Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Resisting Him (Australian Heat Book 1)

by Leslie Johnson

Lover, Best friend, Obsession?

It’s hard to believe seven years have passed. I’ve moved on with my life and I can’t wait to return home for good. The home where seven-years earlier I met my best friend and former lover Marcus Johnson.

How was I to know our parents had other plans?

Even with a new boyfriend, and all the time apart, there is always one lingering thought. Marcus.

Why? The more I try to forget him, the stronger my desire becomes. We had to breakup, but did we want to? Now my life will be even more complicated with Marcus so near.

Don’t miss the scorching hot Resisting Him a stand-alone novel by Leslie Johnson.

Haunted From Within: A collection of Horror and Thrillers

by Roy Duran

An anthology of thrillers…
Four young women return to the town of their upbringing for a reunion. A reunion to remember an old friend whose murder has remained unsolved for the past seven years. Things soon become very testy, however, as the women reveal long held suspicions and begin to accuse one another of killing their friend.

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