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Beckoning Candle

by Randy Willis

Beckoning Candle is a sweeping family saga that spans four centuries.

It is the story of two great nations and Randy Willis’s ancestor’s struggle from tyrannyâ??religious and political.

To better understand this saga, it will help if you know a little about my ancestry dating back to 1575.

John Willis and William Bradford were born in England in the 16th century. Both were Separatists because they separated from the Church of England, ruled by a king.

They were later contemporaries in the small village of Plymouth Colony, in the New Worldâ??America.

Generations later two of their descendants fell in love!

Tattle Tell: What it’s Really Like Being an Educator in America

by Allie Allen

A tell-all book about teaching and the education system. Funny stories, and the harsh realities of the profession. This is a book for teachers and parents and a call to action to work together to change education.

The Accidental Writing Lab: A Collection of Ponder Points

by Sheila M Sullivan

What do Glazed Toddlers, Ventriloquist Farters, and The Tao of Poo have in common?

Humor and writing! They helped create The Accidental Writing Lab.

Author, Sheila M. Sullivan, invites us to see where and how she found the motivation to write.

This is not exactly your traditional “how-to” or “self-help” book. No. This book lets us into the inner workings of one particular writer’s life as she moved from San Francisco, California to Dallas, Texas and then to Fargo, North Dakota, and ultimately the Pacific Northwest over the course of months. All while attempting to complete the first book in her F.O.K. series.

“I write.” When said she told people that is what she does they often asked how. It took her a while to fully appreciate how she developed her daily writing discipline. Sheila had collected a series of emails sent to friends over the days and years. These short musings, collectively titled, Ponder Points, turned out to be her guiding force in developing her writing life.

There are no hard or lengthy rules in The Accidental Writing Lab. This book focuses on the motivation to write. Sheila shares parts of the writing craft in short notes to the reader before and after most of the Ponder Points contained in this first volume. For those readers who have read Spectrum and Illumination Books 1 and 2 of the F.O.K. series you will come to know some of the struggles and successes for Sheila as the story and books developed.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Accidental Writing Lab is filled with humor.

You’ve been warned to not take a drink before reading the thoughtful words and moments captured in Sheila’s life. They have often caused spontaneous laughter.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Learn to write without your own worst critic.

Inspired by other authors Sheila has met along her path she passes along their sage wisdom. Turn off your inner editor when you sit down to write. Get the story out and then do the rewrite.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

AL CAPONE: American Gangster Stories

by Roger Harrington

AL CAPONE: American Gangster Stories

Despite Capone’s violent career and the brutality of his past, there is an on-going fascination with his life. Many fictitious characters have been modelled on him and the term â??mobster’ or â??gangster’ invariably conjures up an image of Al Capone.
There have been plenty of books and articles covering his life and some of these have been made into films.

In real life, Capone’s influence was enough to change the law in order to deal with him. The 1927 Supreme Court ruling that income tax was due on criminal earnings was intended to help the authorities trap criminals and was instrumental in Capone’s eventual downfall.

This is the true story of the life and criminal career of Al Capone, the original American gangster, and one of the most feared criminals ever to have lived.

The Life Of An Outlaw

by Charles Martinez

The true story of a bank robber paying his debt to society in some of the most ruthless and bloody prisons the American Justice system has to offer. Choosing to join the notorious prison gang Sureno’s and run under the Mexican Mafia to survive in the dog eat dog world of the Federal Bureau Of Prisons. Trying to figure out how to live in a society he was locked away from most of his adult life, he is eventually faced with a decision to save an innocent woman’s life that could ultimately cost him his own. Follow the true events of a real life bank robber, dive into the world of the federal prison system where life is never guaranteed. The Life Of An Outlaw will take you down twists and turns that will blow your mind and will leave you breathless.

JOHN DILLINGER: Public Enemy: Americas Most Notorious Gangsters

by Roger Harrington

JOHN DILLINGER – Public Enemy: Americas Most Notorious Gangsters

In the period following World War 1, America enjoyed a period of extreme prosperity. The “Roaring Twenties” saw a boost in industry and production, as well as a new, more relaxed lifestyle. Americans indulged in hot jazz music, illegal speakeasies, and reckless spending.

America could not go on giving credit to people who bought over-inflated stocks for companies that were over-producing their products. The bubble had to burst. London’s stock market crashed on September 20th, 1929, leading to a panic in America. Stocks were shaky, and the economy was on the verge of tanking. Despite numerous attempts to inject capital into stocks to save the economy, as was done during the 1907 crisis, the market still fluctuated uneasily. Individuals and companies alike began to sell their stock at a rapid rate.

Outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde, and “Pretty Boy” Floyd became heroes in the eyes of the American people. These people rolled up to banks and demanded money; a feat that many destitute Americans dreamed they could do. The robbers were considered Robin Hood type characters; giving the evil, rich banks what they deserved after treating their customers so poorly. However, these thieves weren’t stealing from the rich to give to the poor, as Robin Hood did, they were stealing from the rich to line their own pockets.

Nevertheless, as newspapers continued to report on the exploits of the outlaws they became celebrities in their own right; as recognizable and idolized as any movie star. It was the perfect environment for the handsome, charming, and cunning John Dillinger to round up a gang of robbers and take the American banks by storm.

Once America’s most wanted, this is the story of John Dillinger, one of the most ruthless outlaws ever to have lived.

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS: A Mary Queen of Scots Biography

by Anna Revell

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS: A Mary Queen of Scots Biography

Four hundred years after her death, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, is no longer the divisive political figure she once was back in the 16th century. Yet the woman’s life continues to be retold today. Whether seen as a romantic tragedy, a frustrating political failure, or a Scottish triumph over British history, Mary’s story never fails to fascinate.

PRINCE CHARLES: The Man Who Would Be King

by Katy Holborn

PRINCE CHARLES: The Man Who Would Be King – A Prince Charles Biography

Edward VII waited for over 59 years to accede to the throne.

Prince Charles passed that milestone as far back as 2011. Although he still waits to accede to the throne, his role within the royal family has grown as his mother’s has receded with age.

But it has been a long journey. Few heirs will have fallen and risen in the eyes of the public as much as our current Prince ofWales. This biography charts his life.

Reality is Best Served with Red Wine: A walk through everything with J Edward Neill

by J Edward Neill

In J Edward’s latest book, he promises to drain one bottle of red wine per chapter. That’s the rule. There’s no breaking it.
And while deep in his cups, he takes readers on a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant journey. Playful yet serious, humorous yet honest, the bounce between bottles delivers readers on a stroll through everything. It’s a lighthearted memoir blended with sharp philosophy. The result is a unique, revealing look at the modern world.
Dating. Religion. Politics. That one time J Edward and his friend built a dam and met the world’s most relaxed water moccasin…
It’s all here.
One bottle per chapter.
One chapter every night.
Reality is Best Served with Red Wine.

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