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Hell Week (America Falls Book 1)

by Scott Medbury

No Maze… No Zombies… No Games…

Its Hell Week. America has just lost a war it didn’t even know had begun, and over 99% of the adult population is dead or dying.

Young loner Isaac Race forms a connection with a ragtag group of survivors as the ground invasion of his country begins. They have one chance to survive. There are rumors of a place – a sanctuary – where they might be safe, but its three states away. If Isaac and his friends are to survive the chaos of post-apocalyptic America and make the perilous journey, they’ll have to fight every step of the way and be prepared to do things that would have been unthinkable just weeks before.  

Hell Week is the first installment of AMERICA FALLS, a gripping survival adventure and story about who we are and who we have to become in order to survive.

What Amazon readers are saying:  

â??â??â??â??â?? “The characters are rich and believable, I was cheering, raging and crying as I read.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “The story kind of sneaks up on you and before you know it, the afternoon is gone.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “Compelling action! I could not stop reading this series… give me more, more, more!

â??â??â??â??â?? ” I LOVED IT! I couldn’t skip words or chapters or paragraphs, I was afraid I would miss something!!!

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Dead Texas: Day Zero

by Derek Slaton

A plague has been released in Austin. It’s highly infectious, incredibly lethal, and turns the recently deceased into fast moving zombies with a taste for human flesh.

Rookie officer Lacy Sparks is thrust into the action when she is assigned to a federal strike force tasked with preventing the outbreak from becoming a full blown pandemic. It’s a race against the clock as she and her team struggles to survive against the growing forces of the undead.

Eaters of the Light

by J Edward Neill

Having waged war against the vampiric Strigoi for nearly a thousand years, the immortal Callista Lightbringer searches for a way to end the bitter conflict.
To find it, she must journey to humanity’s farthest reach. And she must bring the battle to the Strigoi home galaxy, known only as Hades.
In Hades, no light lives.
…except one.
The thrilling conclusion to the Eaters of the Light series begins now.

Eaters of the Light is the sequel to sci-fi hits Darkness Between the Stars & Shadow of Forever.

Vampire Nation

by H.T. Night

The brand-new vampire dystopian series by bestselling author, H.T. Night!

Four hundred years into the future, in a dystopian world inside a sphere city called VAMPIRE NATION, there are only three choices for humans: be turned into a vampire at the age of eighteen, become a breeder, or become a feeder slave.

On the eve of her required turning ceremony, Ariana Waters has second thoughts about becoming a vampire. She won’t be able to bear natural daylight anymore…or have children. And she will not only be bound to obey their vampire creed, she might be expected to participate in genocide. She’s desperate to find an alternative to the legal agreement she’s made. However, her delay or departure from her agreement to turn could get her and her whole family executed for treason.

Her best friend is a vampire. Her worst enemy is a vampire. And her allies are few and far between. Who can she trust?

When the family’s feeder human becomes worn out and is replaced by a handsome young man with the kind of strength she’s never seen in anyone, her heart tries to rule her head. Complicating matters is a male friend whose romantic pursuit of her is one week from his own scheduled turning.

She’s torn asunder by the strict laws where vampires rule humans, spies are everywhere, and punishment for lawbreakers is swift and final.

As Ariana encounters dark secrets about vampire society, time is running out before her turning ceremony. Will she find a solution to her dilemma, will she turn, or will she destroy everyone she loves?

It’s not just her own life at stake…

La otra Bogotá (Spanish Edition)

by Andrés F. Ramírez Gómez

Camilo, un estudiante universitario, viaja en el tiempo a la Bogotá de 1800 gracias a un proyecto de su institución educativa. �l tan solo es un observador de la historia, pero sin quererlo, puede convertirse en un personaje de la misma, poniendo en riesgo su propia existencia y la de la Bogotá que conocemos.

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