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The Last Driver – Episode 1 – Old Dogs

by Bookshelf Q. Battler

In a world where self-driving cars are the norm, the last man to retain his skill behind the wheel has been called upon to ride again.

The year is 2050. Sixty-three-year-old Frank Wylder is realizing the world has passed him by. This isn’t just any ordinary late-life crisis. The governments of every nation on Earth have succumbed to the brutally efficient bureaucracy dubbed, “The One World Order.” A cunning dictatorship that makes a conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmares look like mere child’s play, the Order has achieved the unthinkable – the eradication of free will. People are no longer allowed to decide what to do with their lives. Instead, the Order controls every last detail of an individual’s existence.

Frank recalls his youth – his early days as a hotshot getaway driver for a heist ring, followed by a middle age spent as a professional chauffeur (and problem solver) for Hollywood’s most scandalous movie stars.

Those glory days are gone. As Frank’s health issues mount, decrepitude closes in. He finds solace in maintaining Veronica, his classic muscle car, a cherry red 1969 American-Made Sidewinder that he once used to transport many a villain from a bank job to a safe house in no time flat. Meanwhile, his thirteen-year-old granddaughter, Hannah, gives Frank a reason to go on, though her constant questions about his past make him realize how little time he has left.

The Order is not without an enemy. The band of rebels known as the Nationalist Front seek to annihilate the global regime and return power to individual countries. The methods of this group are severe and so terrifying in nature that, at times, spectators are left to wonder whether those challenging power are any better than those currently holding it.

When the Nationalist Front learns that Frank was once a badass with his foot on the gas, the old man is offered a deal he can’t refuse: To become the wheelman on a series of operations designed to strike at the heart of The One World Order’s ability to rule effectively â?? or never see his granddaughter alive again.

Self-driving cars, once thought to be the saving grace of the modern commuter, are exploited by the global dictatorship. Sure, these marvels of engineering have cut down on travel times, allowed people to sleep and work on their way to their work, and have dropped the global traffic accident rate to zero. However, the Order can pursue its surveillance objectives by tracking where people are going and who they see, all while maintaining the ultimate nanny state.

For a regime that assumed it had thought of everything, the insertion of Frank into the mix is a variable that was never anticipated. Self-driving cars are efficient, perhaps too much so. They’re programmed to reach their assigned destinations promptly and at a reasonable rate of speed. They follow all traffic laws and avoid collisions at all cost. Defensive driving has become a lost art. In short, these automated, four-wheeled wonders are no match for an old drunk with a lead foot and nothing to lose. Readers will delight as Frank zooms, vrooms, crashes, and bashes his way to victory â?? if such a premise even exists.


Once upon a time, our hero was a badass baller who knew an adrenaline rush that could only be achieved during a high-speed chase with a back seat full of bank robbers and a squadron of cop cars on his tail. Veronica, his beloved classic muscle car, never failed to perform, while his fixer, Bernie, never hesitated to exterminate loose ends with extreme prejudice. That time is gone, and Frank’s good mood is over.

The Civil Society Monitor Drones â?? the most intrusive pieces of machinery ever made â?? hassle our protagonist, driving him to drink. In this inebriated state, Frank is prone to making bad decisions, such as agreeing to an elderly Bernie’s request to break the law by taking Veronica out on the road amongst the self-driving cars of the world. What could possibly go wrong?

EMERGENCE: Incursion

by JT Sawyer

The battle against one enemy from abroad has just ended while another on the ravaged streets of L.A. has just begun for Will Reisner and his team. A deadly game of pursuit is underway as Reisner and his fellow operators evade the Paras hunting them as they make their way through the burned-out shell of the city while awaiting a rescue that may never come. Volume 3 in the pulse-pounding Emergence Series picks up immediately after the events of the second book and will have you clutching the edge of your seat.

Emergence Book 1: Infection
Emergence Book 2: Infestation
Emergence Book 3: Incursion
Emergence Book 4: Eradication
Emergence Book 5: Extinction

A Big(ly) Game and Other Short Stories

by Edward Costello

A Big(ly) Game and Other Short Stories walks the thin line in today’s world between fiction and reality. The collection takes the reader from a seedy Shanghai gambling hall, to the foothills of Afghanistan, to a not so distant dystopian future, and includes tales of gambling politicians, men in gray uniforms that come by night, and an American mercenary.

Knee Deep in Little Devils: A Write or Die anthology

by Karen Yun-Lutz

In a restless suburb of Pittsburgh PA, there dwells an odd writing and critique group called Write or Die.
Celebrating a mysterious annual rite, the authors disclose secret and sometimes tragic circumstances; evident only to those who have experienced the incidents . . . until now.
The stories in this collection will take you for perilous jaunts on All Hallows Eve, send you sprinting down a beach at midnight, drown your soul in inky waters, soak you in the blood of wizards and dump you down the rabbit hole of insanity.
Whether these are parables that predict or tales to instruct, prepare yourself to be,

This is the first WorD (Write or Die) Halloween-themed anthology. The short stories contained herein were all written for, and read, during the first three annual Halloween reading events.
These stories range from wonderfully frightening to frightfully preposterous. Sometimes shocking and unpredictable, this disquieting collection will keep you guessing at the sanity of the authors who write these tales.

Paranormal Alien Crap

by Justin Fulkerson

Dylan stumbles upon more than he asked for when investigating a local man’s disappearance. Psychopatic law enforcement and alien conspiracies abound as he gets closer to the truth.

ZK: Falling (Irregular Scout Team One Book 1)

by J.F. Holmes


When the world ends, where will you stand? Will you hold the center, or fall?

When his National Guard unit is overrun by the victims of the plague sweeping America, Sergeant First Class Nick Agostine struggles to keep his vow to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and keep those he loves safe. Along the way, he discovers just how far he will go to survive, and the price of redemption.

The prequel to the best selling Post Apocalyptic series, Irregular Scout Team One. This is how it all began, and how America fell.

Madness Unhinged: Dragons of Zalara Book 2

by ML Guida

Detective Agnes Malloy is stunned.â?¦

Jack the Ripper is back!

Two women are found brutally murdered in modern-day Denver-their M.O. identical to the victims in 1888 London. But Agnes has no clues to the murder. Women are terrified, and if Agnes doesn’t solve the case, the police commissioner will have her handing out parking tickets.

Her troubles increase when a mysterious man appears, claiming to be with the FBI. But no one called them. He insists that she needs his help-her life depends on it.

It’s up to Anonghos, the chief security officer of the Orion, to stop a deadly alien from killing the Zalarian’s designated mates. He’s cut off from his ship, and to make matters worse, he doesn’t know who the alien is and must wait for him to strike.

His only hope is to stay close to the curvy detective who just happens to be his mate, without her accusing him of being the murderer. The body is count about to sky rocket and only by working together can they stop an enemy bent on destroying both their worlds.

The Dragons of Zalara series reading over:
1. Madness Unleashed
2. Madness Unhinged
3. Madness Unmasked (Bears of Aria in this one)
4. Touch of Madness
5. Touch of Darkness
5. Madness Unbalanced (Coming in June)

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