Free philosophy Kindle books for 01 Nov 18

An Introduction to Domkravism: The Quest for Joy

by Dominicus Blackstrom

What is the nature of happiness? What does it actually mean to lead a happy life and can such an astoundingly large yet integral inquiry even be explained with a definitive answer? These questions and far more are answered in this book written by none other than Dominicus Blackstrom; ever devoted to the noble pursuit of human joy.

The creation of Domkravism is rooted in the very principle of everlasting development. Not unlike a wide range of past inventions; one could actually argue that its investion was inevitable, simply because where there is both need and opportunity there will always be ingenuity.

Domkravim is not the study of mental health or various schools of morals but rather the direct result thereof. It is the product of relentless research spanning between the Religions from across the globe along with ideologies from our modern era and what insight they’ve been able to offer.

What separates mental un-health from other ills such as fractured bones is that whereas an individual can put their faith in their surgeion of choice, get treated and eventually walk away whole again; treatment for the sake of mental well-being demands a far higher degree of participation from its individual subject.

Ultimately that is why a book such as this one is not exclusively written or marketed for healthcare professionals but rather for each and every adult person in society.

Domkravism is the practice of utilizing heavily researched methods to either escape a state of mental un-health or ward oneself against an illness that simply has yet to strike. The techniques offered throughout this piece of literature will be thoroughly explained in terms of what they are, how they work, why they work and perhaps most importantly how to use them to your advantage as an individual.

Resistance: A Manual For The New American Revolution

by Seth Tyrssen

Out of all my Kindle E-books, this is the most radical. I questioned whether or not to bring it out, to make it public. But I felt it was necessary to do so, and a matter of both duty and honor. Like everyone else, I would prefer to see a peaceful advancement in this world. But like Patrick Henry, I find myself crying into the wind: “Gentlemen may cry peace, peace … but there is no peace! Our brethren are already in the field; why stand we here, idle?”

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