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Hypnotic Seduction (The Seduction Series Book 1)

by L. L. Kellogg

Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® finalist

A red-hot ugly-duckling love story

She has a problem relaxing with men

Frumpy wallflower Hannah Oliver is nearly thirty and has a serious self-image problem. Growing up in her centerfold mother’s shadow and being raised by her pious grandparents has left her so self-conscious about her matronly, D-cup figure she gets tongue-tied around good-looking guys. So when Hannah discovers her fiancé/employer boinking her roommate, she’s not only devastatedâ??she’s unemployed.

He’s got a problem fending off women

Pharmaceutical CEO Jordan Calder has a huge image problem tooâ??his professional image. Most guys would kill to be publicly proclaimed a world-class lover, but other men don’t share his dark, shameful past. The only thing women have ever wanted Jordan for is what he can give them in and out of bed. So when his grandfather drags dowdy Hannah into his office as an executive assistant candidate, Jordan hires the mousey woman on the spot.

Could hypnosis be a solution?

After miraculously landing her plum new position, sexually frustrated Hannah resorts to hypnosis to boost her self-confidence with men, hoping to attract another mate. Unfortunately, a post-hypnotic suggestion compels her to kiss her sexy playboy boss who she then stupidly falls forâ??in and out of bed. Despair induces her to use similar hypnotic principles on himâ??in the form of subliminal messagesâ??to convince the man she loves that he wants a happy-ever-after with her. But as everyone knows, desperate measures and deception usually spell disaster.

Cooking with the Hamilton Beach Panini Press Grill: The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook for a Perfect Panini: BEST Gourmet Sandwiches, Bruschetta, Pizza Recipes and More (Best Panini Series 1)

by Elana Cordova

Pre-Launch Discount Pricing…Limited Time Only!

Best tasting paninis, Sandwiches, Pizza and More!

This panini press recipe cookbook is all you need to create the meals of your dreams. You will soon discover the uniqueness of this one of a kind cookbook that is packed with a variety of recipes for you to try for yourself. We made this book an easy to read and simple to understand “step-by-step” guide to making some of the best foods you could ever imagine making with this panini press grill. All right here at your fingertips.

We show you that you’re not limited to just making paninis. So, we packed this guide with some restaurant-inspired meals for you and your family to enjoy. Be the life of the party and use this book to make you a popular meal hosting expert!

Big Beef & Delicious Lamb Panini’s
– Cabbage and Corned Beef Panini
– Mozzarella and Pesto Beef Panini
– Classic Patty Melt Panini
– Buffalo Melt Patty Panini
– Babba Ghanoush and Feta Lamb Panini

Nothing but the Pork Panini’s
– Italian Cold Cut Classic Panini
– Salami and Taleggio Panini with Spicy Fennel Honey
– Bánh Mì Panini
– Bacon Mozzarella, Zucchini and Tomato Panini
– Sweet and Salty Bacon Cheesy Panini

Pulsating Poultry Panini’s
– Bacon Chipotle Chicken Panini
– Buffalo Chicken Panini
– Spinach and Pesto Chicken Panini
– Dijon and Berry Chicken Panini
– Chicken Portobello Panini

Healthy Veggie “No Meat” Panini’s
– Corn and Zucchini Pepper Jack Panini
– Lemony Delicious Summer Vegetable Panini
– Provolone Baby Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Panini
– Hummus and Vegetable Panini
– Shaved Asparagus and Balsamic Cherries with Pistachios Panini

Anytime Breakfast Panini’s
– Bacon Egg and Sausage Breakfast Panini
– French Toast and Grilled Banana Panini
– Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast Panini
– French Toast and Strawberries in Cream Panini
– Mixed Berry French Toast Panini

– Culinary Caprese Bruschetta
– Early Morning Breakfast Bruschetta
– Balsamic Vinegar & Garlic Bruschetta
– Fresh Garlic Tomato Bruschetta
– Spicy Bruschetta with Dijon

Big Flavorful Bruising Burgers
– The “BIG” El Niño
– The Artery Clogger
– Mustard glazed “Knock Out” burger
– The “Maniac” Burger
– Veggiemania

Pizza Galore!
– Succulent Basil Pesto Pizza
– Mouthwatering Marinara Pepperoni Pizza
– Mediterranean Greek Pesto Pizza
– Italian Pepperoni Lovers Pizza
– It’s the Weekend Pizza
– Peanut and Jelly Pizza

Now Get Cooking! You have about three months of meals to make here in this mouth-watering food experience manual!

Start enjoying all of the ways to Flip a Panini NOW! FREE SHIPPING for Prime members! 100% Money-back guarantee. To order, just scroll back up and click the BUY button!

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No Ordinary Love: A Journey’s End Billionaire Romance (Journey’s End Billionaires Book 1)

by Ann Christopher

Meet the Billionaires of Journey’s Endâ?¦

Opposites attract. But for how long?â?©

Sexy French billionaire Jean-Baptiste Mercier avoids emotional attachments by giving his model or actress girlfriends his credit cardâ??but never his heart.â?©â?©

Down-to-earth career woman Samira Palmer avoids dating anyone right nowâ??especially bad boys. Until a handsome man with a thrilling accent and piercing green eyes literally bumps into her one unprecedented night.

â?©â?©Sparks fly when opposites attract. As for happily ever after between star-crossed lovers? Anything’s possible in small-town Journey’s Endâ?¦

â?©â?©If you love hot and emotional contemporary interracial romance (BWWM), pick up this two-part romantic saga today!

1.NO ORDINARY LOVE (Baptiste & Samira #1)â?©
2.BEYOND ORDINARY LOVE (Baptiste & Samira #2)â?©
3.EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR (Anthony & Melody #1)â?©
4.EVERYTHING I NEED (Anthony & Melody #2)â?©
5.UNTITLED (Nick’s Story)â?©

“Ann Christopher gets it right every time. Emotional, page-turning reads and characters that stay with you long after you close the book.”
â??Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Ann Christopher’s gift with words will leave you captivated and breathless.”
â??Brenda Jackson, New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author

How to Install Solar Panels like a professional: A Complete Beginner’s introduction Manual: A do it yourself guide for Grid-tied, Off-Grid and Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems

by Alexandre Tesla

Pоwеr has bеcоmе crazily еxpеnsivе and it is incrеasing thе mоnthly еxpеnditurе. Pоwеr cоmpaniеs makе things difficult fоr thе cоnsumеr by raising thе pеr unit pricе оf еlеctricity as pеr thеir whims and fanciеs. Sо, thеn hоw dоеs оnе savе оnеsеlf frоm such a situatiоn? Just as wе knоw, nоn rеnеwablе sоurcеs оf еnеrgy arе dеplеting day aftеr day, thanks tо thе incrеasing pоpulatiоn and thе mеans usеd fоr catеring tо this pоpulatiоn.
Thе оnly altеrnativе lеft with mankind is tо fоcus attеntiоn оn rеnеwablе еnеrgy sоurcеs. Wе can think оf оnly оnе such pоwеrful sоurcе and that is thе Sun. Thе Sun is thе basе fоr оur vеry еxistеncе оn this planеt. Sun prоvidеs lifе and еnеrgy. Thus, wе can cоmprеhеnd that sun givеs us еnеrgy in thе fоrm оf sоlar еnеrgy. Sоlar pоwеr is thе mоst sоught aftеr nоwadays, but installatiоn оf sоlar pоwеr is quitе еxpеnsivе and nоt within thе budgеt оf thе cоmmоn man. A pоwеr cоmpany wоuld chargе clоsе tо tеn thоusand dоllars fоr installatiоn оf sоlar pоwеr and thus it rеmains a drеam cоmе truе fоr mоst оf thе mеdiоcrе familiеs.
Sо what is thе nеxt bеst altеrnativе, if yоu dо nоt want tо spеnd yоur hard еarnеd mоnеy? Yоu cоuld actually build and dеsign yоur оwn sоlar panеl and nоt havе tо pay thе cоmpany. What yоu nееd is a right guidе fоr installatiоn which wоuld prоvidе yоu with apprоpriatе instructiоns. Hеncе, idеntifying thе right guidе is оf еssеncе which wоuld hеlp yоu achiеvе yоur gоal оf sоlar pоwеr and alsо lоwеr еlеctricity bills.
Installatiоn оf sоlar panеls brings dоwn yоur pоwеr bills and in this way yоu cоuld savе mоrе than thоusands оf dоllars annually and usе thе mоnеy fruitfully fоr оthеr purpоsеs. Yоur еntirе hоusе can run mеrеly оn sоlar pоwеr absоlutеly frее оf cоst. Thе cоst оf maintеnancе is lоw and all yоu havе tо dо is tо clеan it up mоnthly, sо that it can gеnеratе pоwеr еfficiеntly. Sоmеtimеs, yоu wоuld alsо havе tо rеstоrе thе cеlls оncе in fеw yеars.

Scream Blue Murder: an action-packed thriller

by Tony J. Forder

Do you love fast-moving and utterly gripping crime thrillers? Pick up this breathless, action-packed thriller today!

Mike Lynch is going through hard times. But things get much worse when he witnesses a murder in a lay-by. Snatching the victim’s car in order to get away, Mike soon makes a shocking discovery – the victim’s young daughter and her nanny are hiding in the rear footwell. This is when the real trouble begins.

Mike wants to go to the police, but the nanny, Melissa, wants to delay until the daughter, Charlie, is somewhere safe. Mike agrees to this request before finding out the seriousness of the situation, and just how much danger they are really in.

Who exactly was the man he saw murdered? And who is the man he saw pulling the trigger?

In a situation where nothing is what it seems, Mike will have to fight for his life to protect a woman and a child he doesn’t know. And when the death count rises, he will discover what kind of man he really is.

When you can’t identify the victim, how can you find the killer?


What readers are saying:

“Forder didn’t spare the horses when writing Scream Blue Murder. This book rockets along, a breathless action-packed ride. Perfect reading for fans of Simon Kernick and Jeff Abbott.” Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter thrillers. 

“An action-packed, twisty thriller. Great stuff.” Mason Cross, author of the Carter Blake thriller series

“This was a heart in mouth, adrenaline-fueled thriller that set off at a relentless pace and just kept going!!” Steve Robb – BookieWookie

“Wow!! What can I say I was totally addicted from the prologue.” Jill Burkinshaw – Books n All

“This is an extremely well written, action-packed book. With great opening scenes to set up the plots.” Alexina Golding – Bookstormer

“Holy Moly you are in for the ride of your life with Scream Blue Murder. It begins with a bang and just doesn’t relent.” Alison Daughtrey-Drew – Ali – The Dragon Slayer

“From the very beginning of the prologue, this book grabs your attention and doesn’t release it until the very end.” Simon Leonard – Black Books Blog

“From start to finish its a fast-paced thriller. The twists and turns were unpredictable and had me ranting on my kindle.” Philomena Callan – Cheekypee Reads And Reviews

“Tony J. Forder has written a complex plot which will delve deep into the darkest corners of your mind…” Diane Hogg – Sweet Little Book Blog

“Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a brilliant rollercoaster ride of a story!” Rachel Broughton – Rae Reads

“This is a great story that will keep you up late rushing to the end. I loved every moment of this book and can’t wait for the next book from Tony Forder.” Jessica Bronder – JBronder Book Reviews

“A fantastic, well written, suspenseful and spine-tingling novel, which left me finishing the book with my hand over my mouth in shock. Absolutely brilliant.” Kaisha Holloway – The Writing Garnet

“It has memorable characters, is addictive from start to finish, with great plots and twists and is well written.” Yvonne Bastian – Me And My Books

“It’s  a book that puts the thrills into a thriller, dark, intelligent, intense and highly recommended.” Karen Cole – Hair Past A Freckle

“If you enjoy thrillers with corruption, violence and plenty of action, then this book is definitely for you as it has it all and more.” Debbie Binnersley – My Eclectic Reads

Disenchanted: A Witchy Business Novella

by Rhonda Russell

Right witch, wrong sister!

Welcome to Wand-Anon, the last ditch clinic for powerless witches and wizards who are determined to find their magic.
And in Benedict DeWin’s case, desperate. Benedict’s impending arranged-since-birth marriage depends on his ability to prove that he, too, possesses the powerful magic his family is known for. Does Ben want to get married? No. But having been a disappointment to his family, he’s willing to take one for the team…

Until he meets Bryony Flynn, another magical misfit…and his fiance’s sister. Double, double, toil and trouble…

Ravaged: A Billionaire Auction Romance (His For A Week Book 2)

by Em Brown


Should she be scared of what I’m about to do to her? 


I’ve been patient with her. Now it’s my turn to take the pleasure I paid for when I bought her. 

I’m not going to just use her. I’m going to ravage her.

Billionaire Benjamin Lee is getting closer to the true reason undercover journalist Kimani Taylor participated in the Scarlet Auction. How much longer can she continue her charade before his wicked seduction gets the better of her?

For a sizzling hot romance with a smart, defiant heroine and a billionaire who can dominate her in all the right ways, download HIS FOR A WEEK: RAVAGED to fire up your darkest fantasies today!

Granddaddy’s Brat Volume 3: Much Older Man Younger Woman Taboo Step Love

by Rachel Fiore

When the older man of the house comes into my work place, he notices immediately that I’ve been crying. Apparently, my breakup is obvious to anyone with eyes.

He always knows just what to say to make me feel better, but this time it isn’t what he says.

It’s what he does.

The Ghost Hunter Next Door: A Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery (Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries Book 1)

by Danielle Garrett

The first rule of being a ghost whisperer: Don’t tell anyone.
Seriously. Don’t.
Sure, it might sound harmless. A fun party trick, even. I assure you, it’s not.
How do I know? Well, let’s just say that I’ve had a lot of experience with this sort of thing, and nine times out of ten, it turns into an all-consuming disaster.
Being plagued by needy ghosts twenty-four/seven is one thing; being harassed by a horde of curiousâ??or worse, grievingâ??flesh-and-blood people is an entirely different circus. I mean really, who wants to hold an impromptu séance in the middle of the cereal aisle? Not me, and the manager of the grocery store probably isn’t too crazy about the idea, either.
So, that’s it. If you’re a ghost whisperer, just keep your mouth shut and act normal. Ghosts? What ghosts?
Now, if only I would start listening to my own advice â?¦


The Ghost Hunter Next Door is the first book in the Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries series. Perfect for fans of Angie Fox and Kristen Painter.

Erotica Taboo Sex Stories for Adults: 30+ Books Explicit Forced Rough Short Stories Collection – Hotwife, Menage Romance, Bicurious, Daddy, Virgin & More…

by Barb E. Dahl

Ever wonder what it would be like to give in to forbidden temptation, or to play out your wildest fantasies? Then look no further, because this mega collection of very hot and explicit stories will do just that.

Advisory: This 30+ Book Mega Bundle of Erotica Taboo Sex Stories contain Explicit Sexuality, and Adult Content that may be deemed by some to be offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.

These taboo stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination and are guaranteed to make your panties WET and set your KINDLE on FIRE!

This eBook is intended for Adults Only!!

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.