Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Oct 18

Desert Burning: A Marine’s Gulf War Experience

by Rick Greenberg

Desert Burning is an action-packed story skillfully told by retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Rick Greenberg. Following Vietnam, Rick leaves the Corps in an attempt to keep his family together. Unable to shake the memories of that war, he finds a friend who shares his nightmares.
Following a major life tragedy, Greenberg rejoins the Marine Corps. Coming up through the ranks at a time when the Corps was lacking equipment and a readiness for war, Corporal Greenberg’s first task is to deal with a squad of mutinous Marines.
When Staff Sergeant Greenberg finds he will be Engineer Support Company’s lead convoy commander in the upcoming invasion of Kuwait, he wonders if he’ll survive.
When the desert is set ablaze, no one knows what Saddam Hussain’s next move will be.
The scenes Greenberg masterfully draws in Desert Burning are both realistic and gripping. They will easily have you ducking for cover as the bombs explode.
Desert Burning is a great read that tells it like it was in America’s first desert war since 1943. Learn the true story of Operation Desert Storm from the eyes of an enlisted marine who was there.

Winds of Retribution: Book One of The Blood Samurai

by Lynn Francis

A ghost of a dead emperor, a young Samurai with an unknown past, and a monk with many secrets.

Japan, 1179. Young acolyte Riku has spent his life training for battle. Raised by the monks of his shrine, he has never known any other life. As he struggles to understand his connection to the kami, he suspects that his shrine is somehow different. But what are the monks not telling him?

Riku has unknowingly inherited a powerful ability from his mother: the ability to share his body with a demon and survive. Now, a dark enemy wants to use that power to his own ends. Whether Riku likes it or not.

When disaster strikes the shrine, Riku is forced down a path that the monks who raised him fought to prevent. Will he be able to uncover the secrets to his family’s past and finally understand his true destiny?

Winds Of Retribution is the first book in the Blood Samurai series. If you love your historical fantasy complete with the creatures of Japanese folklore stalking its pages, you need to grab your copy today.

The Ghost of Depford Hall: A Sweet Regency Halloween Short Story

by Alina K. Field

It’s her mother’s last All Hallows’ Eve.

When family, friends, and tenants gather, goblins, ghouls, and ghosts are banned from this All Hallows’ Eve party.

Only, no one told the Ghost of Depford Hall!

This sweet Regency short story is a sequel to Liliana’s Letter.

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