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The Red Citadel and the Sorcerer’s Power

by Craig Halloran

The fate of a realm is in the hands of a savage and a scoundrelâ?¦

>>>Once a respected wizard

Finster is now a drunkard and a con man living anonymously amongst simple, easily manipulated village folk. But his self-serving cunning cannot save him when soldiers of the Magus Supremeus of the High Order burst in to drag the disreputable mage to the dreaded Red Citadel.

>>>Finster’s captor, the new Magus, is none other than Ingrid the Insane

His former acolyte, a young woman of cold heart and ruthless ambition who has already murdered numerous magic-doers in her quest for ultimate power. The only reason Finster still lives is Ingrid’s belief that he knows the whereabouts of the Founders Stone, a magical artifact that could make her invincible.

>>>Rendered powerless by a scarab beetle attached to his back

Finster realizes he is doomed unless he escapes and recovers the Stone before Ingrid does, and he turns to his dungeon cellmate for help. But the hulking, mute, barbarian youth he calls “Moth” is inscrutable and unpredictable. And their ultimate survivalâ??and the survival of an entire kingdomâ??may require the cowardly wizard to assume a most unfamiliar and uncomfortable role: hero!

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Halloran makes a powerful stand with his thrilling fantasy adventure, The Red Citadel. Chock full of battles, magic, evil, and intrigueâ??and peppered with some delightful Terry Pratchett Discworld-esque cynicismâ??Red Citadel is the story of the salvation of the disreputable fallen wizard, Finster. Taken prisoner by a murderous despot, the cowardly mage must join forces with a hulking, young, barbarian mute to uncover a magical artifact in order to save his own skin, and quite possibly a kingdom as well.

This complete fantasy masterpiece is a full-length, 105,000 word, stand-alone novel that you can devour in a day or enjoy on a long trip!

Everything Gets Out Eventually

by Stephen Brennan

A tormented man recounts his bizarre and tragic life guarding a box that supposedly contains a demon.

Kevin Augustine is a man cursed. Born into a demented backwoods cult in the 1930s, he and his older brother Michael are indoctrinated with their family’s fanatical belief that a demon resides within the simple wooden box they’ve kept safe for centuries. A belief they’ve been more than willing to kill for, time and again through the ages. Their ancestral home in Lory, Massachusetts, presided over by his unfeeling grandmother, is steeped in the blood of countless innocents.

But Kevin’s rebellious streak takes him down an unheard of path. Bucking tradition, he escapes his family’s grasp and sets out to make a life for himself, far from the box’s sphere of influence. Trekking across America, through the heart of cultural revolutions and into the space age, his quest to break free and find happiness is nonetheless dogged by madness and the grim spectre of death. Seized by his latent fear of what will happen if the demon is ever set free, he is haunted each night by the knowledge of what he knows he must do. Destiny keeps calling, and it won’t be silent.

Caught in a showdown between the evil of legend and that which lives in the human soul, one question follows him through to the end…is the monster inside the box? Or is he the one telling the story?

Open his diary and find out.

The Hunger of Those Left Unfed

by Scott Grand

I should have listened to the old man. He said it wasn’t bound to a place, or any piece of earth. “Houses aren’t haunted,” he said. “People are.”

This is my story. Of when I was young. When I thought superstition was a lie that spilled from senile mouths. Was only seen by cataracted eyes.

I thought I could walk away. That a safe harbor would protect me. That love was an unbreakable barrier.

I thought someone else would feed its hunger

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