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Biker’s Surprise Baby: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (The Bloody Pagans MC Book 1)

by Kathryn Thomas


Impossible. Off limits. Suicidal to even try.
But that’s never stopped me before.
I want the president’s daughter to carry my babyâ?¦
And the devil himself won’t be able to stop me.

Her father’s got a temper that’s as famous as him.
No one in the state would dare defy his orders.

No one except for me.

Call me what you want: a rebel, a lone wolf, or a straight-up a**hole.
But following rules has never been my strong suit.

He can warn me, threaten me, do everything in his power to stop me.
But it ain’t gonna work.

Because I want Vanessa.
I want her now and forever.
In my bed and on my bike.
Naked and in a wedding dress.

Most of all, I want her round with my baby.

So do your worst, you S.O.B.
She’s mine now.
We’re a family.
Me, Vanessa, and the baby in her belly.

Biker’s Surprise Baby is book 1 of The Bloody Pagans MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Biker’s Surprise Bride and Biker’s Surprise Destiny are available everywhere now!

Fatal Vacancy (An Oceanside Mystery Book 4)

by CeeCee James

Maisie Swenson was thrilled to host the premiere party for the hottest new movie release in Hollywood at the five-star Oceanside Hotel, but she had no idea how difficult Hollywood types could be. Dramatic and demanding, she could handle butâ?¦ murder? She needs to charge more for these events.

Everyone assumed it was an accident when the stunt went wrong, until they saw the body wasn’t the stuntman. Now everyone is a suspect – the stuntman who despised the victim, ex-lovers, actors–the list goes on and on.

None of this is Maisie’s business until her friend Kristi Bentley, the police officer in charge of security that night, gets suspended for not providing adequate protection. As the circumstantial evidence grows against Kristi, Maisie can’t help getting involved to clear her best friend.

The more she digs, the more dirt she finds. Did anyone NOT want this person dead?

Sexually Transmitted Madness

by vi. va.

Nestled against the south-west shore of Lake Cascade in Valley County, Idaho, sits Pouring. Population 234. A small town with roots that stretch back to the twilight of the 19th century, when the land was first wrested from native control and homesteaders began to claim the valley, and a promising future as a resort town thanks to the Tamarack resort to the north and the influx of tourists and new inhabitants putting down stakes.

Until that future inexplicably disappeared.

You won’t find Pouring on any online map. The people who live in the nearby towns of Cascade, Donelly, Lake Fork and even McCall will claim they’ve never heard of such a place. Continue to inquire, and you might find their calm denials begin to burn with the fervor of a strange anger… or fear.

Why? What happened to Pouring? And what of the people that once called the sleepy town home?

It’s time to find out.

On a lukewarm summer night, something very old and very hungry is starting to stir, and the denizens of Pouring find themselves under attack. Their bodies and minds wrested away from their control, and in the dark void that remains, death and madness greedily await to claim the souls of the lost and damned. For the few survivors that resist… the struggle that follows will mean the difference between our salvation and extinction.

Daddy at the Altar: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Iron Claws MC Book 1)

by Claire St. Rose


Because I haven’t felt hunger like this since my first love died.
Ariana might look untouched and innocentâ?¦
But by the time I’ll done, she’ll be utterly wrecked. Thoroughly ruined.
And pregnant with my baby.

Years ago, as I put the dirt on the coffin of my dead old lady, I made myself a promise:
Never again.

I’d kept that oath in the years since.
No emotions.
Nothing permanent.
One. Night. Only.

But that was before Ariana waltzed into my life.
She might hate me – but I just don’t give a damn.
Because she’s everything I’ve always wanted.
And I’m not gonna rest until I have her.

Not just for a taste.
Not just for a night.
No, this one needs to be long, slow, and special.
I want to savor breaking her down.

Because once she’s putty in my hands, I’m going to drag her to the altar.

I don’t just want a woman.
I want a wife.
A baby.
A future.

And she’s going to give me all of thatâ?¦
Or else.

Daddy at the Altar is book 1 of the Iron Claws MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Biker at the Altar and Bad Boy at the Altar are available everywhere now!

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