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Who’s Got ALL MY MONEY?: Why you don’t need college for you to be RICH! BEST investment strategic plans

by Danilo Yanga

This book is all about why my Dad (who’s a Doctor) graduated from a top university and my brother (who’s a lawyer) is financially struggling, while my Rich uncle, who was a college drop out has all the money and is fitly RICH. Ill explain in this book what you need to know everything about MONEY. I’ll explain how both of them have different advise, goals and mindsets that makes them both different. One is Rich and one is struggling financially. I’ll teach you what I did wrong with my past investments, what should you do to invest smartly. Ill teach you on how to build a great business, how I first made my own business while I still have no capital or money to spend. I’ll teach you on how to minimize taxes, to use debt in your Advantage and never become like the average class. I’ll explain why I followed my Rich uncle’s advise and why I did dropped out of college to build a successful Business. I’ll explain why Most people are BROKE.

– I’ll explain how to become rich if you’re still under 20 or still a STUDENT
– I’ll explain How to be the best version of yourself when it comes to investing and building a capital
– I’ll explain How to manage risks
– I’ll explain the difference between ACTIVE AND PASSIVE INVESTMENTS
– I’ll explain How i TURNED my Debt into ASSETS.
– I’ll explain Why DOCTORS and LAWYERS/ ACCOUNTANTS fall into the middle class or average category
– I’ll explain my Experiences regarding Building a business, all of the conflicts that I’ve faced.
– I’ll explain why REAL ESTATE is the best investment next to investing on yourself.
– I’ll explain how to become a great financial analysts in stocks, or passive investments.
– I’ll explain How to find the best mentor, For you to not get the wrong information.
– I’ll explain how to minimize procrastination and laziness for you to be energize when working
– I’ll explain WHY YOU DONT NEED COLLEGE and What is the better substitute for teachers.
– I’ll explain The best way to invest, for you to claim financial Freedom and retire RICH.
– I’ll explain How to make MILLIONS by advertising / copywriting or having more prospects to buy your product.
– I’ll explain why You don’t need to put your money in the bank to become RICH
– I’ll explain which path is going to the AVERAGE life and the other is the RICH life.
– I’ll explain WHO’S GOT ALL MY MONEY? who has your money within your friends, relatives and more.
– I’ll explain the 10 MYTHS and mistakes you make when investing.

After you read my book, Please share it with your friends for them to have a VISION and ACTION towards financial freedom, this will serve as their guidance towards SUCCESS. This is DEEJ. Have a great day!

Blockchain Bhakt – Technical understanding of Block-chain and Cryptocurrency: Decentralisation of Everything, Cryptos To Replace Fiat currency

by amin nagpure

Decentralisation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Chapter 1 introduction- About us
Chapter 2 Private and Public key Cryptography
Chapter 3 Mnemonic Phrases
Chapter 4 Bitcoin mining
Chapter 5 Types of Mining
Chapter 6 UTXO and Accounting Models
Chapter 7 TimeStamp and Mining Difficulty
Chapter 8 Node-Peer Discovery
Chapter 9 Stale Blocks, Orphan blocks and Block Uncles
Chapter 10 Soft Fork and Hard fork and Replay Attack
Chapter 11 Segwit and Lightning network
Chapter 12 EVM and Ethereum Virtual Machine
Chapter 13 Sharding and Multiple Universe
Chapter 14 Transactions Speed Scalability and Ponzi Schemes

The Law of Attraction: Your Guide to Satisfaction and Success (style your mind, mind over mood, mind gym, self development ideas, motivation, how to change … self-help) (Success Mindset Book 2)

by Anthony Glenn

                            «There is nothing you cannot have. There are no limitations.»


When I was a little boy, I used to draw palm trees, tropical islands surrounded by turquoise water, tall buildings, and people wearing gowns straight out of fairy tales. 

Why do I remember that now?

Because after some time this became my reality. I currently live in a city which is well-known for having the tallest buildings in the world. I work for one of the most luxurious couture houses which is famous for its gown collections. And I travel as often as I can to those pirate islands that I visualized as a child and put down on a sheet of paper. Many more of my other dreams have slowly been becoming reality. 

I want to note that after a while I stopped drawing and even stopped dreaming my childhood dreams, like most of us do when we become adults. Then it happened. Many years later, just by chance – I thought – I received a check from the universe. 

Now that I have been analyzing my childhood dreams versus my reality now, I cannot help but think how strong my visualization and belief in what I was doing as a child had been. 

This story is all about the Law of Attraction. Through it, you can attain self-development for success, learn how to change your mind, and how to achieve mental hygiene.

As I grew up, I started to learn about psychology, to read books and research the Law of Attraction to understand how it had worked for me on a subconscious level. I did not even know anything about this Law and was doing things by intuition! I now have many of the things I had dreamed of. Maybe you will say that I just got lucky, that my childhood dreams simply came true. But now I am pretty sure that luck is something you can program and attract.

Imagine how you could change your life if you just learned all of the necessary information about the Law of Attraction and firmly believed in what you are doing! 

After systemizing all of my experiences and knowledge, I would like to share my simplified version of the Law of Attraction so that it can work for you, too.

From this book, you will also find out 

  • how to use the Law of Attraction to heal yourself
  • how to attract love
  • how to attract money

It is time to accept the new beliefs and remind ourselves who we really are. It is time to take our creativity back, to become aware of the power within ourselves, to create an awesome reality, and to build a life worth living. The Law of Attraction will help you do just that.

Reading this, you’ll get more precise guideline what exactly to do with your new knowledge. Let’s begin.

Frutas y Vegetales: Tarjetas lúdicas (Maestra Lumbrera nº 10) (Spanish Edition)

by Carla A. Leal Vega

Juega y aprende con estas tarjetas imprimible de frutas y vegetales.

Enseña a los niños en el salón de clases, con estas divertidas tarjetas de frutas y vegetales.

28 Tarjetas

¡Solo, imprimé, recorta, juega y aprende!

Fresa númerica: Juego Concepto del número (Maestra Lumbrera nº 7) (Spanish Edition)

by Carla A. Leal Vega

El Juego fresa numérica esta diseñado para niños en edad temprana, ayudandoles en la adquisición del concepto de número, es sumamente fácil de usar. Contiene fichas del 1 al 20.

Beneficios del juego:
1. Reconocimiento numérico de números naturales y ordinales
2. Reconocimiento de cantidades numéricas en números y figuras.
3. Reconocimiento de la relación número- cantidad.

Normas de competencia para la post cosecha y la cata de licor o pasta de cacao (Spanish Edition)

Las normas de competencia son estándares consensuados con los empleadores, trabajadores, operarios, técnicos y peofesionales que permiten evaluar los desempeños con base en evidencias; es decir, lo que las personas deben hacer para mostrar competencia.
En tal sentido, estos estándares de desempeño, desarrollados con seriedad y rigurosidad, no solo servirán para la certificación de trabajadores en ejercicio; también son un aporte para el desarrollo curricular en la formación para el trabajo, y para la evaluación que las empresas deseen hacer a su propio personal.
Esta publicación se ha realizado con apoyo del Programa SECOMPETITIVO de la Cooperación Suiza-SECO.

Getting Great Grades: Strategies to Help Change Bad Grades to Great Grades (A Short Book on)

by Jeff Mitchell

High School and College students are under tremendous pressure to earn top grades for college and graduate school admissions. Unfortunately, few students are taught strategies on how to earn top grades. Most people think they are either “smart” or “not so smart” in various subjects and that determines whether or not a student does well in a class. This simply isn’t true. The author of this book received a failing grade in a course and later on earned an “A” in the same subject. The strategies that led to the author failing a course to earning an “A” in the same subject can be found in this book. These strategies were used frequently in other courses which led to the author getting accepted into graduate school. Because of this, the author wants high school, college, and adult learners to learn these techniques to increase their chances of attending the college or graduate school of their dreams.

Layman’s Terms Biometrics: A Journey into Biometrics, Access Control and Time and Attendance (Simplify Book 1)

by Nicolas GARCIA

Are you looking for a book to understand Biometric Technologies? Do you want to understand Access Control? And how Time and Attendance works? Do you need a simple explanation rather than scientific and complicated descriptions?

Layman’s Terms Biometrics has been written with Practicality and Simplicity in mind. This book will give you the foundation to start your journey within Biometrics, Access Control, Time and Attendance, and more.

Dyslectic: The Concealed Power of the Deviant Geniuses

by Mark Stacer

Everything you need to about dyslexia is right here.

You might know about someone who has dyslexia, or perhaps you have it yourself. It can be a strange thing if you are left wondering what it is and what to do with it. Some people might say or imply that you are just dumb or aren’t trying hard enough to read, spell, or do something literate. The truth is, though, that dyslexia is an completely diverse method of looking at reality, and even though it comes with some late educational disabilities and struggles, it can also be an inspirational, divergent way for the brain to construe matter and facts so as to create more success in life. Those with dyslexia use a different part of their brain, which often makes them geniuses at certain aspect, in specific professions or when it comes to practical things. Thus, pushing them into a vocabulary, a language-based learning system, or pure literacy isn’t always the best choice. You will learn more about this, as well as:

What dyslexia is defined as and what the symptoms are, both cognitively and emotionally.

Tips to recognize it faster and more accurately.

What influence the cerebral cortex and thalamus have on the mind of a dyslectic person.

Secreted powers and talents dyslectic people might have.

How to work with dyslectic kids and basic pointers for training and teaching them to control reading skills.

Some of the most significant speed-reading methods to apply.

Expert research conclusions from scientists and scholars.

Prosperous celebrities who dealt with their dyslexia and turned it around for undertakings.

The origin of dyslexia, the role of genes, and the boys versus girls ratio.

The six different types of dyslexia, and material about which ones are the most common.

And much more!

Start reading or listening to this brief guide to accepting dyslexia, the intelligent science behind it, and the most effective ways to help those who struggle.

5-Hour Prep for Marketing Interview: Your Crash Course on Landing Your Marketing Job

by Donald Draper

Getting ready for a marketing interview tomorrow? Don’t have time to read a whole book? This is the CliffsNotes version that will get your past your initial marketing interview. Written by an industry veteran and a Duke MBA.

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