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Corner Booth

by Chautona Havig

A rushed lunch and a bold move “introduces” Carlie to a stranger-one who hardly acknowledges her existence as he sits across from her, sharing his booth to save her a wait in a long line.

What began as a random encounter becomes a weekly date in which Carlie chatters about her life to a silent lunchmate. Much about him interests her-his slightly Euro fashion sense, his commitment to the work he does as he eats his lunch week after week, and his evident attention to the running monologue she shares between bites of meals that he inevitably pays for.

Dean gets to know the woman across from him-looks forward to their lunches each week, learns valuable lessons about himself–but when the cafe is threatened, and then when she doesn’t show up one day, he suspects their unusual “friendship” means more to him than he imagined.

Use the Healing Code Meditation to improve your happiness and to live healthier: Let your deeply relax your body and mind and completely let go of your tension and stress?

by Jeremy Fisher

Use the Healing Code Meditation to improve your happiness and to live healthier

Do you wish you could deeply relax your body and mind and completely let go of your tension and stress?

Healing Code Meditation can make you happier, healthier and more productive than ever. This book will teach you how to take control of your thoughts, stop worrying, relieve stress, and a embrace healing more peaceful way of living.

The Healing Code Meditation bring you in state of higher being that enables you to rise above your circumstances and experience a sense of joy and healing. As you experience joy, you attract health, healing, finances, abundance and a slew of other wonderful things into your life.

Here’s what to expect in this Healing Code Medtitation guide:

  • Common Myths About Meditation that Might Be Turning You Off
  • Meditation in a Nutshell
  • The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation
  • Practical Vs Esoteric Meditation
  • The SEAL Quick Stress Relief
  • unting Your Breath
  • Present Sense Mindfulness
  • Watch Your Emotions Like Clouds
  • Meditation Best Practices

So if you’re ready to transform your mind to physical and mental healing to bring into a peaceful haven for positive thinking, then this guidebook is for you.

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Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages

by Doug Newton

How does the parable of the good Samaritan redefine acts of social justice, not just acts of mercy? What does the story of the five talents teach us about daily spiritual life?
Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables offers a new perspective on the stories Jesus told to His closest disciples. As in every book in this unique series, Pastor Doug Newton provides life-changing techniques for reading Scripture, such as skills in interpreting one passage using another. Readers will love discovering familiar parables again as if for the first time.

Write It. Organize It. Control It.: An organize way to manage your negative emotions

by Teresa Hardrick

Wish you could take back what you said? When you behave badly, you hurt yourself and others. Some people carry around the guilt of their past behaviors to the grave. No one can change the past, but we can take control of our emotions. We have to look deep into our beings and find out why we acted so terribly and replace that behavior, so it will never happen again. This journal will help you to control your negative emotions, so can balance your mind, body, and soul.

How to be Happy (No Fairy Dust or Moonbeams Required): 10 Simple Tools for a Happier Life (Happiness, Motivation, How To Be Happy)

by Cara Stein

Discover the secrets to true, lasting happiness

Imagine going through life with confidence and deep satisfaction, knowing that you’re making the most of your time, talents, and abilities.

  • Imagine waking up every morning, feeling good about what your day will bring.
  • Imagine being your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.
  • Imagine truly enjoying your life on a daily basis!

This book contains 10 steps on how to be happy. By following these steps, you will learn how to have a happier life. And it’s probably a lot easier than you imagine.

A lot of people think that happiness is something you have to be born with. Don’t fall for that happiness myth! With a few simple actions, you can increase your life-satisfaction and create a life of joy.

How do I know? I could tell you that I have a Ph.D. (true) or that I’m a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (also true). But what really qualifies me to write this book is that I’ve been there.

I used to be a miserable person: depressed, victimized, apathetic, and going through the motions in life. At the end of a bad marriage, I realized that I was not willing to live this way forever. Something had to change.

I started therapy. I got to work reading self-help books and trying out their advice. I studied what worked and what didn’t work. And over time, I succeeded: I made myself happy!

I was so excited that it workedâ??I felt like I had solved the greatest mystery of life. I just had to share everything I had learned with the world. That’s why I wrote this book. The techniques in this book are exactly what I used to transform my life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn in this short, simple book:

  • The top 4 myths about happinessâ??and the real truth about what you need to know to be happy in your life
  • The definition of true happiness, and how it’s different from what most people think
  • The real cause of unhappiness: once you understand it, you can overcome it!
  • One essential change in mindset that can help you stop taking things personally
  • The fastest way to shift your mood when you’re feeling bad, so you can feel good any time you want
  • A simple technique for reprogramming the voices in your head, so they stop making you miserable and start helping you live a better life
  • Four common, insidious happiness-blockersâ??and how to defeat them for good

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