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THE REAL AMITYVILLE HORROR: The True Story Behind The Brutal DeFeo Murders

by Frances J. Armstrong

THE REAL AMITYVILLE HORROR: The True Story Behind The Brutal DeFeo Murders

Settled in an affluent neighborhood in Long Island, New York is the one of the most infamous houses in all of America, or perhaps the world. The house with the iconic double-windows, white siding, and chimney at 112 Ocean Avenue is the home to the one of the most horrific family massacres in history, as well as an infamous haunting hoax.

The haunting of the Amityville house is much more prominently known than the murders that took place in the same house. The Amityville or DeFeo family murders committed by Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. have gone down in both true crime and pop culture history.

The book and the subsequent horror film series about the case continue to fascinate and fear audiences years later. Both cases are clouded in unreliable testimony, profiteering, admitted fabrication, and greed.

This is the real story of what happened at Amityville, and the events leading up to this horrific crime.

Serial Killer Quotes: Inside the Minds of Murderers

by Benjamin James

From the most infamous to the most obscure, take a look inside the mind of serial killers, spree killers, mass murderers and cult leaders in this comprehensive collection of quotes.

Also included is the Tox Box Killer tape transcript, early letters from the Zodiac Killer, the manifesto of Virginia Tech shooter Seung Hui Cho, and an excerpt of the manifesto released by spree killer Christopher Dorner.

Jack the Ripper: One Hundred Years of Mystery

by Peter Underwood

Jack the Ripper still causes a shudder, synonymous as it is with violent murder and mutilation. But also of mystery and speculation – for the gruesome series of killings in London’s East End in that horrific Autumn of 1888 have never been finally solved.

The identity of the Ripper, his motives and his association have been the subject of endless discussion and speculation since Victorian times. Suspects have been as varied as a Jewish slaughter man and the Duke of Clarence.

Now, marking the centenary of those terrible crimes, comes Peter Underwoods comprehensive look at all aspects of Jack the Ripper. It contains a wealth of new and previously unpublished material with a detailed look at the possible candidates and probable identity, examinations of the murder sites, then and now, the psyche of the murderer and the murdered, the alleged ghosts and spirit contacts and a survey of all writings on the Ripper and his victims, published and unpublished, this is the definitive book, with a 100 year perspective.

Labyrinth of nightmares: Ignorance is the highest evil (Puppets Book 1)

by Iaroslav Rumiantsev

What do you know about delusion? The characters in this book know much more about it than you think,but do not suspect about it.

JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS: A Jackie Kennedy Biography

by Katy Holborn

JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS – A Jackie Kennedy Biography

When we think of how we would like to be remembered, many things will come to mind. Perhaps for our family, maybe for things we have achieved, for our kindness, or for our understanding, and empathy. Though, for Jackie Kennedy, recognition comes mostly from one day in November 1963, her involvement in a defining event which fixes her in the public eye.

Despite the fact that she would go on to achieve much more in her life and prior to that day had built up a promising career. That one afternoon in Texas, when her husband President John F Kennedy was assassinated, is the abiding image of a life well lived.

This book will look at that dreadful day, but will also show that Jackie Bouvier, later Kennedy then Onassis, should be remembered for more than just one single, terrible event.

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