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by Daniella DeChristopher

This story is about an Italian Catholic family that came to America on vacation and never returned to their homeland. When their youngest unwed daughter became pregnant, her family disowned her. It was 1949. Abortions were illegal. She was seventeen when she gave birth. She was my mother.

This book chronicles the effects the birth of an unwanted child had on three families and three generations. It takes you through the unsettling chain of events that followed when my mother’s family sent her away. It shares her fight for survival to care for us, and how she eventually gave up and left me with strangers. After years of separation we reunited, but I struggled to forgive her for all she had done.

I spent a lifetime trying to find my place in the world. My greatest dream was to have a home and a family I could call my own. The book tells you about the bad decisions I made along the way, and the price I paid because of them. I share with my readers the lessons I learned about life, and how I finally managed to find happiness.

A Thailand Diary: An Authentic Account of life in the Land of Smiles (Discussing the Real Thailand Book 1)

by Matt Owens Rees

A virtual look at the everyday lives and experiences of the Thai people. Meet authentic Thais such as Khun Fon, Ratchanee, Noi and many others in its pages. Often they will be using their own words to explain their thoughts and feelings to you.
The diary is a “no holds barred” account of the lifestyle and customs that you will find in the Land of Smiles. Matt Owens Rees tells it as it is and does not hold back in describing and narrating the reality that is Thailand. From the political structure with its history of coups to the lay back and caring attitude of its people.
Comparisons are made with western culture and foreigners living in Thailand in order to highlight the cultural differences which are illustrated, many of which are not immediately transparent to the casual visitor.
The diary entries can be both humorous and serious, recalling everyday events or going into more detail on major cultural and sociological differences. It is both a light read and a useful anthropology.
Flick through its pages using the helpful index or just dip into the book at random. Enjoy.

ROYAL BIOGRAPHIES VOLUME 2: Harry and Meghan – 2 Books in 1

by Katy Holborn

ROYAL BIOGRAPHIES VOLUME 2: Harry and Meghan – 2 Books in 1

*Prince Harry
*Meghan Markle

2 Great Books in 1!

Prince Harry
Thank you for choosing this book. In it we will look at the life of a young royal who has helped to bring the monarchy into the 21st century. As a central part of the slimmed down House of Windsor that his father, Prince Charles, has brought about, Harry is a man for today. Along with his brother and sister in law, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, he is the face of a monarchy for the twenty-first century. A man who is determined to combine living his own life with public duty. Who is keen to develop his own relationships as privately as possible, while doing immeasurable amounts of good for the country – and world – as a whole. This is the story of a modern prince.

Meghan Markle
In 2017, American cable television actress Meghan Markle topped Google’s annual list of the most searched actors of the year. This would be her second year in a row. She bested, for example, the likes of box office record-breaking Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, and the living legend herself, multiple Academy Award winner Meryl Streep. Compared to these two names, Ms. Markle’s acting resume is thin. As a matter of fact, for many people, she seemed to have come out of nowhere. Only a handful of things can propel a person from relative obscurity to a name in lights. Even little girls all over the world would know the answer to this – a dashing Prince Charming must have found his Cinderella against all odds. They will marry in a beautiful, lavish ceremony before an adoring public and live happily ever after.

A New York Kind Of Love: Drug Addiction: Volume 1

by Dheep Matharu

True story about drug addiction: Volume One

This my businessâ?¦ just like visiting a salon, a review helps me to promote my business and also helps readers decide whether to â??visit me’ or not!!  Thanks!


“This book is very cleverly written and will give a real insight into the dark world of drugs and how it grips you and makes you feel so alone one minute and top of the world the next.”

“Get ready to connect with the journey through, love, heart break, depression and addiction.”

“This book was easy to read and was a real eye opener about a journey [drug addiction] that I have never experienced. It’s a whole other world but for some it’s reality”

“It sounds really cliche to say I couldn’t put it down… but I actually didn’t! It has everything – honesty, humour, intrigue and sadness. I think so many people will relate to the author, the same way that I did.”

Book description:

I never used to take drugs. 

I never understood the appeal of drugs and I swore I would never take drugs, especially after my own brother experienced a drug addiction and resulting psychosis so severe it left his mind permanently altered.

Witnessing my brother experience the after-effects of psychosis and drug withdrawals for many years, myself and my family became obsessed with his â??condition’.  This was over 8 years ago when addiction wasn’t highly publicised and these kinds of books were not available.

My brother refused to talk about anything.  And when he did, it seemed like UTTER RUBBISH about supernatural ideas, conspiracy theories, ‘voices in his head’, or how he was â??the latest prophet after Jesus’.

I was desperate to understand this brain altering disease and how it had possessed my brother, leaving a shell of a person behind. 


Fast forward 6 years and I found myself living in New York City, working a high pressured job in the world of Corporate America.

I, myself, to my surprise became a functioning drug addict.

Addicted to cocaine (nicknamed â??Charlie‘ in the books), and then to prescription Adderall, cigarettes and alcohol, I found myself in EXACTLY the same position as my brother was.



I wrote this book with brutal honesty.

Brutal honesty about the very real and very distressing life as a functioning drug addict.

It captures the essence of drug addiction so accurately.
I aim to show you the world through this drug addict’s eyes.


About the author:

I left my corporate career upon writing this book series.  I now live in Kent, in the United Kingdom, with my family, as a full-time author/speaker and parent to my French Bulldog, named Versace.

I’d love to hear what you think.

Please reach out to me via Facebook, email, Instagram or my website.





I Love You More Than Vodka: Humorous memoirs of Trey Clark

by Trey Clark

Trey Clark weaves his humorous storytelling with real-life anecdotes as a child and adult that will make you scratch your head as to why he did not find himself in more trouble than he probably deserved; and leave you wondering what was in that cup, anyway? His friends and family (although his mother has been forbidden to read it) can assure you that although these stories may seem far-fetched, each one is true and will take you on a ride of gut-wrenching laughter. The perfect escape for you or a friend.

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