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The Passing of Seasons

by Topher Earl

Return to the lost art of poetry in the story: “The Passing of Seasons: A Love Poem” written by Topher Earl

You’ve been born in the middle of May within an extending landscape with everything beautiful imaginable around you: flowers, birds, trees, the rising sun, butterflies, and furry creatures scurrying around behind berry thistles and through deep forests erupting in greenery – and all of this would be paradise, but there is something missing…

Someone to share it with.

For you are alone, and as a result, you find that the most colorful of flowers turn to grey and crumble in your grasp, and your heart aches for someone to connect with, because what is a life without love? Not a life to be lived to the fullest, surely.

And so, as your lonely, long years pass, you find yourself going in desperate circles, treading over the same footprints you made years ago…until finally, while fumbling around the edge of a lake, you see her.

“She has the longest flowing hair
Like nature made a waterfall
That drips in gold and never ceases
Falling, floating, painting, playing

Covering her face but
There is nothing to misplace
A sense of mystery in beauty
Worth admiring, worth displaying”

What happens next? The inevitable, of course – you fall in love with her.

And you decide from that moment forth there is nothing that would make you happier than to have her hand in yours, under the same sun, where time slows when you talk with her, and heaven is no place far away as long as you can still look into her gorgeous blue eyes…

No force on earth can break your love. You are certain that the earth has provided you an angel, and she feels the same, and so you make your vows and promise you will never break them, to live a life eternal…together.

Ah, but such is the naivety of youth.

In “The Passing of Seasons”, you will discover the innocence of young love, how fragile it is, and how it is astonishingly easy to find yourself astray, in front of temptation, as you are forced to learn something about yourself and the inescapable nature of the human condition. You must ask yourself:

Would you give up a good life to seek a better one?

Would you take the thing you want, dangling in front of you?

What are the repercussions?

What will you regret in the future?

How are you expected to know the right thing to do?

And most importantly: If you DO make a mistake…

Who will be there to forgive you?

Read “The Passing of Seasons” and dare to know.


This poem is 11,000 words long and will take the average reader 1-2 hours to finish it total. That comes with a guarantee that you will read it more than once.

All 50+ included drawings are hand-drawn by the author with colored pen and ink

It took over 80 hours to draw all of them

For a complete showing of the drawings, including further works of the author, go to Topher’s Instagram account:


and spread the love.❤


Thank you for your contribution to modern poetry, and of course, thanks for your support.

You can go to to explore the author/artist and for more original drawings. (Note: The website may not be available on or around the date of publishing)

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