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The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals: How Strategic Events Will: Ignite Your Career, Transform Your Company & Elevate the Entire Meeting Industry

by Christy Lamagna

Christy Lamagna’s expertise lies in turning events into powerful sales tools that drive business value. In this book, she clearly and definitively demonstrates how companies seeking a competitive edge can follow the “Discovery Process” and embrace strategic event planning. Dramatically transform your meetings to deliver quantifiable ROI and influence what your target audiences feel, think, say and do.

Christy has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur and is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and coach across multiple industries. Her war stories are sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, but the lessons she draws from them are transformative.

This book is a must read for event professionals, CMOs, sales or procurement executivesâ??for anyone with bottom-line accountability. You’ll gain the valuable insight you need to create a powerful paradigm shift within your organization.

The Real Estate Investing Manual: How the Trends Make You a Smarter Investor

by Gabrielle Dahms

Learn How To Make More $$$ As A Real Estate Investor By Following The Trends!

Are you interested in investing in a rental home? Or maybe you want to know how you can successfully invest in property even if you have zero experience in real estate? Do you ever wonder what investment deals are best and how to avoid mistakes? Or maybe you want to know how to find funds for real estate deals? If so, this book is for you, whether you are a first-time or a seasoned real estate investor.

Written by experienced realtor and real estate investor Gabrielle Dahms, who has two decades of experience.

“The Real Estate Investing Manual: How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor” explores how property investors can capitalize on emerging trends to generate large incomes in real estate. Investing in these trends allow you to make a difference and to make a profit.

The author Gabrielle Dahms dispenses practical methods, offers passive and active ways to invest, and set you up to become a successful real estate investor. The book is filled with actionable advice that will help you get started regardless of your experience or financial level.

In this book, you’ll learn: 
*7 Real Estate Investment Rules
*How to Identify the Right Investment
*How to Cash in on Trends
*How to Add Value and Win Big
*Financial Smarts in Real Estate Investing
          Including 1031 Exchanges & Self-Directed IRAs
*How to Avoid Common Real Estate Investing Pitfalls
*How to Change your Life for the Better
*How to Solve Problems, Do Good, and Make Money*How to Minimize Risk and Sleep Better
*And Much More …

Turn your dreams into reality to become a successful real estate investor.

Discover the Power of Real Estate Investing TODAY!

The Write Way To Sell: How To Gain Authority & Make More Sales By Launching A Bestselling Book

by Jay Magpantay

Could you write a bestselling book?

Follow this guide and the answer is “Yes!”

If you want to grow your business and spread your movement, if you have an expertise or idea that needs to be shared with the world, The Write Way To Sell is the ultimate resource to help you do it.

“Jay’s unorthodox process is strikingly different from anything in the publishing space because it disregards the “rules” of the literary world and lives in the business world. It centers around your growth as an entrepreneur (not as a writer) and focuses on accelerating your business.”

â??Josh Turner, Author & Founder of 3-Time Inc. 5000 Company, LinkedSelling

You’ll discover the step-by-step process that’ll take you from crafting an irresistible book title to the finish line where you’ll publish your book and make tidal waves with your book launch.

The Write Way To Sell doesn’t only teach you how to publish a book, it is your unfair advantage in a copycat world where competition is thick and everyone’s an “expert”. 

Here’s what’s revealed inside:

  • The One-And-Only Reason For Writing
  • How To Avoid The Common “Good Guy” Mistake Made By Authors
  • How To Find The Ideal Audience Of Readers For Your Book
  • How To Build Buzz Around Your Upcoming Book Before One Word Is Ever Written
  • 5 Ways To Sell More Copies Of Your Book With An Irresistible Book Title
  • 5 Bonus Strategies For Naming Your Bestseller
  • The 5-Point Book Title Checklist
  • 3 Unknown Advantages Of Getting A Book Cover Before You Start Writing
  • 7 Must-Have Elements To Make Your Book Cover Stand Out On A Busy Bookshelf
  • How To Build An Advanced Reader Club To Launch You Into The Cosmos
  • How To Find Out Exactly What People Want To Read And What To Put In Your Book
  • How To Find The Words That Motivate Your Readers To Take Action
  • How To Avoid The #1 Writing Mistake Made By First-Time Authors
  • How To Save Time From Endless Bouts Of Rewrites And Self-Edits
  • 7 Steps To Building A “Leak-Proof” Outline That Covers All The Bases
  • The 14-Point Hidden Checklist For Upgrading Everything In Your Book
  • How To Write Your Entire Book In One Easy Day
  • How To “Dress Up” Your Content And Get Your Manuscript Ready For Publishing
  • How To Save $1,000 and Format Your Book Yourself
  • How to Get Worldwide Visibility By Publishing Your Book And Getting Into Global Retailers
  • How To Get A Huge Wave Of New Leads To Flood Into Your Business
  • How To Accelerate Your Upcoming Book Launch By Recruiting A Launch Team
  • The 10-Day Viral Launch Sequence
  • How To Make More Sales In 3 Days Than You Did All Of Last Year
  • How To Lock In Consistent Growth In Your Business After Your Book Launches

“Writing a book is a long and arduous process that is reserved for a small minority of people with time to burn. MYTH BUSTED. This is a MUST read for any entrepreneur looking to establish authority and grow their brand”.

â??Sanjay Gunatillaka, Founder & CEO of The Interview Specialist

“Jay’s process is on the top of my list when it comes to the best way to write a book and launch it properly… His stories and anecdotes will counteract any stress one might have about writing while keeping it fun yet productive to inspire anyone to get going.”

â??Patricia Flock, Author, Business Consultant & Executive Coach @ TENx Leaders


1-Page Book Blueprint: your bird’s eye roadmap for success.

21 Copywriting Templates: for social media promotions and email swipes for research, requesting your foreword, launching your book, and selling your products.

The online Oilfield: How to make money online in the internet era

by Sam Richardson

Are you looking to make an extra income? Do you want to learn how to make money online by working from your home, cafeteria or any place that has wi-fi? Do you want to be your own boss? If the answer is yes, this book is exactly what you need!

Securing an extra income has never been this easy than today. Even if you see a lot of people struggling with money issues, they surely haven’t heard or they don’t want to apply to what the internet has to offer.

This book will offer you precious information about how to secure an extra income from your home or doing this as a full time job. You will find out about great platforms that are basically offering you customers to work with and earn good money.

In 100 years, people will talk about the beginnings of the internet like people talk now about the beginnings of the oil industry. So, do you want to be a part of this journey, because we are and we want you here with us!

Facebook Marketing Tips: Zero Cost Facebook Marketing Plan for Small Business

by Tim Shek

Are you certain that marketing as it currently stands is heading for a revolution, but you aren’t quite sure what to actually do about it?

Then Facebook Marketing Strategies: Zero Cost Facebook Marketing Plan for Small Business is the book that you have been waiting for.

It doesn’t matter what metric you are measuring. There are signs that there is a shift ahead that can be found practically at every turn. Seeing the signs are one thing, preparing for them is another matter entirely as it is not something that can be done haphazardly at the last moment if you hope to be able to realistically provide for your business in this new economy. When it comes to knowing that you are ready for what comes, you need to ensure that you have a reliable source of information that can guide you properly.

To that end, inside you will find valuable, and quite possibly business saving, information designed to ensure you are as prepared as possible when it comes to ensuring your Facebook marketing strategy is on point. You will also learn crucial marketing skills related to groups and communities and, more importantly, the best ways to design your customer avatar.

When you purchase this book you will discover:

  • What Facebook marketing is and how a small business can take advantage of it.
  • The secret power of Facebook groups and how to create one that rocks.
  • How to set up a chatbot for free.
  • How to set up a marketing campaign that brings in results and builds a healthy relationship with your customers and fans.

What are you waiting for? Get this book today and start growing your audience!

Make Me Rich: The path to Financial Freedom for your High School / College Student

by Dean Allen

Do you want your child to succeed financially? Do you want to keep them from living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want your kids to be able to retire someday? Young adults, would you like all of this for yourself?

If so, this is the book for you! This is a financial guide for high school students through young adulthood. It is much easier to do well with money if you start early doing the right things.

This book tells step by step what to be working on at each age.

All parents want their children to be more successful financially than they have been. You want to help them but it is hard to know how to guide them and many times they won’t even listen to you.

The author of the book retired five years ago at the age of 51 and reveals how he did it in the book. He has guided his 19-year-old daughter to enable her to pay for all her college expenses on her own and be well on her way to financial success.

The book is written to be read by the child but works just as well if the parents would like to read it and teach their student or young adult.

What are you waiting for? Start your child on the path to financial freedom today!

All proceeds from this book will go toward educating young adults about personal finance so they can achieve financial freedom.

Great high school or college graduation present!

Some key topics covered in this book are:

-PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests
-Applying to, visiting, and choosing a college
-Summer jobs and first full-time position
-Advantages of starting to save early
-Saving for retirement
-Compound interest
-Investing in the stock market
-Living below your means
-Credit cards
-Ways to save money

This book starts with high school but has plenty of good advice for your college graduate or young adult.

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