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Mail Order Bride Escape: An anthology of Mail Order Bride and Christian Romance

by Victoria Morton

An anthology of Mail Order Bride and Christian Romance…
Kathryn wants out. She barely gets out of the Civil War unscathed as her home and land were burned to the ground. Looking for a new life, she answers a mail order bride advertisement. Upon her arrival, however, she meets a formidable foe in her new mother-in-law.

Carl has aspirations of being a mayor and father, but his mother wants him to marry the women of her choice. Can he go against his mother’s wishes and experience the life with Kathryn he always wanted?

Dirty Mechanic: A Bad Boy Blue Collar Romance

by Melissa Devenport

Testosterone, oil, hard muscles and real men.


This garage oozes of testosterone and oil. A melting pot where hard muscles, real men and a sincere passion for motors, cars and bikes come together as one. It’s a brotherhood that separates boys from men. No mercy.

On the surface it looks like any dirty garage, but the alpha male mechanics working here are of a different breed. Some with dark pasts and several with ink covering large parts of their lean muscular bodies. They all share a silent dream of finding that one special woman.

Get to know Sean, Sam and Jay more intimately and be surprised about what’s hiding underneath that rock hard surface of theirs.

These alphas are put to the test more than once as they are facing dangerous situations and strong independent women. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is worst…


Dirty Mechanic includes the 3 Car Repair Shop books â??Forbidden Soulmates’, â??Fake It’ & â??Hard and Dirty’ + 2 Exclusive Bonus stories, â??The Honeymoon’ & â??A Perfect Getaway’, that are not available anywhere else.


This is a standalone MC second chance romance that contains no cheating, no cliff-hangers and a HEA. It might not be suited for a younger audience due to the graphic storytelling.

Girls & Monsters: An anthology of thriller fiction

by Larry Coler

A series of thrillers and horror headlined by Girls & Monsters
Peter has toiled for years in the independent film circuit and has finally landed a studio financed film, a horror movie centering around a perverted stalker called the “Creeper”. Layla, his rookie lead actress, is having trouble giving a credible performance. She runs afoul of numerous members of the production team and soon finds herself being stalked by a real life “Creeper” as art imitates life.

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