Free fiction Kindle books for 30 Oct 18

Dirty South Hooligans Do It Better

by Na’Kia

Harper Jones is a 17-year-old high school graduate, on her way to success. Having been with Jacobi her entire high school journey, forgiving him for each flaw he has ever had, Harper knows nothing but him. Years of cheating didn’t push her away and she stayed, but all of that changes when she meets Honor. Even with the temptation, she tries her best to remain solid and loyal to Jacobi.

Honor Price is a 26- year old rapper with more money than he can stand. Growing up in a two parent home with two siblings, treating a woman the right way came natural. He has a girlfriend named Marley that has held the key to his heart for years, but not having the drive it takes to keep her man happy has made him go astray.

When Harper catches the eye of Honor, he immediately becomes drawn to her like a moth to a flame. There’s only one thing standing in their way, but for Honor, it’s a big deal. Her age. Will Honor stay true to his promise and wait for Harper? Or, will Marley step her game up and win her nigga back? Can Jacobi even get his act together to keep Harper around? They say they come a dime a dozen but when a Dirty South Hooligan does it better, how can you stay away?

Brats Who BL*W: Vol. 1

by Sarah Sethline

The best way to get ahead is to GIVE HEAD!

The brats in this bundle *know* their placeâ?¦ it’s on their KNEES! Five taboo tales featuring brats sucking on what they like best — not a popsicle, not a lollipop, but a nice, hard C*CK!

And you know what makes them taste even BETTER? The fact they all belong to someone FORBIDDEN!

So go on, rub, lick, suck, massage or JERK your way over to buying or borrowing this **tightly-packed** collection of FIVE hot stories featuring even HOTTER bl** jobs!

These c**ks won’t suck THEMSELVESâ?¦

Native Passion: Taboo Erotika Kindle Books

by Keira Moon

Come inside and find out erotic storys collection with stories of millionaire, erotika romance sex story explicit for adults, short stories, BDSM, erotika books daddy, adult sex, erotika sex and erotika romance taboo.

Hope you will enjoy this Bundle Of 30 Hot Adult Erotic Stories.

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