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Stock Market Investing: Everything You Should Know About Stock Market Investing From Beginner To Advanced

by William Seals

Start Investing Today

The world of investing is an intimidating but rewarding one. Since the turn of the century, we have seen two massive economic crashes, countless people losing their savings and retirements, multiple Ponzi schemes, and stories of people who lost everything in the stock market.

This does not stop people however, from returning to the market and investing. It seems that most have forgotten the events of 2008. Most people are taking their chances again in the market, hoping to earn a quick buck.

How do you come out on top as an investor in the midst of all this uncertainty and chaos?

This book will guide you on how you can earn money consistently in the stock market. Using the information you will gain from it, you will be able to create a portfolio filled with high value stocks. In addition, you will learn how to start investing by working on your personal finance habits and your financial goals.

Further it will provide you with the information on how you can set financial goals and choose stocks that will help you reach such goals. We also go into the details of making a stock transaction.

Most importantly, this book will provide you with the best practices of investing. It will help you to understand when to buy and when to sell through the use of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, proper diversification and awareness of stock market economic cycles.

Here is what you will find inside:

  • Stock Market Basics
  • Starting your Investment Career
  • Set Your Personal Finance Principles
  • Setting your Financial Goal
  • Creating your Circle of Competence
  • Time Your Entry to the Market
  • Learning About Buy and Sell Orders
  • Diversifying your Asset Distribution
  • Planning an Exit Strategy
  • Common Investing Mistakes by Beginners
  • Important Beginner Tips
  • BONUS CHAPTER from “Cryptocurrency: Everything You Should Know About Cryptocurrency From Beginner To Advanced”
  • And Much, Much More…

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Day Trading: Ultimate Proven Guide to Profitable Trading: Volume 6 – Mastering MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

by Josh Bright

Complete guide: From scratch to finding a proven profitable system, one that truly suits you.


Forex Trading

Ultimate Proven Guide to Profitable Trading

Through out this Series, you will find tools that will let you gain control over your life and more importantly, over your wealth. Concepts ranging from simple definitions, powerful money management techniques, the right approach and exact trading psychology needed, to explained proven profitable trading systems, all of these will be covered, letting the series convert into a complete guide to finding your own profitable trading system.

All of these insights will be covered with simple and easy to understand words, and will let you set, track and achieve your own profitable trading strategy/system. Every relevant concept you might need in order to launch yourself into Forex Trading, and more, will be covered throughout this series.

The series is NOT difficult, far from it. It’s practical. It’s written for everyone. It’s concise. It’s based on current profitable trading strategies, the correct psychology used, and the already successful money management techniques. Wether you are already into trading and want to improve your skills and reinforce important concepts, or you are a complete beginner and are willing to join us as another successful trader, this series and it’s volumes are without a doubt what you are looking for.

As long as you get deeper into the series, you will find its unmatched value.

In this Volume, we will be covering the following subjects:

Volume 6 – Mastering MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

  • Hammers and Shooting Stars To Reverse a Trend
  • Impulsive Waves With the Elliott Waves Theory
  • What Is a Forex Broker
  • Morning and Evening Stars in Technical Analysis
  • Corrective Waves With the Elliott Waves Theory
  • The Role of a Forex Broker
  • Gaps vs. Windows
  • Complex Corrections Explained
  • Short Introduction to Different Types of Brokerage Houses
  • Different Types of Doji Candles
  • How to Trade the Extended Wave With the Elliott Waves Theory
  • Market Makers
  • Moving Averages to Ride a Trends
  • Different Types of Flat Patterns
  • ECN and STP Explained
  • Golden and Death Crosses in Forex Trading
  • Different Types of Zigzags
  • Full White Label vs. Partial White Label
  • Using the Higher Highs and Lower Lows to Build a Channel
  • A Triangle’s Role in Elliott Waves Theory
  • A-Book and B-Book
  • Classic and Dynamic Support and Resistance Levels
  • Most Important Fibonacci Ratios to Use When Trading With Elliott
  • Prime Broker vs. Executing Broker
  • Confluence Areas in Forex Trading
  • Trading with the Perfect Order Setup
  • How Much Leverage Should a Broker Provide
  • How to Trade the Head and Shoulders Patterns
  • Trading with the RSI
  • The Importance of Trading with a Regulated Broker
  • A Guide to Trading Wedges
  • Overbought and Oversold Levels
  • How to Choose the Right Forex Broker
  • Bullish and Bearish Flags Explained
  • Stochastics in Technical Analysis
  • Various Tricks Brokers Use for an Extra Buck
  • Ascending and Descending Triangles in Forex
  • Understanding the MACD Indicator
  • What Makes a Good Broker After All?
  • When Triangles Reverse a Trend
  • Market Geometry as the Base for Price Action

  • Bollinger Bands as a Trend Indicators
  • Gartley or When Harmonic Trading Started

  • The Science of Being Well

    by Wallace D. Wattles

    If you are seeking better health and ways to stay wellâ?¦This book is for you! Wallace D. Wattles was an American author and a pioneer success new thought movement writer. His most famous work and first book is a book called The Science of Getting Rich in which he explains how to get rich. Additionally, In the Science of Getting Well, Wattles addresses both the physical and the metaphysical, suggesting to the reader to think and ACT in a Certain Way. As with his first book, Wattles explains in simple concepts the keys to Getting Well. With faith and discipline, Wattles suggests you can stay well. Says Wattles “for those who want health, and who want a practical guide and handbook, not a philosophical treatise. It is an instructor in the use of the universal Principle of Life, and my effort has been to explain the way in so plain and simple a fashion that the reader, though he may have given no previous study to New Thought or metaphysics, may readily follow it to perfect health”.

    Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders

    by Jennifer S. LeBlanc

    Women receive 2% of venture funding and make up 9% of VC partners, yet research shows that companies with female leaders and board members outperform all-male companies. Changing Tides brings together experienced female venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their expertise and tactical guidance through a collection of essays. This book is intended as a resource for anyone wanting to win â?? or support a woman to win â?? at the heavily stacked entrepreneur and funding game.


    Maha Ibrahim, Canaan Partners
    Gillian Muessig, Sybilla Masters Fund
    Terri (Hanson) Mead, Class Bravo Ventures
    Xandra Laskowski, OSEA Angel Investors
    Suzanne Fletcher, Stanford StartX Fund
    Amy Belt Raimundo, Kaiser Permanente Ventures
    Mukund Mohan, BuildDirect Technologies
    Deb Kilpatrick, Evidation Health
    Dorin Rosenshine, Outleads
    Tammy Bowers, Lionheart Innovations
    Robyn Ward, FounderForward
    Jessica Livingston, Y Combinator
    Kate Purmal, Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Institute
    Debra Vernon, VLP Law Group

    A percentage of the proceeds from this book will go to All Raise, a nonprofit dedicated to diversity founders and funders.

    Early Praise for Changing Tides

    “This book is a must read for all female entrepreneurs. As a previous corporate strategist and current founder and CEO of my own company, I live by the words “knowledge is power.” This book provides just that. Jenn does a beautiful job of providing transparency and clarity with the necessary how-to’s for navigating the waters ahead.”
    â?? Maria Malavenda, Founder, EVVEMI

    “As an angel investor, I’ve focused on women-led companies because they have been historically underfunded yet have delivered abovemarket returns. Changing Tides provides insight and inspiration for both female founders and the smart investors who invest in them.”
    â?? Nancy Hayes, Angel Investor

    “As one who works with female founders around the world, it’s refreshing to see how well this book illustrates the extent to which both opportunities and challenges are shared globally. Changing Tides goes beyond storytelling, catalyzing collaborative, innovative solutions towards meaningful progress for female founders, for women, for society.”
    â??Lucie Newcomb, Founder & CEO/CMO, The NewComm Global Group

    “Numbers don’t lie. As an investor, I seek better returns. Changing Tides makes a clear and data-driven business case for investing in female founders. All investors should read this book.”
    â?? Zeynep Urgun Zorlu, Global Investor, Zurgun Capital

    “Changing Tides is exactly what every female founder â?? and every investor â?? needs. It’s a rallying cry for all of us who support female founders. A peek into what the collective experience is, and what is needed to lift up and propel these founders and create better, more diverse offerings in this world.”
    â??Ari Horie, Founder, Women’s Startup Lab

    CreateSpace & Kindle AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY [2nd Edition]: Success On Purpose for Author Entrepreneurs Seeking Better Businesses & Careers, Writing & Publishing Books for a Living

    by Ryan Petty

    This book is for author entrepreneurs. It makes writing an author business plan easy… thoughtful… and energizing. Use it to design a small business to achieve the ultimate goal of financial independence. And do so with a realistic and steady hand, without giving up the heart and soul of what moves you as a writer….

    It’s in your power to develop your own writing and publishing business and earn a living doing the thing you love best.

    AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY takes an enterprise-wide perspective, which means it’s not about creating a business plan for a single book (and shouldn’t be unless you intend to be a one-book author).

    Its purpose is to help you handcraft business strategies into an integrated plan that creates leverage and synergy between all of the efforts you make.

    Offered here is the Revised & Expanded, 50,000-word, 2nd Edition. New chapters cover business models, budgeting, marketing and distribution.

    In these crazy times, most authors fail the tests of entrepreneurship and small business management. They lose focus… and stumble… even as more authors than ever are learning to earn a living writing books.

    AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY provides you with a set of powerful self-coaching tools to build a thoughtful business step-by-step.

    If you’re ready to think ahead; want to take decisive, purposeful action; and hope to accomplish all of this in record time, AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY is the book for you.

    Scroll to the top to purchase this book or download a free sample.


    Ryan Petty has written a short companion title to this oneâ??10 STEPS IN 10 DAYS TO CRAFT AN AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANâ??and has other titles under development in an Author Business Series of books. His professional experience is as an attorney and longtime advisor to small business clients.

    He writes children’s books and memoir and was for many years the proprietor of Cold Mountain Press (Austin, Texas). Among the respected names he published were two future National Poets Laureate: Donald Hall and Ted Kooser (who would also win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry). Others published include Allen Ginsberg, William Stafford, Wendell Berry, Denise Levertov, Robert Bly, Joseph Bruchac, Michael Hogan, Linda Pastan, and Gregory Orr.

    Legal Terminology And Phrases : Master 350+ Essential Business, Enterprise, Commercial and Investment Terms And Phrases Explained With Examples In 10 Minutes A Day

    by Dr. Peter Johnson

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    Master 350+ Essential Business, Enterprise, Commercial and Investment Terms And Phrases Explained With Examples In 10 Minutes A Day!

    With a clear, concise, and engaging writing style, Dr. Peter Johnson will help you with a practical understanding of legal topics about Business, Enterprise, Commercial, Investment, Securities, and Real Estate Trading and much much more. This book delivers extensive coverage of every aspect of the law and details the duties a paralegal is expected to perform when working within business law. High-level, comprehensive coverage is combined with cutting-edge developments and foundational concepts. If you’d like to increase your wide range of legal vocabulary as well as enhance your knowledge of Business, Enterprise, Commercial, Investment, Securities, and Real Estate Trading laws, then this book may be the most important book that you will ever read.

    As the author of the book, I promise this book will be an invaluable source of legal reference for professionals, international lawyers, law students, business professionals and anyone else who want to improve their use of legal terminology, succinct clarification of legal terms and have a better understanding of laws on Business, Enterprise, Commercial, Investment, Securities, and Real Estate Trading. This book provides you with a comprehensive and highly practical approach in legal contexts, the world of business, all substantive and procedural aspects of business law. All legal terms and phrases are well written and explained clearly in plain English.

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    How to be a High Performing Employee: A perspective for employees and their managers

    by Tim Newton

    This book assists people who would like to get the most out of their careers, help those they work with, or contribute to the field of employee engagement.

    PROCRASTINATION: Stop the Thief of Your Future Five Simple Ways to Stop Procrastination Now (Procrastination Cure, Overcome Procrastination, Stop Procrastination, … Better Life, Procrastinate less live more)

    by Jared Taylor

    Learn how to stop the thief of your future and truly “live” all the days of your life.

    Are you wondering why your life is not the way you want it to be? It’s just not turning out the way you expected? Your bank account not exactly brimming with cash? You aren’t overly excited about what you see in the mirror after you hop out of the shower? Not quite like the pictures you see on Instagram, or at the very least the picture you have in your mind for what you believe you should look like? Are you tired, overweight, out of shape, low energy, and unhappy? Does it seem you have no time to do anything anymore? Are you unhappy with your job or career? Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t I be the one with the cool job and do what I love?” Has your most important relationship gone stale? Has the fiery passion died down to barely a smoldering coal? Maybe you are staying in a relationship that should have ended a long time ago. Do you have several unfinished projects lying around the house?

    If any of this sounds familiar, it’s very possible that you have a silent partner that doesn’t exactly have your best interest at heart. He sneaks into your life very subtly without detection. He promises to be your friend, your BFF, your buddy, your protector. He promises the easy, effortless, no hassle or hustle short cut to relaxation and a super chill lifestyle. He pulls up a comfortable seat on the couch and asks about your best shows on Netflix, he hands you your phone and wants to see all of your social media (and everyone else’s for that matter). He is very interested in you and very willing to help you be comfortable.

    Little do you know, hidden under all the promises, is a sneaky, sly, shady, underhanded no good thief! He’s not trying to steal your big screen TV, your iPhone, or your mom’s china. He’s not trying to steal your identity or your passwords. He’s not even trying to steal your wallet. Nope, he wants much, much more and he is very patient. He wants your goals and dreams your secret wishes, he wants your future. He wants your whole life.

    Procrastination is the thief of your success, the thief of your future, the thief of your life! This book will show you five easy ways to stop procrastination now, take back your future and truly “live” the rest of your life. If your life sounds even slightly like the one above you need this book.

    In this book you will learn…