Free religious fiction Kindle books for 01 Nov 18

Rachel of the Amish: tales of Christian romance

by Maya Miller

An anthology of Amish and Christian romances… Her mother had always told Rachel, “Darling, divorce is for the weak that do not honor the decisions of our maker,” whenever they heard community news or gossip about a broken marriage or divorce. It was just not something that her mother believed should be done – under any circumstances.
And Rachel lived to please others. It was just the way that God had made her. She did not want to let her mother down. She did not want to let her community down. She did not believe for a minute that women that chose divorce were weak or sinful, but she feared the pain of being judged as weak. She feared the disappointment that she would incite in her family, especially her mother, if that would ever be something that she would need to consider…But what if it became the only option?

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