is doing it by our choices in how we respond to what is happening. Yet make no mistake about this one fundamental truth, it is all centered on Him, which is why you might be having trouble with your current situation. You are looking at it from your point of view, not God’s.
Your testimony is more about God working within you to complete the good work He began, rather than working in the world around you. Do not get me wrong, He will use your testimony to peak the curiosity in others and ultimately draw them to Himself, but the reality is that God is always at work in your life. He is at work when you know it and He is most at work when you do not know it.
I have a pretty dramatic testimony. If you do not know it, you would probably enjoy watching it because it will give you a greater appreciation for why you can count on the fact that what I share with you in this book is not really my wisdom, but from the Lord. As my testimony would reveal, I was a rebellious, murderous, womanizing, involved in drugs and otherwise a horrific person whom God chose to save and use, and not so much because I am special, but because He knew I would have to be bold. I live life large and have done so on both sides of the track. What happened to me is hard to believe because it is so bizarre, yet it happened. It happened all the while there was no evidence at all in my life that it was happening. That is what this book is about. The fact that when we get down to nothing, God is always up to something.
There came a point not too long ago that I was never so thankful for my testimony. After I was shot, stabbed, died and came back to life, one of my best friends in the world died in the act of avenging my death. He was also the one who began to tell me about Jesus. His name was “Red” and the night before I gave the message on which this book is based, his daughter called me up. I had not heard from her since her father’s death. She was nine years old at the time and she had been waiting over twenty years to ask me one question and it came that night, “What happened to my father?”…. I have thought many times during my life about what would have happened to me if my mom had given up on God because she became discouraged to the point of quitting. I would not have blamed her. How hard it must have been for her because she could not see what God was up to, but was constantly faced with the reality of what I was doing and it just kept getting worse and worse. That is why I decided to teach this message and why I chose it for the content of this book. There just might be someone out there ready to give up and they need to know that when life gets down to nothing, God is up to something!

Mastering Pranayama: From Breathing Techniques to Kundalini Awakening

by Radhika Shah Grouven

It is common knowledge that pranayama is about breathing exercises. Right? Wrong! Radhika Shah Grouven divulges some of the secret practices of the mysterious Oral Tradition to challenge this popular belief. Breathing exercises are not pranayama; they prepare you for pranayama. Prana is the life force and pranayama is done with the mind. Pranayama begins where the breath ends. With pranayama you can harness the unlimited potentials of the mind and become a balanced and creative individual.
In this book you will learn:
Why most of us do not breathe correctly
How to unlearn faulty breathing patterns
Why the science of sitting is so important
How to get conscious control over the breath
How to train the laser-like power of the one-pointed mind
How to plunge into the vibrant silence of the breathless state, rest in profound, reasonless joy and truly enjoy life

Mastering Pranayama takes you step by step over a period of 7-8 months to advanced pranayama practices such as Sushumna Kriya, Sandhya Kriya, Kumbhaka and Yoga Nidra that lead to kundalini awakening. The practices are explained in detail with the help of over 80 illustrations and tables.The answers to some commonly posed questions at the end of each chapter foresee the difficulties of most practitioners. The tips and experiments throughout the book are fun as well as insightful. An authoritative book on the subject, Mastering Pranayama is a classic you will return to again and again: the ultimate guide for novices as well as trained teachers.

El ayuno según la Biblia: El ayuno es un arma poderosa de Dios para sus hijos (Spanish Edition)

by Gonzalo Sanabria

Es muy importante tener en cuenta que el Señor Jesús enseñó sobre el ayuno como una actividad normal que forma parte de la vida del cristiano. Conocer el poder del ayuno bíblico nos lleva sin duda al ejercicio de una poderosa arma que Dios ha puesto en manos de su iglesia.

Este libro define, enseña y expone el poder del ayuno, contiene ejemplos de los maravillosos resultados del ayuno. Cuando una persona ayuna hace a un lado el stress y los afanes de este mundo, haciéndose sensible a las cosas de Dios. Este texto cambiará su perspectiva respecto al ayuno bíblico, y lo llevará al uso de esta herramienta maravillosa que sin duda lo conducirá a grandes victorias.

Pastor Lic. Gonzalo Sanabria.

Abrir El Tercer Ojo: Técnicas efectivas para abrir el tercer ojo, purificar la glándula pineal y expandir la conciencia (Spanish Edition)

by Anna Mai

Abrir El Tercer Ojo

Aprenda técnicas efectivas sobre cómo abrir rápidamente su tercer ojo limpiando y descalcificando su glándula pineal, expandiendo su mente y conciencia.

Abrir el Tercer Ojo mejora la cognición y la intuición, la “visión” interna y la clarividencia, la imaginación y la imaginación, la empatía y la sabiduría, la claridad mental y el autoconocimiento, la memoria y la percepción sobrenatural, obteniendo una visión de realidades superiores más allá de la conciencia cotidiana. Un tercer ojo despierto también significa un sentimiento de amor, conciencia, comprensión y compasión.

El proceso de despertar comienza con la descalcificación de la glándula pineal para abrir el chakra ajna. Esto prepara la manera de conectar con el universo o el cuerpo físico con su alma.

Es uno de los órganos más importantes del cuerpo humano. Además de su importante papel en la producción de melatonina, es responsable de las capacidades de la 4ª dimensión a través de la producción de DMT, el neurotransmisor de nuestro propio cuerpo. Esto incluye todas las formas de mejora de la conciencia, como la clarividencia, el sentimiento de luz, la clariaudiencia, la telepatía, las intuiciones superiores y mucho más. Solo estas dos sustancias proporcionan la base para el desarrollo de una conciencia superior.
Aprende a expandir tu conciencia y abrir el tercer ojo.

¡Es la puerta de entrada a tu libertad!

Dare to Walk on Water: Treasuring God

by Robert Allen

“Dare to Walk on Water: Treasuring God” by Robert Allen, challenges believers who know the Word of God to transform their knowledge into practical action to the praise of His glory. Fifty-two DARES, founded on the attributes of God, lead readers on the upward path toward treasuring God with their hearts, souls, minds and strength. After all, no one can walk on water without His help.

The Divine Comedy (Annotated Edition)

by Dante Alighieri

This carefully crafted ebook: “The Divine Comedy (Annotated Edition)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
The Divine Comedy is a long narrative poem by Dante and one of the greatest works of world literature. The poem’s imaginative vision of the afterlife is representative of the medieval world-view. The narrative describes Dante’s travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise or Heaven, while allegorically the poem represents the soul’s journey towards God. This edition contains the chapter-wise prose translation of every canto and is accompanied with helpful notes for easy understanding of this classic work. An ideal read for students and beginners!

The Receptivity Project: Make the Connection

by Leslie N Bank

Intuition. In today’s pragmatic society, intuitive feelings are disregarded and devalued. We rely on reason to make decisions, ignoring feelings that cannot be traced to a concrete, logical source.

Former Baltimore police lieutenant and security consultant Leslie N. Bank argues that by ignoring intuition, we blind ourselves to our most important senseâ??one more trustworthy than logic, reason, and the evidence of our eyes and ears. Your logic-focused mind has its own motivations and desires that can betray you. Intuition always has your best interests at heart.

In The Receptivity Project, Bank invites you to reconnect with your spiritual intuition. Learn to manage your intuitive energy, decipher the advice we receive every day from spiritual sources, and help your body open a channel for messages from the spirit world.

Bank’s advice is for those seeking to actively enrich the spiritual aspect of their lives. Learn to listen to those gut instincts and funny feelings that warn you of danger and guide you toward happiness. Release the need to know how or why, and trust your intuitive sense to tell you the absolute truth. You’ll never see the world the same way again.

Fair As the Lily (Taft Brothers Trilogy Book 1)

by Emily Tanner

After years of living a lonely life, abused and mistreated, only to be sold into prostitution as a young lady, Lily has no hope for a future and certainly doesn’t believe in any â??God’. When John Taft shows up one day all of that changes and Lily will never be the same again. After an incident in which Lily gets thrown out of the only home she’s ever known, John tries to help by offering her employment as a maid at his house on his family’s farm. As they both soon learn, miracles do still happen and neither of them could ever anticipate what God has in store!

Amish Lyrical Smile: A Collection of Clean Amish Romance Short Stories

by Harriet Lincoln

Collection of 3 Clean Amish romance short stories or over 30k words of reading!

Miles Apart – A Clean Amish and Military Romance Story
The Strength of Family – Amish and Doctor Romance
First Light – A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

This collection contains standalone romance short stories ending HEA

The Visitors: A True Haunting (True Hauntings Book 5)

by Rebecca Patrick-Howard

The whole town said the old, abandoned mansion was haunted, but the Sanders family didn’t care. They didn’t believe in ghostsâ?¦but they would.

Named for the row of weeping willows that lined the driveway,Willow Terrace was the most well-known house in the county. With its sweeping views, wraparound porches, and fourteen rooms it was the kind of place that was coveted. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it was also one of the old houses in town. Stained windows, intricate wood carvings, and a winding staircase straight out of the movies-

So why had it been empty for so long?

The Sanders family had been watching the house for most of their lives. As a teenager, Piper had sworn she would own the house one day. When their small business began taking off, they finally had the chance to buy Willow Terrace and begin fixing up the sad, neglected place.

They’d brushed off those rumors and stories they’d heard, tales of ghostly figures that appeared in windows, cries in the middle of the night, objects that flew across rooms… Ghosts weren’t real, right?

Piper and Larry were about to take a journey into the world of the supernatural-a journey they’d never forget. They’d soon learn they weren’t the only ones living in their new house.

And that their unearthly visitors might not be happy for the intrusion. Secret passageways, underground tunnels, an invisible child, demonic rituals, and a town’s haunting mysteryâ?¦had they bitten off more than they could chew? Now the Sanders’ family faced a difficult choice: make a run for it or stay and fight for the house they’d invested everything in.

Based on a true story.

Peter Underwood’s Guide to Ghosts & Haunted Places: Cases from the files of the world’s leading paranormal investigator

by Peter Underwood

Based on 50 years’ expert study and investigation, this collection of cases from the files of Peter Underwood – an acknowledged expert and experienced investigator of haunted houses – represents a unique exploration of the world of ghosts, apparitions and psychic phenomena. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about the subject or simply enjoy a riveting read, this guide is for you.

DIVINE COMEDY: Illustrated Edition

by Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy is widely considered to be the preeminent work in Italian literature and one of the greatest works of world literature. The poem’s imaginative vision of the afterlife is representative of the medieval world-view of the 14th century. The first-person narrative describes Dante’s travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise or Heaven, while allegorically the poem represents the soul’s journey towards God. In Dante’s work, Virgil is presented as human reason and Beatrice is presented as divine knowledge. This edition contains the famed illustrations by Gustave Doré which is matched by the inimitable translation of H. W. Longfellow, the first and formidable American translator of the Divine Comedy who is still considered as one of the best translators of this great classic.

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