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Accidents or How To Avoid Being Killed/ Timeless Advice: (Revised) From the Experts

by Dr. Brenda Winters

“Accidents” are Preventable most of the time and even death can be prevented with correct education.
Learn CPR. Self driving cars can be hacked. Better have a larger safer car you can control than a pretty smart car that could be smashed between two trucks.
Do not run off without family knowing where you are and arrange a meeting place and time if one or more gets lost.

Read about safety and stay safety conscious. Travel in a car, walking or other ways are to get safely from point A to point B and back again.
The author was a clinical nurse specialist in California and Texas and worked in a large jail with paramedics, physicians and other medical personnel many years. Winters did home health nursing and was instructed in First Aide at her University and in Nursing School.
Lean how to save and not take lives here.
Treat others as you want them to treat you.
People are not themselves all the time but usually do the best they can do.
The ones who are in deep grief cannot be normal.

In this book, I discuss what accidents are most common. and how to stop them before they start.

My work will teach you how to be “safety minded”.

Read this book with an open mind .
Use common sense as you go through life.

I know from experience that when I was young, I thought I was invincible.

Did you? Do you now? Then this is the writing for you.

If you are taken early from this Earth it may be your own fault and no one can replace you.

I wrote this one not to scare or frighten you, but to help you to live.

The reason I have lived through much in my life was because I had a praying grandmother and her prayers for me live on today.

Anxiety and Depression: Defeat Mental Illness with Proven Methods

by Dennis Barr


“Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds” – Stephen King I have been suffering with Anxiety Disorders and Depression Since I was young. We all go through this Illness without people knowing what it is like to be us, and how serious it is. This book is intended to help people with proven ways to go to battle with this disorder. Also to help inform others of the daily struggles we all go through. Book Includes:
Living with Anxiety Disorder and Depression
What its like having a Panic Attack
How to help your kids with Anxiety and Depression
Cognitive and mood therapy
Positive thinking – More of a map of how
Ancient Text – New isn’t always better
Prayer – Not just for the Religious and
I will Show you why Exercise – a simple kettlebell exercise anyone can do to relieve Anxiety

Sometimes looking in the mirror to tell yourself I love you doesn’t always work

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Declutter Your Mind : Proven Strategies And Steps On How To Declutter Your Mind, Home And Life

by William J. Scott

Learn to live a happy life that is free from all forms of clutter!

Do you want to learn to live life to the fullest without any worries?

Do you want a break from your overwhelming lifestyle?

Do you want to learn about minimalism?

Do you want to concentrate only on the things that matter to you? If yes, then this is the perfect book for you.

Minimalism is the art of learning to let go of all the unimportant things in life so that you can concentrate on the things that do matter. Minimalism is a lifestyle that will help enhance your productivity and make you live a fulfilling life. It is a simple concept that suggests â??less is more’. You can be truly happy when you get rid of all the excess from your life.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • The Meaning of Minimalism
  • The Benefits of Minimalism
  • How To Live a Minimalist Life
  • Tips To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Daily Life
  • Commit Yourself to Things that Make You Happy
  • About Decluttering, And Much More!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab YOUR copy today and Turn Your Life Around.

Detoxing From Marijuana: How to Flush Cannabis Out Of Our System

by Perry Anderson

How to Flush Marijuana from your system

Marijuana can be suitable for a lot of things, however helping you pass a drug take a look at isn’t one in all them. Many people ask us how to flush marijuana out of your system. properly, it starts with a bit of expertise and a marijuana detox.

workplace drug exams typically involve urinalysis (testing your pee) for metabolites. Metabolites are a byproduct of a substance after it’s been processed by using your body. whilst you consume marijuana, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels for your blood movement will without delay increase. As your body cleanses the THC out of your blood movement, metabolites are left behind.

There are a handful of factors to help you decide how a good deal THC and THC-COOH are in your body after any duration of time, submit-consumption.

How often you eat:

when determining how plenty THC is to your system, you need to take the frequency of intake into consideration, first and important. Do you smoke once a month, once a week, regular? whilst you do smoke, are you most effective taking one hit or playing an entire joint (or )? obviously, the extra often you use (and the real quantity you consume), the more THC and THC-COOH will accrue in the fatty tissue at some stage in your body.

Total body fats

As we just mentioned, THC and THC-COOH store itself in fat cells, no matter how regularly or little you operate. As a end result, the greater body fats you have got, the extra THC and its metabolites could be unavoidably stored.

Metabolism & basic health

It makes sense that the more healthy you are, the higher off you’ll be (in all elements in lifestyles). in relation to THC and its metabolites, they have much less of a danger of storing themselves in your body fats, if there isn’t plenty of frame fats inside the first place! Having stated this, anybody has various metabolisms that ruin down THC at different rates. although exercise can potentially push THC lower back into your blood circulation at a quicker charge, this doesn’t imply that you should throw away healthy behavior into the wind. genuinely hold a healthy lifestyle and don’t workout an excessive amount of earlier than a test.

What you’re eating

Depending on what you consume (flower vs. concentrates) or even the best of what you consume (top shelf flower vs. schwag) will greatly impact how lots THC and THC-COOH are launched into your body.

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Brain Power: The Best Ways to Improve the Flow of Neurotransmitters

by Montgomery Jameson

Allow your mind to function better and become a happier human being.

Did you realize that a lot of emotions we experience are influenced by levels of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins? We are so much affected by the juices that flow through our physical bodies and we are hardly aware of it. If you could get more of those “happiness hormones,” it certainly would improve your temper and solidify the health of your brain, wouldn’t it? Then don’t wait and get this book so you can experience more joy in life by:

Creating more happiness hormones.

Relieving stress.

Releasing more cuddly feelings.

Increasing your energy.

Improving your mood.

Decreasing your chances of a depression.

Having more rewarding feelings in what you do.

Connecting to other people more intimately.

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Skinwalker Ranch The UFO Farm

by Ryan Skinner

Prior to writing his third book on the topic, Ryan Skinner had published two previous books detailing in differing styles his experiences with and research and investigations of the phenomena occurring on and around Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. As a result of his well-earned reputation as an expert on the subject, Skinner has appeared as a key guest of some of the most recognized and respected paranormal enthusiasts and Ufologists on television, radio, and via Paracasts, and all before a world-wide audience. This third book provides in narrative form the wealth of information which came from these deep and significant conversations, as well as a look into the on-going and developing history of Skinwalker Ranch of which Skinner is the only source.

Skinwalker Ranch

by Ryan Skinner

There is a piece of property in Utah that borders the Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation in the north-east extent of the state that many believe to be a vortex of inter-dimensional and paranormal activity. Due to the untold number and frequency of unexplainable encounters this location has earned itself the name of Skinwalker Ranch. But the Skinwalkerâ??a legendary creature feared back before the time of the Native Americans indigenous to the Great Basinâ??is only a small part of a phenomena that includes some of the most intense UFO sightings ever witnessed and recorded, inter-dimensional portals, intelligent orbs of energy, physical entities beyond identification and other real-life manifestations. For the first time you have the opportunity to hear the voices and words of those who have dared to enter into that vortex, to know of their experiences first hand, to separate truth from fiction and decide for yourself if the world is really what you think it is.

Skinwalker Ranch No Trespassing is Ryan T. Skinner’s second book exploring the paranormal activity associated with the property in north-east Utah. Unlike his first book which was drawn from his own personal experience and the deep emotional impact it had on him, this second work is a historical perspective that traces the origin of the Skinwalker back more than 3000 years up until the most recent sighting reported in and around the Great Basin and the Four Corners area of the United States, relying on and drawing from the stories and narratives of eye witnesses, including confidential sources with first person knowledge of and experience on and around the Skinwalker Ranch itself. Written with co-author D. L. Wallace, one of the field’s most prolific ghost writers, Skinwalker Ranch No Trespassing is assured to bring you where you have never been before.

The War Against Cancer: Foods You Should Avoid To Prevent & Beat Cancer

by Sienna Silverton

Cancer is a formidable foe and a dangerous disease. President Nixon declared war against cancer with the signing of the National Cancer Act on December 23, 1971.

For almost 50 years, doctors and medical professionals have been fighting the war against cancer, but with only marginal results. In fact, with traditional methods used to fight cancer like surgery, radiation treatments, and chemotherapy, we have been losing the battle. The cancer is temporarily removed or destroyed but always seems to come back. A good question to ask is why?

In this book, you will find out:

    What is the leading cause of cancer?

    Who is most at risk of developing cancer?

    What can be done to win the war against cancer?

    Why is cancer rising despite numerous medical advancements?

You will also get answers to important questions such as:

    Does your location affect your risk of developing cancer?

    What is the best way to prevent and treat cancer?

Most importantly, this book will inform you of the actions you should take to personally win the war against cancer (ensuring that cancer does not endanger you are your loved ones) by making important dietary changes.

Becoming: Our Origins, Our Evolution, and Our Emergence as an Intelligent Species

by Ralph Hermansen

One thing that Ralph D. Hermansen has discovered in his study of cosmology and evolution is that millions of things needed to go right for humanity to grow and thrive. If our sun had appeared at a different point in the universe’s formation, or if there hadn’t been enough oxygen in our oceans, humanity would never have existed.

In Becoming, it is that very series of coincidences that Hermansen discusses. He shows how Earth became our home and how we became the dominant species.

In a direct and simple manner, Hermansen covers

  • the current scientific consensus on the origin of the universe,
  • the evolutionary innovations that changed life on Earth,
  • the role of DNA in evolution,
  • the genetic trail leading from the common ape to the human being,
  • the appearance of bipedal walkers,
  • the significance of the “great leap forward” in human evolution,
  • the development of man,
  • the science behind the “red queen effect,” and
  • the paths humanity could take in the future.

Hermansen’s discussions provide an intriguing glimpse of humanity’s predecessors. You’ll see yourself in these ancient ancestors as they face incredible challenges, develop complex ways of thinking, and move from ape to human.

Um Resumo do Universo (Portuguese Edition)

by Bruno Chaves

Para quem quer conhecer as maravilhas do universo, sem ter que se aprofundar ou se especializar em alguma área em particular, este livro traz, como diz o título, um resumo de tudo. Conheça as características básicas dos principais componentes do universo, em linguagem fácil e sem mistérios.
Sem cálculos físicos e sem equações matemáticas, o livro é todo ilustrado e colorido, proporcionando uma navegação prazerosa pelos recônditos do universo, para o conhecimento da expansão do hiperespaço e dos fascínios inerentes.
Como são formadas as estrelas e os planetas? Como termina a vida de uma estrela? Qual será o fim do universo? Existe alguma forma de manipular o tempo? O universo nos fascina com suas grandezas e com sua magnitude. Viaje nessa exploração pelo tempo e pelo espaço. Certamente isto mudará totalmente sua forma de olhar para o céu.

Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda

by Dr. Karla Turner

After several years of being out of print and becoming a bit of a collectors item; TAKEN, the startling accounts of alien abduction as documented by the late Karla Turner, has been refreshed and reissued faithfully with the sole input and authorization from husband Elton Turner.

With a new foreword written by the legendary Nick Pope who with 21 years of experience at the British Government’s Ministry of Defence and an incredible history of research and broadcasting, puts it best that Taken is a real â??researcher’s book’.

This is the ultimate investigation of the paranormal links between humans and ‘other worldly’ beings.

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