Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 31 Oct 18

Susan’s Rumspringa: A collection of Amish romance

by Sabrina Vicks

An anthology of Amish romance stories…
Amish girl Susan runs into all kinds of trouble as she begins his Rumspringa. Her antics make her into a social media sensation and she catches the eye of a handsome Englischer named Robert. But word gets back to her mother about her exploits during Rumspringa and she is immediately called back home. Will Susan stay and enjoy her newfound freedom or will she return home to the community that raised her?

Intermittent Fasting For Beginners Guide : The #1 Weight Loss Guide To Start Losing 20 Pounds From Today , While Having The Food You Loved (Bonus : 10 free recipes)

by Owen Woods

Are you tired of weight loss?
Are you fighting with food you love while diet?
Would you like to never need to lose weight again?

If you answered “YES!”, then you need to look no further than this book!

If you have ever thought to yourself :

  • Feel guilty when you look at yourself in the mirror?
  • How can I put on those sexy swimsuit on the beach again?
  • When will it be my turn to lose weight and regain my confidence?
  • Imagine how your life would become if you have a sexy and healthy body that you have ever dreamed possible.

    For instance, can you imagine that…

  • Your friends are stunned and envy your body?
  • Have the authority to wear every clothes you want?
  • The man/woman you craving about is amazed by your big change?
  • Comfortably Lying on the beach and never feel shamed again?
  • In this no-nonsense, no-holds-barred guide, this book will show you exactly how to live the lifestyle you really want, have the food you love, and never need to lose weight again.

    Mermaid’s Destiny: A Mermaid & Dragon Shifter Romance Series (Meragon Book 1)

    by Mira Crest

    Mermaids. Dragon Shifters. A tale of adventure and magic. A love that transcends all bounds.

    Cirona’s the royal heir of the Merfolk, locked up in a dark prison. The last thing she recalls is a strong and handsome man falling into the sea from above before the ominous black clouds close in. In the prison with her is a large and mighty black dragon, Argun.

    Argun is the mighty prince of the Dragons, whose strength are as legendary as their pride. But even strength alone is no match for the evil that has arisen. When Argun is robbed of his powers, their only chance at survival hinges on both utilizing their own strengths and their ability to iron out differences that have plagued both races for countless ages.

    A must-read for fans of:
    *Action Adventure Fantasy
    *Dragon Shifter Romance Books
    *Mermaid Fantasy Books
    *Mermaid Tales
    *Dragon Epic Adventure Genre
    *Epic Adventure Fantasy Genre
    *Mermaid Romance Books

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