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Duty of a Mail Order Bride: An anthology of Mail Order Bride & Amish romance

by Kate Tarryton

An anthology of old fashioned romance…
Dinah is broke and alone. Left alone with a young son, she grows tired of everyone looking down on her. Things only get worse when her son becomes gravely ill. Unable to afford to go to a doctor, Dinah takes fate into her own hands. She kidnaps the handsome Dr. Tucker and forces him to aid her son.

Dr. Tucker was a busy man. Looking for a mail order bride, he soon finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun held by one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen. But will Dinah be too unstable for him to assist and will she forgive him if her son does not turn out well?

Billionaire Boys Club: The Complete Alabaster Club Collection

by Athena Braveheart

She’s got the shape I crave, and the mind to make it a challenge.
Read all three books by Athena Braveheart in one fascinating collection, packed with scorching hot passion, fun and sometimes raunchy rendezvous, hilarity, a little shock value, hot alpha-males and empowering women. .
Book 1 – Cold-Hearted: A Billionaire Mafia Bad Boy Romance

I’ll get her.

I always do.

And then it’s on to the next one.

Honestly, it’s probably better for us both this way.

Being tied down is bad for business.

And with the type of people in my business,

it’s not safe for anyone else to be tied to me.

Book 2 – Ruthless: A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance

I tried to pick her up on a dare.
A one-time thing that has changed my life forever.

I’m not the one who chases after the girl.

I’m not the one who answers every phone call hoping that it’s her.

They call me; they worry if I’m ever going to call them.

I’m the one that turns them into a hot mess.

Whatever, I just need to remind myself that I never lose.

I always get what I want.

She’s already had a taste,

and from the way her body melted that night

there’s no way she’s not craving more.

She’s not going to get it like that from anyone anytime soon.

Book 3 – Relentless: A Royal Secret Baby Romance

She seeped into my brain and my every cell.

I find myself clinging to every memory of her as hard as I can.

If I could have anything I would just be with her.

I would fly back to America to ask her to marry me.

But she’s not royal material.

My family would never approve, which is exactly why I want her even more.

I never wanted to get swept off my feet.

But now here I am.

Weightless and wishing.

Wishing to see him again.

To feel the weight of his hard body on mine.

To feel the undeniable bond we now share.

But what would I even say?

You don’t just walk up to royalty and say,

Hey, remember me?

Well guess what –

I’m pregnant.

” Billionaire Boys Club is the Complete Collection in The Alabaster Club series”. Every story features brand new larger than life billionaires discovering brand new curvy temptations they can’t keep their hands off of. As always, there are no cliff-hangers or cheating allowed in The Alabaster Club.

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