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Unflinching: A Western

by Stuart G. Yates

“Addictive… Classic… Difficult to put down.” – D.L. Byrd, Amazon review

Amazon Western bestseller

In the brutal, unforgiving West a dozen years after the California Gold Rush, a lone Pinkerton detective trails two vicious killers.

When the daughter of a famous ex-general is kidnapped, Detective Simms is assigned to bring her home. Forged in the Mexican War, this man of steel knows how to survive, and how to kill. But he needs all of his skill and guile to survive this unforgiving land, and bring the general’s daughter home.

And then, it gets personal…


“One of the best westerns I have read.” – Jim Rogers, Amazon review

“A new twist on the genre.” – Michael E. Sheehan, Amazon review

This Can’t Wait

by Luke P. Narlee

Adam Arthur has built his life on telling love stories. In the final moments before a surgery from which there is no guarantee of waking up, Adam’s mind is filled with the stories of an array of individuals: each one unique, each one connected.

A jaded woman tires of pretending her way toward a perfect match; a wife who, after years of contentment, suspects her husband of unfaithfulness; a young mother wonders at what juncture her life took the wrong track; two lovers find their fate in one another, even if it requires more than one lifetime to fulfill that destiny. These tales and more intertwine in Adam’s memory as he considers the rippling effect of choices made and chances taken.

Told with romantic mystery, urgency, and hope, Luke P. Narlee’s collection of stories captures brief, significant moments in his characters´ lives. These 13 narratives of the heart remind us there are things in life that just can´t wait.

“Luke P. Narlee scores again with this wonderful collection of stories. His relationship dialogue, that is masterfully written in his two full length novels, comes through in “This Can’t Wait,” a connected collection of love, romance, and destiny woven into lives that cross countries and time. A delightful, heartwarming read.”
N.M McGregor, author of the Montana Series

The Power Of ONE: Your Singular Journey of Purpose, Destiny & Leadership

by Dr. Steven Begby

The Power Of ONE

This book is designed to responsively provoke your thoughts about why you are here as an individual functioning in a distinct leadership office in such a time as this. It has in itself the different facets of the importance of your person who finds themselves in life’s scenarios not created by yourself.
-If you have ever sat down to ask yourself, why am I here, and how come I get to do this? Then this book has your answers.
-If you have ever believed in your relevance and are confident in your abilities to help your generation, even more so, is this book for you.
-If you have never believed in your abilities, and yet have always been pushed forward into leadership by others, whose confidence in you to achieve more than you thought you could, then you need to read this book from cover to cover, more than three times.
-If you are just beginning your leadership journey, or find yourself at the end of your roles, the inspirations of this book are exactly what you may need.
-The considerations of this leadership literature I believe are indisputable thoughts for every mentor to use for discussions, instructions, and encouragements to your clients and students.
-There are values in this book that every political leader of the highest authorities should feed on.
-The young millennial, young professionals, and their networks, need the subjects discussed in this book at the forefront of their deliberations and meditations.
May your life’s journey of leadership and its aspirations be full of great adventures, creativity, witty inventions and thought inspiring moments.
I dare the end results of your input into this world you came to meet, become an endless legacy to the generations you will never see or meet.

Finding Beautiful (The Beautifully Broken Book 1)

by Amanda Kaitlyn

I was damaged. Broken. I had given up on men. When I stumbled upon a sleek Jaguar and a man beneath its hood, I was drawn to him instantly.

He was electric. He was undeniably attractive. But worst of all? He wanted me. I knew I was in trouble. But somehow, I trusted him.

“Breathe, Aria. Christ, please, just breathe for me.” Gavin came into my life like a hurricane, turning my world on its head. I didn’t want to fall for him, but it was inevitable. From the moment we met, he claimed my heart. I knew he would do whatever it took to protect it.

When the shadows I fought so hard to escape threatened to tear us apart, could the love we had found be enough to persevere… or would our fight be in vain?

“I’m going to give you the world, beautiful. This is only the beginning.”

Death on Tyneside (Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 2)

by Eileen Thornton

Agnes Lockwood returns to Tyneside after spending a few months abroad. On her first visit, she gained quite the reputation as an amateur sleuth, as she helped the police solve a murder.

Now, she is simply looking forward to meeting again with Alan Johnson, a DCI with the Newcastle police force. Having missed him while she was away, she is hoping their relationship will continue to blossom.

But on her first day back in the city, she gets caught up in another murder. This time, her intrusion into the police investigation pushes Alan Johnson’s patience to the very limit.

Death on Tyneside is a standalone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

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