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by Emrys Apollo

A boy from the slums falls for a prince, but in a world of corruption and fire, can their love survive?

Hold Me Close (Last Frontier Lodge Novels Book 7)

by J.H. Croix

Her boss is all about control. She’s all about passion. Well, not that kind of passion.

Owen Manning is renowned for his cold brilliance and tech savvy. If there’s such a thing as a quintessential billionaire geek, he’s it. Ivy Nash is his newest recruitâ??brilliant and beautiful, she takes his breath away and tempts him beyond reason. Losing control isn’t something he does. Ever.

Except when it comes to Ivy.

Ivy is passionate about her career and not much else. Engineering is her life and her first love. The last thing she expects is to take one look at Owen and almost melt at his feet.

Forbidden desire burns fast and hot between them. One kiss nearly sends them up in flames. They each have their own reasons for wanting to keep their distance, so they make a deal. They’ll give into the madness and let it run its course. Because of course it will. Neither one of them is prepared for the fire between them to singe their hearts.

*All novels in this series are full-length standalone novels with an HEA.

The Darkest Sunrise (The Darkest Sunrise Duet Book 1)

by Aly Martinez

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Whoever coined that phrase is a bald-faced liar. Words are often the sharpest weapon of all, triggering some of the most powerful emotions a human can experience.
“You’re pregnant.”
“It’s a boy.”
“Your son needs a heart transplant.”
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Syllables and letters may not be tangible, but they can still destroy your entire life faster than a bullet from a gun.
Two wordsâ??that was all it took to extinguish the sun from my sky.
“He’s gone.”
For ten years, the darkness consumed me.
In the end, it was four deep, gravelly words that gave me hope of another sunrise.
“Hi. I’m Porter Reese.”

Tomb’s Tale (A Black Rose Mystery Book 3)

by Amanda McKinney

Moments after an explosion rocks the sisters of Black Rose Investigations, Private Investigator Roxy Knight discovers two human skeletons buried in a secret tunnel under their stone mansion. Although rumor has it that the previous homeownersâ??a genius doctor and his wifeâ??simply disappeared one day, the crack in his skull says otherwise. Is it possible they were murdered? More importantly, what were they hiding?

Fire Chief Weston Cage begins to believe he got more than he bargained for at his new job when he meets the emotionally icy but sizzling hot Roxy Knight, who seems to have the weight of the world on her shouldersâ??and two corpses under her house. As the clues to the mysterious skeletons lead them to a grisly murder, Weston fears that Roxy has taken on more than she can handle, and is getting too close to the killer.

Although their chemistry is undeniable, Roxy has more important things to worry about, like solving the skeleton mystery and finding Krestel, the witch of the Great Shadow Mountains who tried to kill her sisters. And Roxy will stop at nothing to keep her family safeâ?¦ even though her current case might put her six feet under.

Praise for the Black Rose Mystery Series:
“With fast-paced action, steamy romance, and a good dose of mystery, Devil’s Gold is a solid whodunit that will keep you surprised at every turn.” -Siobhan Novelties

“McKinney really knows how to mix a great mystery with some very steamy romance.” -Amazon Review

“…smart, full of energetic thrills and chills, it’s one of the best novellas I’ve read in a very long time.” -Booked J

“Suspenseful, steamy and a little spooky in the most awesome way!” – Amazon Review

“I cannot wait to read the rest of the seriesâ?¦.I think that pretty much says it all!” -The Pursuit of Bookiness

“I want MORE! Whether it’s Liam and Dix, or Dixie’s sisters, or co-workers, or even just more from this author, I don’t know, but that is what I want. MORE!” -I Dig Good Books

“All of the good stuff – murder, suspense, romance, and witchcraft! Well written with strong characters and an intriguing plot.” -Amazon Review

“Amanda McKinney crafts a novella that is so much more than its size; something about it lulls you into a false comfort only to tug you, face first, into the central mystery.” -Booked J

“Combining a page-turning mystery, a feisty, sarcastic main character, and even a touch of romance, DEVIL’S GOLD proves just how enchanting a novella can be.” -Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

“Devil’s Gold is an enchanting and sexy murder mystery that I couldn’t put down.” -Goodreads Review

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