Free horror Kindle books for 04 Nov 18

Son of Perdition

by William Harms

Set in the gutted, devastated remains of the American South in the aftermath of the Civil War, Son of Perdition follows a Union soldier named Samuel Glazer as he tracks down the Confederate guerillas that brutally murdered his family.

Glazer, however, is no ordinary man, and his unholy quest for vengeance is as insatiable as it is destructive.

Former sheriff and Confederate soldier Lee Sinclair wants nothing more than to live a quiet life as a blacksmith. When he returned from the war unharmed, he promised his wife Kate that he would never again put himself in harm’s way.

After a local family is brutally murdered, Lee is blackmailed by a rich plantation owner into pursuing Glazer. Accompanied by two psychotic bounty hunters, Lee soon realizes that this is more than a simple manhunt: It’s a journey through the darkest recesses of a land shattered by war.


by Michael K. Rose

Some men should never be provokedâ?¦.

Following a vicious attack by a legendary creature, Graham Morgan’s life is forever changed. After a year of struggling with his transformations during the full moon, he is determined to get his affliction under control so he can safely marry the woman he loves. But not everyone knows Graham’s secret, and one friend’s attempt to sabotage his relationship might instead unleash the monster within.

This novel contains violence, adult situations and explicit language. It is intended for a mature audience and may be inappropriate for some readers.

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