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101 Amazing Things to Do in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Travel Guide (Backpacking Costa Rica, Budget Travel Costa Rica, Central America Travel Guide)

by 101 Amazing Things

Hey there! Congrats on finding the ultimate guide to Costa Rica!

This Costa Rica Guide is now available on paperback – So what are you waiting for?!

We think you’re hella lucky to be going to Costa Rica and this guide will let you in on all of the country’s travel secrets so you can have the best possible trip in places like Monteverde, Tamarindo, San Jose, Liberia, Tortuguero, and more.

Why You Need 101 Amazing Things to Do in Costa Rica

This Costa Rica guide is here to give you the inside track on:

  • the most delicious things to eat and drink, whether that happens to be fresh ceviche from a beach shack or a totally indulgent slice of tres leches cake
  • the most happening festivals, from a local festival in the hills that celebrates the local corn harvest through to a cowboy festival with live music and bullfighting
  • jaw dropping historical and cultural sights you won’t want to miss like spectacular shows in the country’s National Theatre and the incredible archaeological site of Guayabo
  • outdoor adventures you won’t forget in a hurry, whether you fancy getting close to the most adorable creatures by volunteering at a sloth sanctuary, or having a skydiving adventure to get your heart pumping
  • where to shop for authentic souvenirs so that you can remember your trip to Costa Rica forever
  • the best places to catch a show, some live music, and make local friends
  • and so much more awesomeness besides!

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Greater Than a Tourist รข?? Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA: 50 Travel Tips from a Local

by Patrick Freed

Are you excited about planning your next trip? Do you want to try something new while traveling? Would you like some guidance from a local? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is just for you.

Greater Than a Tourist – Pittsburgh, PA by Patrick Freed offers the inside scope on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, as a part of the Greater than a Tourist series this book will give you tips and a bunch of ideas from someone who lives at your next travel destination.

In these pages you’ll discover local advice that will help you throughout your stay. Greater than a tourist is a series of travel books written by locals.
Travel like a local. Get the inside scope. Slow down, stay in one place, take your time, get to know the people and the culture of a place. Try some things off the beaten path with guidance. Patronize local business and vendors when you travel. Be willing to try something new and have the travel experience of a lifetime.

By the time you finish this book, you will be excited to travel to your next destination. Ten cents of each book purchased is donated to teaching and learning.

This book includes the full text plus bonus content of the book “50 Things to Know About Packing Light for Travel: Pack the Right Way Everytime”.

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