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Belonging (A Temptation Novel Series Book 2)

by Karen Ann Hopkins

For Noah and Rose, will love be enough?

“Belonging, the sequel to Temptation . . . places the reader in an Amish community filled with danger, suspense, romance, and mystery. The writing is addictive and fast-paced, leaving readers breathlessly waiting for more.” – Bethany Fort, Booklist Online

My family and friends thought I was crazy to leave my life behind for love.

No one thought I would last a day living with the Amish, and even I had my doubts. What would an ordinary girl like me do in this strange, foreign world, with so many rules, and so little freedom? I miss my family and the comfortable life I knew. And the hardest part is I’m not allowed to see Noah until I prove myself. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, yet I’m determined to show everyone that I do belong here, with him. But something evil in Meadowview threatens to destroy me and everything I hold dear. When my world comes crashing down, I’ll discover if love really does conquer all.

The intense and all-consuming story of the star-crossed lovers continues in this second installment as Rose and Noah’s fragile bonds are challenged and stretched to the breaking point.

Forever (A Temptation Novel Series Book 3)

by Karen Ann Hopkins

Two completely different worlds. Will love be enough?

“I cannot say enough good things about Forever and the entire series. Karen Ann Hopkins, without a doubt, is one of my favorite authors. Her books and writing style are exquisite. She really knows how to capture the reader’s heart and tell a heartwarming/breaking romance like none other.” – Bittersweet Enchantment Blog

All I ever wanted was my happily ever after, and I’d thought I’d found it the first time I laid eyes on Noah Miller.

It seems as if the whole world has been trying to keep us apart, throwing obstacle after obstacle in our path. Then everything changed. Now we have the one thing to bind us together foreverâ??or so we thought. Before we can celebrate, a force beyond our control strikes, ripping both our worlds apart. Now Noah and I must work together or risk our happily ever after turning into an impossible dream.

In this thrilling third installment of the Temptation series, hurdles for Noah and Rose are far from over. Family bonds are tested and strengthened. And life-altering choices are finally made.

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