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God, Trump, Poetry, And The Spiritual Nature Of Life

by Coy (Frank) Payton Jr.

I have experienced the anointing of God manifested as oil hitting the top of my head (during my first prayer meeting) and cascading over my body. Along with this came an approximate two year period of extreme joy and intense desire to learn more about this gift from God. I later realized God had given me the gift of evangelism or witnessing. I have also experienced a dark spiritual being that held me down as I was sleeping; I could not escape but was aware! I remember screaming JESUS; then and only then was I able to move. I believe life is a struggle between good and evil, God and the Devil. This is not a simple head knowledge but baseline and foundational for everything that occurs. I took the manifestations as opportunity to learn. I had a twelve year deep study. My focus was “people can believe what they want but I want to know WHY they believe as they do”. Come take the journey as I share my life with you. Life is a gift; I believe god wants to see what we do with it; I have learned the choice is ours as we have free will. As it turns out God will be each person’s advocate or judge. Being accountable is a big deal with God. A point of extreme interest: Suppose it is true that we are made in god’s image; If God’s essence is eternal spirit then we (being made in his image) have eternal spirits. I didn’t make the rules but it seems God is making a family; he has set the rules for being in this family. Be sure I am not referring to the 70’s-ish “Family of Man” where anything goes. All through Biblical and World history “Good” seems to prevail in the end; Seems evil is only for a season. For deep understanding into current events, I highly recommend studying Ancient Hebrew History. You will discover the origins of the present day conflict between Arabs and Jews. Have a look at Abraham, Sarah and Hagar; The promised seed and the seed of disobedience. Study the lines of ISAAC and ISHMAEL. And you will be on your way. World history basically began and will end because of the struggle between these two seed lines. “Lets skip the news boy I’ll go make some tea, Arabs and the Jews boy too much for me”. The trouble was started by a young Errol Flynn….(REF: Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins of the great band Genesis) Let’s move to the spirit of my work:” Ari’el- The Lamb The lion and the Lever” These poems are hopefully the oyster consequential from my struggles with good and evil. These are my experiencing Revelation insights. I believe Wisdom from God is much higher than man’s wisdom. I also believe that God (The Christian God) in the pre-existing Christ who decided to visit his creation; was 100% God and 100% man; came to earth to meet God the Father’s requirement in an atoning death for a fallen mankind. “No remission of sin without the shedding of blood”. Ask yourself – “If I could earn my way through doing more good than bad, then why did God The Father require the both horrible and beautiful death of his Son on a cross?” Christ overcame DEATH our biggest enemy. I can’t prove anything; but I and you can be lawyer like and look at the evidence; It’s all about FAITH. Seek and ye shall find, seek sincerely. Study the first three chapters of genesis and find we were not originally made to die at all. Satan, Adam and Eve brought that upon us because we ate of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. Don’t just plod along, find out what’s really going on. Why are you here? omeone read some of my work and said the most profound thing; “this work can teach you how to live’. I don’t know about that; perhaps it can raise you to a higher self awareness level. No one has cornered the market on truth; only God, trust Him. “We all see through a glass somewhat darkly”. I hope this work is a lantern unto your feet. “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul”. Enjoy my effort, find out for you. Coy Frank Payton.

The Week True Street Fighting

by william roper

True all of this story

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