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Of Mortal Ills (Zeb Dalton Thrillers Book 3)

by Wayne C Stewart

Fundamentalist terror. Human trafficking. Drug cartels. Dictators and violent insurgency. All fall in great numbers and with the speed and finality of the grave. The world is stunned… and then applauds.

How long until the cheers turn to dread? Well, that depends.

Southern media mogul Victor Payne despises injustice. To him, the revolving doors of police stations, courts, and international tribunals seem a mockery of the human race itself. 

No more. Enough. Something must be done. Something will be done. He’s been granted the means and a purpose. Neither will be squandered.

Hailed as “fast-paced and imaginative” with a “plot line that keeps you at the edge of your seat and wanting for more”, you’ll find yourself settling in from first page to last.

Breakneck speed. Courage and honor. Loyalty and doubt. It’s all there, waiting for you as America’s favorite retired signal corpsman and former army sniper Jessica Sanchez return in volume 3 of the Zeb Dalton Thrillers.

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Queen Wars: A Royal Wars Novel (Royal Wars Series Book 1)

by Ela

Author notes:

This e-book contains the four paperback novels including Queen Wars; King Wars; Prince Wars, and Princess Wars for reading fun through 1,200 pages.

This e-book does not contain a chapter heading, such like, Chapter One; Chapter Two, etc.

Instead, the story unfolds in a numeric calendar date format with current time, daylight or nighttime hours, a set of current weather conditions, and the property location with character activity.

I enjoy learning parts and pieces of an unread novel before diving into the content.

A person with a royal crown and a royal title inherits a plot of land and a pod of people. However, sometimes, the person with a royal crown and a royal title possesses a royal sword with the vile, nasty intent to grab, conquer, and rule more plots of land and pods of people.

Then, the person with a royal crown and a royal title with a royal sword encounter a bigger, meaner, and nastier person with a bigger royal crown and a meaner royal title with a nastier royal sword.

Thus, the two royal fools start a civil war over personal greediness and nasty selfishness to acquire more plots of land and pods of peoples, which usually kills the property lines, the fun parties, and the people population.

This is a historical fact throughout the world and fun fictional reading at home.

I have created my own personal a novel viewing rating system for each one of my books for the curious reader.

Rated G for good stuff.

Rated PG for pretty good stuff.

Rated M for mild stuff.

Rated R for really great stuff.

Rated V for vile stuff.

Rated C for cute stuff.

The Prince Wars e-book storyline is Rated R for really great acts of violence including spilled blood and torn guts, strings of cuss words, juicy sexual acts, vile and witty humor, nasty female catfights, and lots of deaths with numerous ghosts.

The major character role features a set of seventeen-year-old royal teenagers with some limited royal adult parent or non-royal teacher meeting time interaction.

The major scientific breakthrough, each seventeen-year-old royal teenage had been conceived in the mother’s womb, then permanently removed, and finally developed into a baby inside a clear glass jar on top of a flat table within the mysterious Pamburg Kingdom, where a community of smart scientists lives. Nine months later, the royal queen comes and collects each mature baby that is supposed to be her infant prince and princess.

The place is a future spot on Planet Earth that provides flying airships, lava coated f-bombs, lava colored protection body armor, shaft weapons, and a communication face patch to cuss at your enemy from the safety in your bedroom mattress.

Thanks for entering into my imagination!


Mature entertainmentâ?¦

A royal tale of flight, fight or fancyâ?¦

Royal Wars is a story of love and hate; princesses and princes, shafts and swords, power and submission; greed and gift; life and death.

Between the two Great Oceans, there is a large continent which is unnamed and filled with numerous individual kingdoms that make up the Confederation.

The Kingdom of the Sun

The Kingdom of the Land

The Kingdom of the Wind

The Kingdom of the Sand

The Kingdom of the Fire

The Kingdom of the Snow

The Kingdom of the Lakes

However, there is a plot of fertile and rich land which is named the Pamburg Kingdom that is surrounded by a range of mountains, the Delta water, and a pair of crystal gates where no comes in and no one comes out.

Within the Confederation lands, a gang of young seventeen-year-old royals are attending the last few weeks at the Royal Academy, selecting a mate for life and starting a new career path as an adult royal of the inherited kingdom.

Except, a few teens and their parents possess a mental thought which is secretly pondering a new violent adventure that might lead to a new leader, if the various plots are played out correctly.

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