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Tardy Bells and Witches’ Spells: A Cozy Witch Mystery (Womby’s School for Wayward Witches Book 1)

by Sarina Dorie

Most of us have faced the fact that an owl will never come with our acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Find out what this teen does to take matters into her own hands.

Nerdy high school outcast, CLARISSA LAWRENCE, has always felt like she didn’t belong in this world. More than anything, she wants magic to be real–and not just because she’s obsessed with Harry Potter and tries to go to Narnia by reading fantasy novels in her wardrobe.

Yet, when she stumbles upon real magic, and fairy tales come true, she doesn’t expect to be the evil villain in her own story. Clarissa learns she’s descended from an evil witch and is destined to kill her older sister.

When she meets a cute boy who offers to train her in magic, she must make a choice. She can have a safe, normal life and no harm will come to anyone. Or she can choose magic and risk everything and everyone she loves in order to be what she’s always known she was meant to be . . . a wicked witch.

This is the first book in the WOMBY’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD WITCHES Series, but the first three books can be read in any order.

Other books in the series to be released soon:

Secondhand Hexes

Hexes and Exes

Reading, Writing and Necromancy

Budget Cuts for the Dark Arts and Crafts

Hex and the City

Spell it Out for Me

Books for Kids: The Christmas Mix Up: Kids Books, Children’s Books, Kids Free Stories, Christmas books for kids, Kids Fantasy Books, Kids Mystery Books, … 9-12 (Justin’s Christmas Stories Book 2)

by Justin Johnson

Ages: 6 to 12 | Grade Level: 1 and up

What If You Were Put On the Naughty List?

One day, in the middle of a snowy Lincoln Street, Penelope Ann Dingman gets a letter that every kid dreads.
It seems she’s been put on the naughty list.
But she doesn’t know why.
With less than a week until Christmas, it’s a race against the clock for her as she travels to the North Pole in hopes of having a private meeting with ‘The Big Man’ to set things straight.

This is an exciting Christmas Adventure that will warm your hearts and get you ready for the holiday season!

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Kids Books, Children’s Books, Kids Free Stories, Kids Fantasy Books, Kids Mystery Books, Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6, 6-8, 9-12

Zetta the Poinsettia

by Alma Hammond

**Brand New Release** In the tale of Zetta the Poinsettia, a “holiday plant” finds her worth outside her season to shine.

  • Written in verse to delight babies and children, “Zetta” is an uplifting story for all ages 
  • Themes of self-worth, respect for nature, and hope
  • BONUS ONE:  Page to color at the back of the book
  • BONUS TWO:  Fun facts about the poinsettia plant!

Nelle and Alice: The Garden Crawler

by Margarete Rougier

Sisters, Nelle and Alice enjoy exploring and playing together outdoors. While playing in their backyard one afternoon, they discover a furry caterpillar under their zucchini plant. Alice leads the way in describing the amazing caterpillar’s movements and its ability to transform into a beautiful butterfly. This charming, rhythmical, and colorful story is sure to be a favorite among children.

Wave, Sound and Heat Energy Calculations: A Physics Book for High Schools and Colleges

by Kingsley Augustine

This is a physics book which is suitable for students in high schools or secondary schools and colleges. It will also serve as a useful tool for students who are preparing for entrance examinations into colleges and universities. Students in the higher institutions taking courses in physics will also find it useful; especially when there is need to improve on basic physics calculations under sound, wave and heat energy.
This book contains great and useful formulas and worked examples under heat energy, waves and sounds in physics. Many worked examples are provided to completely apply formulas provided and to cover the calculation aspect of wave, sounds and heat energy. Each worked example has been well simplified in details to enhance a very clear understanding of calculations in these branches of physics.
The author has ensured that the examples solved here, adequately prepare students for test and entrance examinations that involve calculations in physics. This eBook will help students in high schools or secondary schools, and colleges to fully understand the basics of calculations in these aspects physics. A lot of difficult and challenging questions in these topics of physics have been solved in order to make students to fully grasp how complex questions are handled.
Numerous exercises at the end of each chapter are intended to test students’ understanding of the topic. These exercises can serve as a form of workbook for students. Therefore students are thus presented with an effective means of self-assessment whereby they can determine their individual strengths and revision needs.
This book covers the main calculations topics in these areas of physics. The topics covered include, general equation of waves, graphical and mathematical representation of waves, echoes, beat, vibration of air columns in open and closed pipes, modes of vibration of a stretched string, the pitch as a characteristic of sound, and Doppler effects in sound, Linear expansivity, area expansivity, volume/cubic expansivity, real and apparent cubic expansivity, measurement of temperature, heat or thermal capacity and specific heat capacity, latent heat and specific latent heat, relative humidity, Boyle’s law, Charles’ law, pressure law and general gas law. Some of these topics under heat will improve students understanding of topics under thermodynamics. I hope that this book will make the study of physics a truly enjoyable intellectual pursuit. A constructive review of this textbook will be highly appreciated from buyers so as to give ideas to others who intend to purchase a copy of this eBook, and also to be a form of advice for the author when revising the textbook. This e-book is designed to work with pinch-and-zoom on your device. This allows scrolling while zoomed in. You can use device navigation to access the table of contents and switch between chapters. In order to look inside this book, you can simply preview it by sending a sample to your devices.

Top 100 Horror Stories: Book 1: this book is collection of top storiesâ?¦.

by Muhammad Shoaib

This book have all Top 100 horror stories, when parents listen these stories to children’s, the children’s will hear with full attention because children’s like horror stories and at the next morning they share these stories with your colleagues.
Adults also listen these horror stories when they sit together with their friend at night party eat, drink and change their mood. Because they want to forgot their boring day which pass very bad. And they can start their next new morning happily.
Once you start reading you will not close the book until read to the last page.
Every story is very interesting.
As I think that these stories will not be heard before our book, you can tell to your friends and neighbor families about these interesting stories to listen to your kids and adults on any occasion party in the night.
This book has Top 100 horror stories; every moment you will enjoy when hearing these stories and picks a cup of tea in your hands.
Every horror story is full of Suspense and makes your every night dreamful, interesting and you will not sleep before reading this book.
In this book you will find all the stories which you have not listen before this, because all the stories are very famous and unforgettable.
So read this book once in life must and must share with your friend and neighbor familiesâ?¦.
Read once in your life must these books, because these books are full of horror, ghost & suspense also makes your evening full of happiness.
This is the 1st book of Top 100 Horror Stories & the 2nd book of Top 100 Horror Stories will soon be available.
So let’s startâ?¦â?¦â?¦ HORROR BEGINS

Message from the author:

Thank you for reading this book of best horror stories.
I hope you enjoyed reading this book, as much I enjoyed when I was writing this book.
The next book will available soonâ?¦.

Please leave a Review or feedback after reading this book, that what type of stories you want and it will help me in writing another book with full of taste of my dear reviewer.
Let me know what you think of the book so far.
Thank you,
Have a good time and will meet in another book.

Contact Email: [email protected]

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