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The Prestoj

by M.J. Koster

A mysterious book is found in a deserted mansion in the Ukraine in 1919. Through this book, Feodor becomes possessed by a Daemon, a Daemon who gradually comes to control his every movement.
This Daemon has but one need; to satisfy its baser needs.

Fast forward to present day rural Massachusetts.
A peaceful Friday night is disturbed when chaos, in the form of a girl in a white robe with silver coins sewn into her eyelids, arrives on Sam Coverdale and Janey Walshe’s doorstep. The girl dies spitting blood, the name of the local religious Retreat Center on her lips.

Sheriff Mark Arthurs covers up any involvement of the Retreat Center, not for the good of the town, but for an altogether ulterior motive…

Sam is joined by Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Johnson in investigating the Retreat Center, where Father Josif Racin is interested in more than just the spiritual well being of the young ladies in attendance…

Katerina Kanakova is one such lady.

But will she leave spiritually enlightened or will she leave in a body bag?

Manic (Under the Surface Book 4)

by Ashton Rogers

Colt hasn’t been out of the hospital long but in spite of his schizophrenia he is determined to make a new start for himself with the help of his shrink. Things quickly turn surreal when he begins to experience strange things in his new apartment. Is it just his mind or is there something more going on, and who would believe him if there was? Manic is the fourth installment in the Under the Surface series of short stories by Ashton Rogers.

The Aldbury Devil (The Adventures of Augustus Fuller)

by James Rickon

“Surely you’ve heard the cry these past few days? The village’s oldest inhabitant is back with us once again,” said the professor as he began a slow foot to foot hop.
“Don’t be barbaric, man,” scolded Mason. “This is England, not Africa and we do not entertain the likes of lions here.
“I say, what do you mean by â??the village’s oldest inhabitant’?” queried Wood as he put a hand on the professor’s shoulder to steady the man’s increasingly manic hopping. “Is there some old boy with a penchant for blooded beef in these parts?”
Professor Farthing gave a short laugh. “No, my dear sir, I did not mean a geriatric at all. In fact, not even a man if you believe the tales. No, I was referring to what is locally colloquially known as â??the Devil’…”

Fear stalks the snow laden landscape of southern England as the tormented mind of an old man haunts the residents of Aldbury Hall. Can Fuller uncover what lies behind a spate of disturbing killings on the estate? Or will the nightmare stepping out of the cold winter’s night claim his life too?

Note: This short story is taken from the collection ‘The Adventures of Augustus Fuller’ – available now for Kindle and in paperback.

The White Dog: Episode 6 (Chills)

by Gemma Lubbock

Louise goes to a rescue centre to buy a puppy after the death of her husband, and slightly strange things begin to happen the moment she gazes into the kennel containing the white dog.

No Job Too Small (Under the Surface Book 6)

by Ashton Rogers

Betty Jones is ninety-five and lives alone. Since the death of her husband she can’t really get much done around the house. But, If you need something fixed and you want it done right… Danny McCallister is the man to call because there’s “No Job Too Small.” This is the sixth story in the Under the Surface series by Ashton Rogers.

Loaded (Under the Surface Book 3)

by Ashton Rogers

Jack struggles to survive when he is kidnapped by a psychopath and forced to play a deadly game of life and death. This is the third installment in the Under the Surface series short stories by Ashton Rogers.

Natural Selection (Under the Surface Book 2)

by Ashton Rogers

When an infection gets out of control in Ohio the government is forced to quarantine an entire city. It’s up to the CDC to find a solution before time runs out. However, with each new discovery, only more questions arise. This is the second installment of the Under the Surface series by Ashton Rogers

Lunar Rampage (Lunar Rampage Series Book 1)

by Samantha Cross

Werewolves aren’t real. Or so that’s what Cora Nash used to tell herself.

She was supposed to be spending a relaxing summer with her grandmother, renovating a house that had suffered damage from a harsh winter, not kept awake by nights filled with piercing howls, or alarmed at the rapid rate in which people disappeared, and how no one seemed too concerned.

When Cora investigates, the truth behind these disturbances is much larger and more terrifying than she could have ever envisioned. And in a town full of strangers, it’s almost impossible for her to know whom to trust.

Werewolves aren’t real, she told herself. Werewolves aren’t real…

The Showers

by Dylan Sindelar

It’s more than just an urban legend…

Jack’s former English teacher, Mr. Mays, told a scary story every Halloween. It was about a place out in rural Nebraskaâ??a building he called “The Showers”â??and the supernatural horrors there that threatened to consume him. Now that school is long over, Jack wonders if there isn’t more to the infamous tale.

Curiosity leads him on a hunt for the mysterious building, and what begins as a road trip quickly spirals out of control. Maybe The Showers is a real place. And maybe, it’s more than just a story. 

Dylan Sindelar’s debut novella comes to you revised and expanded from its original appearance on Reddit /r/nosleep, where it was awarded “Scariest of the Year” by the board. Since then, its initial parts have appeared on the award winning NoSleep Podcast, and the story continues to terrify readers and listeners alike. This new edition features the complete story as it has never appeared beforeâ??rewritten and further developed by the author. Look no further for your Halloween reading.

The Showers is more than just a ghost story; it’s an exploration into mental illness, and the things we use to hide from our inner-demons. Sindelar’s horror has a human pulseâ??building dread with each tick as the clock counts down to the ultimate conclusion. Will Jack manage to look evil straight in the eyes? Will he escape his own undoing? One thing is for certain: nothing can prepare him for what’s ahead…

“He told us how the bulb flickered to life and cast a dim light on the group of people in front of him. He could see childrenâ??at least twenty of themâ??all dressed in nightgowns that were tattered, torn, and stained dark with mud or something worse. Their bodies and faces were nearly obscured by their long and matted down hair. Not a single one of them appeared to have seen a shower or nice bath in their entire life.

“Mr. Mays told the class that the most terrifying aspect of the entire situation was that not a single child moved an inch. They all stood staring, most of them only visible from the light reflecting off of their eyes. The group was collectively paralyzed with fear when they heard what sounded like an animal in the distance yelping. The sound morphed slowly into something resembling the dying cries of a larger beastâ??wounded and pleading in the darkness. Despite being unable to determine the full size of the room from the lack of light, he said that the noise filled the space so fully that the creature at the source of the sound would have needed to be impossibly large in order to conjure such a cry. This spurred the group into desperate action as the children began to step towards them. Mr. Mays’ friends grabbed their injured comrade and lifted him out of the room and into the tunnel as quickly as they could. Mr. Mays took another moment to move and had difficulty finding his bearings. He reached to his left in an attempt to find a wall to lean against, eventually grasping a handle and pulling on it hard, never taking his eyes off of the children…”

The Abandonded Church: Saint Abernathy

by Rey Careaga

The church is old, mysterious and set on an odd pristine property managed by an elusive caretaker. Old man Lauderdale finds himself waiting at the front of church, uncertain. He brings with him the baggage of his long life, and the memories of his best friend Johnny Chandler.

The Test of Johnny Chandler: Saint Abernathy

by Rey Careaga

life in purgatory starts to get normal, Johnny is learning more from Ms. Thistle and Kro. 5th short story in Saint Abernathy series.

Rex Thompson

by Rey Careaga

Rex finds himself in a cemetery staring at his tombstone marker. He questions how he has gotten there and is fearful of what will happen next. He descends into the underworld, and comes into contact with his dead grandfather. At this time he questions his sanity, and is led into despair and unknown consequences.

Johnny’s Life in Purgatory: Saint Abernathy

by Rey Careaga

Johnny wanders through a world in-between heaven and hell. Alone, he explores the odd land of Hercland and the Old Church. The caretaker keeps his eye out though making sure no harm befalls him.

Rosemary Doe

by Ian Clark

We all keep them but we don’t keep them because they are secrets, we keep them because of fear. The fear of persecution or prosecution, loss of acceptance or employment, or the threat of unwarranted shame or violence – these are the reasons for secrets. Norman Baxter is a regular man with a regular job and a regular friend and he has secrets that are about to catch up with him and will change his lifeâ?¦ forever.


by Marc Bisbee

A mans struggle and descent into death and how he came to terms with it. It details is inward struggle and reveals his inward thoughts.

Copycat (Under the Surface Book 8)

by Ashton Rogers

In 1996, Robert McCallister committed a series of murders that only ended when he killed himself. Ten years later, when the killings suddenly seem to pick up where they left off, Angela has to face demons from the past and ask herself who this new killer could be. Will Angela find the killer before it’s too late, or will she submit get lost in the darkness? Copycat is the eight and final chapter of the Under the Surface series of short stories by Ashton Rogers that explains just how everything is connected.

Bleed (Under the Surface Book 5)

by Ashton Rogers

A troubled eleven-year-old girl struggles with finding an outlet to deal with problems at home and her worsening anxiety. In her desperation, she turns to some ideas that may be a little hard for her to understand. This is the fifth installment in the Under the Surface series of stories by Ashton Rogers.

My Soul To Keep (yresruN semyhR)

by Jackie Sonnenberg

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to takeâ?¦

When thirteen-year-old Sky Monroe arrives at her new boarding school, all she can think about is death and connecting with the afterlife. Soon she discovers her school’s spirituality group called Guardians of Lightâ??and they have a secret.
The Guardians of Light can speak with the deadâ?¦

When Mitchell Brooks, the teacher and leader of the group, reveals this unnerving secret to Skyâ??though this is exactly what she believed she wantedâ??she learns the organization is rapidly becoming a cult. Now she’s concerned she and her friend Damien will not be permitted to walk away.
Danger and death lurk around every cornerâ?¦

The campus house, where Sky resides, is haunted, and the spirits have their own agenda. December 21, 2012 threatens the end of the world, and Mitchell and the spirits have special plans in store. They just might bring Sky closer to the afterlifeâ??and possibly beyondâ??than she ever imagined.

Sky is looking for a connection to the afterlife, but what she finds may be more than she bargained forâ?¦because what lies after life is death.

Latent Infection and Flushed: Horror Short Stories

by Cynthia Hilston

In Latent Infection, the Marson family moves into an old, forgotten house, but the house hasn’t forgotten the secrets it hides as the family’s presence reawakens something long dead.

In Flushed, Julia keeps her mother’s ashes in her closed drawer, yet the drawer is open every morning. Has her mother returned to haunt her, or is Julia slowly losing her mind?

Volume 1 – Shadows Stirring (The Age of Thorns)

by Tim Reid

In the Age of Thorns, the eastern world of Austriland has lived in relative peace for two thousand years. So long has been the peace that the ancient darkness is barely a whisper within forgotten legends. In the borderlands, brave warriors bearing the scars of the lost light are reviled by the people, yet they fight to keep raging beasts from entering Austriland. One borderguard, bitter at the mysterious death of his family, submerges into the darkness to become a savage killer, but a chance meeting with a young child triggers a change deep within him. Questions fill him. Beliefs he has long disavowed haunt his steps. Can he accept the truths confronting him or will his bitterness devour him? With shadows stirring in the western desert, his heritage holds the key to the survival of light in the world.

The Lies We Tell Tomorrow

by Chris Ringler

The Lies We Tell Tomorrow

In the darkest parts of our hearts hide our every secret, our every fear, and our every horror just waiting to be unleashed. We are but doors to Hell waiting for the right key to open us. We can lie to ourselves, we can lie to our friends, but you can never fool tomorrow. You can never fool Hell.
I welcome you to a house of mirrors that will show you the worst in all of us, the monsters that live in each of us, but even in Hell there is the dimmest glimmer of hope, an undying light that even the abyss cannot snuff out.
Witness, traveler, the lies we tell tomorrow.

Captain Bloody Bones

by Drac Von Stoller

Captain Johnny Bones loved to sail the seven seas with some of the roughest shipmates that ever sailed.
Captain Johnny Bones ship was called Bloody Bones because every ship that crossed Captain Johnny Bones path would be hammered with cannons and when Captain Johnny Bones got through with the crew there would nothing left but “Bloody Bones” When Captain Johnny Bones and his shipmates came aboard they stole all the gold aboard and would slit every crew member’s throats aboard and watch their juggler veins squirt blood on the other dead bodies they were laid upon.
Just before Captain Johnny Bones and his men would climb aboard their ship Bloody Bones, they would roast the dead mans hearts over their burning bodies and eat their hearts to show that Captain Johnny Bones and his men were the toughest Pirates in the sea.

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